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What a dream.

In my family, there are those that claim to get visits from those past on in their dreams. I just shrug my shoulders and turn up my nose. In actuality I say to my self" how come nobody ever visits me? I've never had a dream with people who are deceased in it. EVER.


So as it goes. I was on vacation and went to JP. I took my AE86 with me because I figure it will not stand out and was small. The locals wouldn't care. So I land at the airport and its more like a huge mall than an airport. So I'm in surprise about it all. So much so i decide to leave my car parked at the airport and decide to walk to really take in the scenery. So after walking out the airport and wandering around town (some quasi-suburban area, really clean) for about 13 hours, I figure I'm starting to get lost.

So I just go into some random little office (with the same color layout as a Wendy's) to ask for directions. I walk in. In there is a gentleman with glasses on the phone. My JP is worst than a newborn. So I'd figure i'd keep this as short as possible. So I say map? er mapu? He ends his call nods his head and starts typing on his computer. He starts talking in JP but slowly shifts to at least understandable english. So he's asking me questions and is setting up with a travel agent to help get me back home. I'm like "wow".

Afterwards we go outside and were have a great chat. At one point I told him I was here with my AE86 and point to one in a nearby parking space. He chuckles and says "that'd be too small for my wife and I to join you around your hometown". I say, oh my other car is a sedan with plenty of room(more was said but I'll cut to the chase). I then ask could I get his name, number, and address so I could send him a gift when I get back home. He gave a nice smile then I woke up. I said to myself "what a nice fellow, I wish I had gotten his name" Then as I recalled his face from my dream my eyes popped open wide as I recognised his face. Oh my...Satoru Iwata.

Modern Warfare 3. A lil too familiar?

Having had the time to watch my significant other slog through the previous Call of Duty games since the first modern warfare, I found myself very surprised as I watched the going on in MW3. I asked doesn't this seem familiar? The reply came " oh those are just characters from the old games". No not that. The campaign maps, Ive watched you play to long not to notice. Allot of the layout has been reused from old. As I pointed out this and said which game and moment they came from, a silence filled the room. then came the words " well that just sucks, they charge a fortune like they truly slaved to make some new ----". Play continued but now with a deadly silence only breaking when a little girl is vaporised by a bomb.

The voice came" at least that didn't suck". I just though to myself , did that girl scream? I KNOW I heard it as the bomb went off...or was it ..me..? The one Failed objective took us both by surprise I guess having too much fun in the president's plane caused it.(those who know the truth shhhhhh.). Last thing I pointed out is there seems to be a glitch concerning enemy grenades. Tested it. Its possible to go the whole game and not worry about taking grenade damage (as long as there is only one grenade to deal with at a time). You'll probably notice it better if you are in a heavy firefight and choose to keep shooting instead of taking cover and not taking damage(that is just to help ya'll guess how this glitch works). There is one more thing to notice to make it work but I'm not telling! Cheaters, hmph! However it would seem some COD players with videos on youtube have had this glitch and dont even know it.

Dont know why people get tunnel vision playing games like this. The game doesnt give you a rest but its not blindingly fast either, pay attention to your surroundings! I do like how nicely the game sets up for a/the sequel, don't you? :)

Where in the world am I?

Life calls, it sux I cant play games like I used too. Of course I still cant stand "casuals". Main focus has been Phantasy Star (zero, portable 2, infinty(jp demo)). This whole Sony business is driving me insane. Hopefully that rumored Microsoft dev kit is for a handheld because this is one screwup by Sony I cant forgive. Dont folks relize that stolen information makes them a target. Those hakers now know who to target insterad of at random. I had to change EVERYTHING and warn EVERYBODY in my contact list. Sony has really unlawfully cost me. I have to drop them. For those who dont , you might want to start using those prepaid psn cards you can get from gamestop or 7-11. Hopefully Nintendo wont dissapoint. Looks like the Wii, Xbox360, PS3 era is about over. I dont own any of these systems and don't plan to. They all were a let down. Hopefully they have all learned from there mistakes and the next gen hardware will show such(yea right but heres hoping). Hope everyone out there is doing well, so get your game on!

Mimicry a form of flatery.

Of course I'm not missing out on Phantasy Star portable 2. I was so excited to find out that a person named Linalnversein PSP2 forum page on gamefaqs is using my old sig and word for word at that. At the time I first used it here at Gamespot I put the word heck in exchange for h*** not wanting to draw attention for profanity. How amusing!

