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Capcom universe character battle

I've had an ok time participating and totally running away with the second round with just over 8000 votes and no one came within 5000 votes. But aside from that There is no way in the world that roster was the best Capcom had to offer. ALOT of faces I didn't even know. For the record I did not once vote for Dante, he is as overrated as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Ryu needs to step down as well hes had his time in the limelight let the other fighters in! Its strange how round 3 was skipped and jumped to 4. It was fun but they so need to add different brackets like Gamefaqs does. ;)

This is where I came in...

I've read, seen, and een heard from friends , you know about how you are dedicated to a series(s) and how they have been there from day one. I have to admit I've come late to the party a few times. There are a few favorite franchises I've come to a few sequels in.

Need for Speed:

I've seen this series when it first came out. i was like "nice", but didn't buy it. Then came NFS 2, I was just as excited as every body else when they implemented tire-smoking burn out that left behind (for the first time) tire tracks. Need for Speed 3:Hot pursuit, This is where I came in: To this day I can't remember why I went wild over this game. I even purchased it before I even owned a Playstation( had to borrow a friends). I was so hooked I went back and purchased the first 2 titles and was so shocked how incredible they were as well. I ve purchased just about every NFS since including the V-Rally ones but not Motor City because it was PC only (sigh) and dont know much about installing PC games. I kinda miss the secret and or unlocable cars/tracks/modes of the pre-PS2 titles. Favorites: Ford Indigo & Monolithic Studios track NSF 2, Mercedes CLK-GTR(can reach 300mph on Empire city track in vs mode unknown reason) and El Nino(the already availble Nazca C2 was all-round favorite)& Aquatica*Empire City*The Room*Autocross Tracks NSF 3:HP, The Hod Rod when you honk the horn it says "ooh yea" like that fat Ghost from the Casper movie & Drunk mode NFS: High Stakes. Coolest moment ever was when I played NFS: Most Wanted for the first time and al my friend were there, when a cop appeared for the 1st time and the screen did that crazy zoom in effect everybody at the same time said "woahhhhhh!"

Final Fantasy:

I had the original in my hand, didnt know what it was and avoided at all cost. some years later when FF2(4) and FF3(6) came out I started to look up what games was about more and became aware many games in the series was missing. Still I was afraid to play because of the battle system. Not to long after NFS 3 came out so did Final Fantasy 7 , This is where I came in: I've been hearing so much about it(ok ok so I am a victim of the hype wagon :P ) I told myself its time to get over my fear of turn based RPGs. I was so into this game I said to my self I hope it goes to 12 (sorry the reason isnt for this blog). long story short, The rereleases of the older titles came at a great time allowing me to complete my collection. However my colledtion is stopping at 12 and will probaly remain so, however if the series should make it to 24 then I will have to reconsider but i doubt I'd live that long.

Street Fighter:

I would go into this game but we all know Street Fighter II is where everyone just about came in and I cant wait for Street Fighter 4 "youre not scared are you"? not to mention Street Fighter 2 HD, I could listen to Spittin Narcissim and Thank You Deejay all day. Like I said, this is my title and This is where I came in!

For the taking?

The seems to be a rapid increase in patent infringment this gen. Sony and Nintendo seem to be big offenders as they fight tooth and nail in the face of overwhelming evidence they are in the wrong. Not to mention an article i ran across on Yahoo! concerning PS2 manufacturing (http://videogames.yahoo.com/feature/playstation-2-component-incites-african-war/1231745). Microsoft isn't out of the woods either but they had since enough to quickly pay their way out of every mess thus far. Greed , civil rights infractions, enviromental damage, patent infringing, price fixing, broken promises, corporate mergers and buy outs, as well as poor work conditions and in adequate compensation. As much as a golden age its suppossed to be (so i thought), its far from it. This is the most horrid news I've heard about such a suppossed prosperous industry. I refrained from actually owning a sytem this gen because it just didn't feel right, sure I got to use them but the uberific feeling has long since passed. Its going so casual I can't stand it. Tired of the know nothing noobs how don't even know what a video game is yet are flooding all channels. Like the gamespot badge says.: I was playing games long since b4 it was cool. Skipping, cheerleading, dancing, modeling, just to get in a good round of fraggin people. It was so taboo being a girl playing video games. Whats the matter with me liking video games? And not the panzy ***t society sterotypes us with. Who in the hell plays dolly dress up pony? I have nothing against horses but in a video game if it aint tranportation its another target (yes I am miffed that you cant damage them in Dynasty Warriors(all series). Oops I totaly lost of time I'm late for a party, Ciao!

