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Modern Warfare 3. A lil too familiar?

Having had the time to watch my significant other slog through the previous Call of Duty games since the first modern warfare, I found myself very surprised as I watched the going on in MW3. I asked doesn't this seem familiar? The reply came " oh those are just characters from the old games". No not that. The campaign maps, Ive watched you play to long not to notice. Allot of the layout has been reused from old. As I pointed out this and said which game and moment they came from, a silence filled the room. then came the words " well that just sucks, they charge a fortune like they truly slaved to make some new ----". Play continued but now with a deadly silence only breaking when a little girl is vaporised by a bomb.

The voice came" at least that didn't suck". I just though to myself , did that girl scream? I KNOW I heard it as the bomb went off...or was it ..me..? The one Failed objective took us both by surprise I guess having too much fun in the president's plane caused it.(those who know the truth shhhhhh.). Last thing I pointed out is there seems to be a glitch concerning enemy grenades. Tested it. Its possible to go the whole game and not worry about taking grenade damage (as long as there is only one grenade to deal with at a time). You'll probably notice it better if you are in a heavy firefight and choose to keep shooting instead of taking cover and not taking damage(that is just to help ya'll guess how this glitch works). There is one more thing to notice to make it work but I'm not telling! Cheaters, hmph! However it would seem some COD players with videos on youtube have had this glitch and dont even know it.

Dont know why people get tunnel vision playing games like this. The game doesnt give you a rest but its not blindingly fast either, pay attention to your surroundings! I do like how nicely the game sets up for a/the sequel, don't you? :)