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Screw this I'm going back....oh happy happy

I am so not enjoying my time with Phantasy Star Universe and the wait for the expansion is driving me up the walls. Dare I even PSO ep3 wasn't this bad..er irate..er....whatever. So while booting up the ol Gamecube with PSO, I was still mad I missed the last month to romp around online. I became h*** bent on remedying this situtation. While whipping through the stages with a Snow Queen I began to rember the many conversation I was lucky to attend while online, Then it hit me...that dirty vulmer. Eat ice! But anyway, I remebered hearing something even as far back as the Dreamcast days that could help. A private server! And after diggin for a week or so, I came across something called SCHTHACK. If all goes well I can once again bask in the land of Ragol once again...however. If all the retro PSO stuff shows up in PSU then I'm jumping ship because i can get hundreds of new thing but in the more comfortable shell of PSO. Euphoria city! Ciao all.

Video game on pause: Coined terms

Ever noticed some games you play provoke or inspire you to make phrases you only use for that game because of whatever is going on or what you're doing. Some game just made themselves unique.  So here's a list of coined terms and phrases said by friends, family, myself, and others.


"you are soooooooo dead",Phantasy Star online upon surviving an uber attack by Dark faltz final form leaving you with 1hp.

"buttnaked!",Phantasy Star online ep.3 C.A.R.D. upon getting your opponent totally defenseless before releasing a very devastating possibly fatal attack

"STFU","Stfu","stufu",or"stowit", said often in chatrooms and PSO alike lovingly pronounced "stoofoo"

"whoa not happening", reference to a just missed high speed check point in Stuntman for the PS2

"uuugh! hes got my weapons", reference to people repeatedly and unexpectedly leaving your party in Final fantasy 6

"ohhhhh......my""holy!""Fuzz""fuzzit""oh fuzz!", said upon encountering a REALLY large and/or powerful boss, or when being surounded by tough enemies in various games. Also when moments start to get intense steadily(notible example last stage of Ikaruga)

"they're just rollin' away", said while in a position that allows you to clear numerous stages in rapid order with minimal effort

"all your base belong to us" sorry couldn't help it and Ive never played the game it come from. Also I encountered a phrase similar to it from one of the huminoids in the Guardians colony main office in Phanatsy star universe(yea I know so did everyone who has played the game)


Freespacing: the act of coming to a cliff or ledge with out being able to see whats ahead and to take a few steps back and take a blind leap. notible occurence "Snowwhite(filmation version)" for the super nintendo.

Yoshikill: Happens in Super Mario World. tendancy of new player to underestimate yoshi's jumping ability forcing them to abandon yoshi in mid air to complete a jump over long pits.  Also the name of a manuver done by highschool kids (sorry explaination of this move could lead to trouble and major injuries as funny as it is)

Greedy: collecting EVERY item in sight without benefit. mostly in platforming games

Bait decoy: In PSO ep3 C.A.R.D. a tactic used to goad the AI/cpu into wasting all of its best defenses before your true devisating attack is made

Rudder effect: the ability to ride the E-brake continuously with minimal negative effects in a racing game to maintain mor precise control. most observed in Need for speed 3 hot pursuit.

 ----Random stuff----

PSO took up alot of my time back in the day here is some random said stuff that I just couldn't forget.

"rare monkey rare monkey!"

"red box!!"

"stuuuuupid slicer"

"there's another Dragon in the room!!!" "WHAT!?"(reference to the Gol Dragon after it split in 2 for the 1st time)

"tell me im not the only one seeing this"(reference to the few days the servers had the enemies speed jacked up on all levels)

"you so do suck, i'll handle this"

"help get this crazy mag away from me" (people goofing off with the glitch that caused the mag to follow you around at a farther distance)

"can I have some rares, PLEASE!"

"there is more spam in this lobby than at the grocery store" as said through private mail.

----small tidbit----

In Final fantasy 4 the dragoons jump ability would keep him in the air so long that most battles had to be fought with an incomplete party. I think a person in Final fantasy 6 would take to the air in one battle and wouldn't come down till the second battle.


My video game history good and/or bad. Part 1 Atari

I remember my first encounter with video games. The Atari 2600, you know the original with the simulated wood grain that cost $200 back then and not the handsome sleek $50 dollar unit that came later. WARNING: THIS BLOG COULD END UP BEING LONG AND BORING, Enjoy! Atari games used to have a "teddybear" feature, ie "easy mode". Not every game featured it though.