Too much?

It would seem video games have entered into yet another golden age. There are so many games in the making and actually coming out, its actually surprising me. But having seen the previous golden ages, this properity is worring me greatly. Hardware issues whether it be pricing or defects, nagging constant updates or poor graphics, these red harrings still plague the industry who promise so much ,fail to deliver, and idiot fanboys fall for it. What to hate more, the fanboys who buy crap no matter what or the casuals who are clueless buying this crap no matter what. Anyway back on task. There seems to be an extreme saturation of games, lots to buy and nothing one would want to play or is it(to long to discuss but even I disagree with what I just said). But with the turmoil in the companies, the piss poor decisions made, not to mention the poor economy and many people not really owning but renting stuff( Yes i nearly clawed someones eyes out for trying to open my never-been-opened original Metal Gear Solid and yes i just played through a different copy but any way), Look like the industry could be up for another crash although it feels unlikely. but what will it take for a system to run/create CG on the flay with no hiccups? Will Sony ever get rid of those buzzsaw graphics? Will Nintendo get better graphics? Will there ever be a Grand theft auto game on a microsoft console that doesn't have a blurry map? who knows. We'll see next next generation :roll: .

I guess they missed out

Two things just stick in my mind about having a PERFECT missed opportunity to make a big impact.

First Pokemon: There was some episode some while back that I happened to catch while vegitating in front of the TV. The episode was a total bore until- *spoiler if you care* Seems Prof. Oak is having trouble with the pokemon at his lab/ranch from feuding and asks Ash (who is on the other side of the globe) if he could borrow Bulbasaur for his assistance in the matter. So after teleporting Bulbasaur to the Prof. , Ash sets off again while things don't seem to be improving at the lab. Later we see Ash is asleep.

Meanwhile the pokemon still are feuding until they find common ground by working together to dig a pond. As progress is being made a boulder is unearthed and is in the way of the making this pond/hole bigger. So the pokemon all work together to pull the boulder up and celebrate as they get the boulder up on the edge of the hole. Just then a smaller pokemon falls into the hole and this triggers a small landslide that dislodges the boulder. Bulbasaur sees this and quickly leaps into the hole and pushes the small pokemon out of harms way and he then takes a quick glance as the boulder's shadow looms menacingly over him at point blank range. He just stares as the screen turns black and white( the same way when Piccolo tried to warn Android 17 when Cell showed up and Cell punched the **** out of him the screen instantly went b&w and froze).

At the same moment it goes back to Ash who (still on the other side of the globe) wakes up immediately and stares at the sky, as if he knows something bad has happend. To make a long story short Bulbasaur survives unhurt by diggin a hole which the Prof. babbles about digging not being a skill of a Bulbasaur yadda yadda. In shorter it would have been the cry heard round the world if Bulbasaur had died. Parents would have probaly sued nintendo for traumatising their kids but it would have made history.

Second Power Rangers Jungle Fury: If the owners of the franchise had just purchased the rights to Voltron (or Go Lion! if you perfer) and integrated into the series I think they would have easily solved the problem of what a live action Voltron would have been and it probaly have created a huge fanbase out of nowhere. They could do it but...I guess they missed out.

Did YOU notice or know?

Did you notice or know that:

In Super Mario Bros. 2 the tune that plays when you grab a mushroom in hyperspace is very VERY similar to the one that plays in Dig Dug when you get an extra life.

Guy (Street fighter alpha 2 and beyond) and Maki (Capcom vs SNK 2) are wearing Nike(s)

Yuna's going ons in FFX-2 seem alot like Ulala from Space Channel 5

The Ranger series weapons from PSO appear in Melty Blood

The Ghost X-9 from Macross plus went into production anyway and civilian transports are fold capable as well.

Suppossedly one or more developers have already filled up a Blu ray disc. With? I'm not noticing an influx of relevant content, have you?

Next gen crap out of sight!

The fact that some people still don't see the obvious screw ups that ALL 3 (Nintendo to a lesser extent)consoles have and still have is beyond blind stupidity. It could have been better and its not. You won't get better if you don't demand better. People these days are forking over uber moola for a console and trinkets and are satisfied with the piss poor functioning of said system(s). Contrary to popular fanboyism these systems are not very durable. Yes the X360 took the lead this go round with defects but I have not forgotten Sony's bad track record since the PS1. Why in the heck you think they designed to PS2 with the ability to stand on its side in the first place, and don't give me that BS about space saving. If Xboxes continue to flash those red lights as they STILL are they could find excellent work as christmas lights then transition to traffic lights. Despite Nintendo's come back it still has thing to make one worry (won't go into it as explaining would be too offensive in a general sense). But people accepting these piss poor graphics can expect the same next generation. Is it not possible to make something fun and easy on the eyes too?Not to mention the consoles bland styling. The "oo its so small and cute" has long since worn off. Ahh Sony, so high on it self...tisk. Oh no Sony's no so good moment is all everyone elses fault for not paying through the nose for broken promises and still no anti-aliasing...(it does have it? then why do I still see buzzsaws NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Fanboys just like getting f***** over I guess or just like pullin people shains by .........oh nvm. All these different SKU's, are they selling a console or a car? Despite this generation being a fiasco fans still hold to there brand of choice with reckFULL obsessiveness( ie religiously,). Their brand can do no wrong because everyone else is wrong and needs to stfu. .....and so what Ive converted people from one brand to another many times. One do all system could get boring.

Does any of this make any sense to anyone? No? Cool.

Language barriers..sigh

Seems the whole spanish Madden thing is irking alot of people me included. Its one of those perpetual arguments. I'm sure a whole lot more people will disagree with my comments I made under the headline and this forum is way to small to debate it properly. I grew up in a spanish household. We speak spanish exclusively at home. At school I learned english and write it ok I guess but when it comes to speaking english, I do not excel at it.

Writing and talking it ain't (is not) the same thing. For instance texting "what did you say" is easy as pie. Saying it I sound like "wha d shoozay".Of course one always learns all the bad words first so no problem speaking them( but I do censor myself alot so I still end up sounding funny). It gives me a headache everyone always saying what? what? so I text and IM alot. I love my heritage but it foolishly thinks its perfect and I was fortunate enough to see and learn about many different cultures and that what brings me to my conclusions(yea yea I know they need work I'm no sage I know :P ).

I don't hate one culture or another, why should I? No sense in limiting myself to one thing as there is so much to see in the world. Even heard of a country where all you do is wait. Lol! Being abroad( ie out there in the world for you word tricksters)always makes me more appreciative of home and yea I know I probaly(definitely) need to show it more. In the mean time I also study German, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, and startin' Cantonese and Arabic. Haven't gotten around to French or Italian yet, my bad.

I liked learning english because the meaning of words are almost always changing on a daily basis. What does "izzle(isssil?)" mean anyway?Or feloteuos(feloteaus)? I really hate language barriers. I want to be able to communicate with all. I admit my comments are unclear and shallow but I hate there is a chance that a part of my culture may fall into this language war further (too late). There is so much more that can writen but it could only promote bad things.

There were times back when where this whole language thing got on my nerves so bad I would make up my own languages and wouldn't speak anything else. Of course everyone though I was off my rocker. ...hmph those days. One crazy hobby I have is seeing how many different ways I can spell a word because I think some words just look ugly. I wanted any plain thing I wrote to be exciting/ exotic looking but easy to read.

I just do it for myself these daysas people didn't like it at all. Where are things going now a days..... .. .. .:( Oh and by the way ..Vote for me! [Quote often said by that mayor guy from the cartoon "Doug" hehe? ]

Too short too short

I don't know about the rest of you but Halo 3 is too short and incomplete. If this game was a movie I wouldn't gripe about the ending(yes the legendary one and yes I got killed every step of the way. a special thanks to the 3 excellent players that put up with me...THANK YOU!). The end leaves plenty of room for a Halo 4 and the first 4 novels leave room that the ex-Elites could renew there grudge against humanity due to a super -nuke destroying there home world and a good chunk of their fleet. Well they shouldn't have stolen unknown earth stuff to begin with I guess. Another thing about the ending that has me speculating is that look Cortana gave before the MC went into cryo, if he stay in there to long she will become as insane as Guilty spark because she is alone and she can only keep herself occupied for so long because she is an overly efficient busy-body. But over all it felt so f****n' good to finally be allowed to waste that annoying talking nitelite Guilty spark..oh h*** yea! Adios!
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