  I liked the easy mode because in games like Centipede only the centipde was leathal and the spider and fleas were not. Two things I would do for fun is shoot mushrooms in such a way that it created 2 columns and the centipede would get trapped in this area and be a total sitting duck. A player could stay in one spot indefinitly as the centipede would get trapped in this spot stage after stage. The second thing I would do is if you destroyed too many mushrooms a flea would come to replenish them. If you were fast enough, you could contiuously kill the flea provoking another to try to take its place. It gets hectic trying to keep the rain of fleas going with the centipede breathing down your neck.


  This game was only 5 levels long and would repeat endlessly. You play the role of a bright yellow X (laser cannon) and your job is to kill some pigeons, hawks, and some alien with an annoying spaceship. The hawks' wings would grow back if left unchecked and the space ship would still rain terror even with the entire bottom sections blown away. my favorite thing to do was either dying with the alien by trading shots or pretending to trade shots and activate the shield at the last second because it would remain active in a cool fashion in the transition back to stage 1.

Donkey kong Jr.

  The first time Ive ever performed a double jump. Occurs in stage one I think from the platform to the right of the start platform to the platform to the right of that. Anyway I hate that you dont get to battle Mario(yes Nintendo's mascot) directly. My favorite thing is as you repeatedly got through the levels they get faster and faster(to a point). This makes escaping the Nitpicker(cool name)[some annoying bird] fun as by the time you get to its stage for the umpteenth time, you have to jump the instant the stage starts or get bitten.


  Tanks and planes. With a mix of bank shots, invisibility, 3 on 1, and 2 on 2. Favorite moment was when its down to the wire in tanks and the score is tied and both players just blast eachother at point blank range until time runs out. First knock down drag out type moment.

Spider fighter

  Zap a buch of spiders at various stages of development to protect your fruit. I love the speed in the later stages as the main spider that actually goes after the fruit gets obscenly fast.

Dig dug

 Best moment is having every monster chasing you after they shift into high gear digging all the way to the botom of the stage coming up under the highest boulder making little notches left and right along the way( the dumb AI mistakes the notches as full corridors and panic trapping them in place) and just as you reach the boulder they catch you then the boulder dislodges and destroys everyone. Talk about sacrifice.

Missle command

  Getting an extra life(city) when you think all is lost. Not to mention the intenseness in the later levels when the homming bombs start coming in multiples. Dont ya just hate it when they score a lucky hit on your firing base a destroy a whole stock of your ammunition.

Telegames 25

 Like Combat only shooting gallery style format minus the tanks. I liked playing as a bomber and slaming on the air brakes just to help make sure the bomb struck my opponents destroyer. Gotta love the guided bullets feature.

Pacman & Ms Pacman

  The sound effect of dying in Pacman I find rather iconic but enjoyed the improved graphics in Ms Pacman. Used to refer to the red ghost monster as "grandpa red" for unknown reasons.


 Ive played many others such as Oink!, Koolaid man, Pole position, Galaxian, Pitfall, E.T., Defender,and maybe a couple others but nothing of note excited me although I did play Pole position and Galaxian alot(probaly in a zombified state.

Next Time: NES, Gameboy, and Sega Master System. :shock:

Next gen of woes.

I have to admit how very dissapointed I am in ALL the next gen systems. Starting with Sony, its like the president was purposely trying to drive the compny into the ground. So much hype and tons of broken expectations. If the PS3 would have had 2 HDMI ports and games supported it, I would not have batted an eyelash at the steep price. Its terrible that Sony is wrapped so tightly in its own arrogance, losing many (close to being all) of its exclusives, giving rehashes of old titles, and the removal of the emotion engine w/o adjuting the systems price. The only positive note thus far is the @Home service, the dropping of the 20 gig system, and the possiblity of a sixaxis 2 controller with rumble.

Microsoft. Their refusal to move forward with certain tech worries me. With the new media securities that will be standard sooner than later why are they only now adding an HDMI port and still refusing higher capacity next gen media drives for games. Some if not most MS supporters WILL be short changed in the near future because of this, but then again maybe not as much as nobody really cares about HD anyhow. XBL is nice but I hate gamming in a gated community, yea yea its safer but I like being able to communicate across platforms. On another note too much content is uncompressed and takes up an uber amount of space not to mention they "supposedly" enforcing a charge for everything motif. Not forgetting the ultra high defect rate of the console. On the plus side the new upgrades to XBlive are great, the soon arrival of a larger HDD and HDMI support, and the influx of games borrowed from sony.

Nintendo, a rather stubborn giant. The name Wii has caused many troubles, the system is graphically under powered in alot of cases, and its success is mirroring the N64 way too closely and could suffer the same failure as said system. Cutting there own supply was/is also a mistake...they need to get as many systems to the public as possible. Just because the sytem is cheap(and it shows) doesn't mean people still wont buy a rival console. Also lack of storage space for potential merriment just aint there. The sytem is depending way too much on hope and quirkiness. All in all it has drawn in tons of nay sayers and those who claimed they would never touch a video game. They are actually living up to this whole everyone play together stuff. Not to mention how well the Virtual console is shaping up.

Over all it looks like even amount of dissapointments as well as good stuff. It is dissapointing big time that the next next-gen consoles could arrive in as early as 4 years. Video games are starting not to feel like a wise investment anymore.

Personally I havent purchased a PS3 and probaly wont, to many principle matters Sony has crossed the line with me and nothing the system has is wowing me enough and its longevity is in severe question for now. Haven't gotten a Wii because I really don't feel like flailing to play almost every game even for the fit its a task and a half, good for constant laughs though. Also the slow roll out of games is history repeating itself. Somehow it feels as if more could have been done. Lastly I had purchased 2 X360s but the euphoria soon wore off. The constant defects with the hardware just wore me the rest of the way down as I was already finding it more and more difficult to enjoy a good console game and all the fancy features. So I gave away both to "so-called" friends. I used to love video games just as much as any "guy" but this gen has severely dissapointed me. Better luck next gen perhaps.

Smoke and tons of fire!

Dear Blog

 It peeves me to no known end that you share alil truthful grumblings of the world of gaming before lo and behold some (insert expletive here) starts a fire sale. Its not my fault most the guys I encounter when online gaming are hopeless hormone sacks with nothing better to do than phish for a (expletive) date. I mind my own business for the most part online and stick to reasearch for the most part as well.

 I make my char. ordinary but as clost to me as possible ....but I could be in the back of a lobby doing nothing with tons of other girls in the room and these (best possible bad emphasis) guys home in on me. I usually try to be polite but it always results in them calling me every name in the book because I wont succumb to the lame crap they are spewing. Then they wonder why the get (series of unfortunate events)in rapid succession within the next hour.

 PSO was and still is a fun place but some have never explored the seethin dark side of the game in its entirety. Game never ended after Faltz or Olga, the dramma just starts. Its a shame that it does spill over into the real world with life altering efx. But have avatar, will have trouble. Sims online, FF11, Starwars Galaxies, PSO, psh! same nightmare. But wait for the major BS planned for Star trek online. I kinda really like Halo all that is heard is "...cant. Killing.". 

 Then when its not the guys its the other girls starting cat fights over stupid(expletive). All in all I love it. Go figure. Nothing gets me laughing harder than some body entering the lobby and making a huge empty chat box that nearly swallows the whole screen. Or the rediculous rampant pretend humping. Two killer moments is when Santa claus and Ronald Mcdonald showed up...I never knew char creation was that flexible not to mention some crazy fat guy that would go from lobby to lobby floor by floor running around saying "cumming through ...watch yo sef".

 I mis the DC holiday decor the most because they decorated in the game and not in the lobby but the lobby aint all that bad. I just love hiding in the pumpkins. Reminds me of all the wild people who get in the fish tanks, fall on the floor and convulse, ant the favorite when they fidget in their photon chairs. Cant get that burning ranger song outta my mind. To bad the central dome fire swirl quest never made it to the GC(at least ive never seen it). I still have the DC download for it.

I was so excited when they added words to Seeing the Light, brings bad good and bad memories of those that aren't with us any more.....Sigh, I remeber helping to do a team photon charge....only worked once I kept screwing it up after that, me and my lousy timing. I could do endless nightmare all day and TTF was always fun. Longest I ever stayed online was was with a few friends scattered on different ships and servers for 26 hours straight. I was so zombified after that.

Funny moments in Ep3 is when everyone relized the nano dragon card has blue eyes and this one guy i gamed with would always lay a devistating attack and would thing at first the defense card the cpu playe was a wall card when it was in fact a companion card making him eat the same damge the cpu gets. Most popular coined term in Ep3 was "butt naked!" *laying out a pretty hard attack and your opponent is defenseless and doesn't block ,mostly against light side chars.*  I'm glad this blog is here to totaly vent its just so difficult to get a point across with out insighting a riot. I'll stop here for now gotta save some for the future. Buh-byee!

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