Away till further notice: Phantasy Star Portable

Having played PS since 3 days after its realease on the DC, I found (and still do) PSU difficult to play(ie tedious, out ranks the JOB and JUNCTION systems in FF for being asinine). But anyway PS portable streamlines the whole process and adds back all the (well almost all, no chat or sony approved global multiplayer) stuff that made it addictive and fun. So in these dreary times I find myself very contented getting lost in Phantasy again. Not to mention there is a block buster movie or 2every month from now till Aug. (not july though..oh well). Anyhow I finally found a game worth turning my paper weight back into a PSP as it was meant to be. The internet radio kicks butt too. Ciao!

Way under the weather

I so hate cold. And I dont like Ozzy or WOW but that commercial with all these elements was the coolest thing in a while. I had to slow down posting alot and haven't been able to participate with the many great Unions I've joined. My appoligies to all. And I am totally enraged that I will miss my 3rd year aniv of being a Gamespot member but getting repremanded for the first time ever this month, I kinda felt there was more bad news to come. And sorry to any my endles rants on casuals have offended but is is my oppinion that a good chunk of them(casuals) sux and have a bad effect on the quality of games (total lack there of) because in most cases they don't demand better quality. One fancy bell or whistle and they're friggin hooked. Whatever so , sorry. Odd that no body has complained about the 8 yr olds cleaning house in games they shouldn't be playing. Reminds me of that robot chiken episode where lion-o is a pet "oh ok my bad, i'm sorry" lol.

Winter bikini...Fight!...

I am so late. So used to seeing Arcana heart charaters in MUGEN battle i forgot it was its own game and no less US bound. Now they if they would get Melty Blood over already (PSO weapon cameos..I think).

Improved(maybe too soon), what next?

After fiddling around with the NXE, I nor anybody I know had any problems with it so I experimented based on info of when a problem started. What makes it crash was is pulling a bafoonish manuver I so bet the programers didnt think anybody would do. And pulling said motion crashes with 100% accuracy. I So wont post the process its to hilarious as to its execution. But not everone reported a crash in this particular manner( forgot to ask what SKU who had, I'm blonde so what :P ). Anywhozit I find the NXE rather impressive to the point I do believe it should have been saved for the 3rd Xbox if such a device is in the works. Never did I see so many people online for hours on end but not playing games, they are just goofing off in the dash board.( Can't wait to give @home a spin on the PS3 either). So whats next, I think it would be a prime time to realease a(n) Xbox portable and with the fiasco that is Windows Vista they could so get away with calling it the XP. Maybe they will wait till Windows 7 realeases first to avoid confusion (what?.. the populous is easily misguided? no way! ). I hope MS isn't becoming complacent but as much as Sony makes me irate, they are closing the gap in total console sales. I'm surprised the fanboys haven't chimed in on such. Sony fans should be commended for continuing to put up with crud. I'm so sticking with DVD's, Sony will just have to be happy with that till everybody is forced to the new format. But they ARE slowly recovering. COD and some snowboarding game look simply awful on the Wii. That Wii HD better unbecome vaporware and soon. The innovative controls are so not making up for the poor visuals( but they are doing a great job holding the fort in the mean time..hmph ******* ). This holiday season seems more gloomy than most , so whats next?.

Capcom Character Battle: fight err vote to the finish!

So the battle is finally at a close and I can rest. At last count my total votes for the entire comtest was around 15807. I did manage to add 50+ to Ryu's final votes. I was aiming to be in the top 5 but didn't expect the top spot. Trying to work and find time to vote was a nightmare. But it was enjoyable and very exhausting. I do hope everyone enjoyed it and congrats to all. Hopefully if ever another Capcom contest comes they will add more people to the list. Like I mentioned some other time If Vergil was in maybe things could have been different..who knows ;) .

Wii music: probaly misunderstood

From the get go Wii music has been looked at very negatively. Some complaints that have stood out that I've heard/read is lack of know music and its too simplistic. I think it partialy stems from the fact that most people don't like to know they are indeed stupid. Don't think for an instant there isn't some body teaching a monkey to play Rock band or Guitar hero its that simplistic.

Where is the creativity? You just endlessly rehash somebody elses crap. Yes its fun, its your favorite songs. Wii music isnt trying to be that. I don't think Wii music should be compared to those game because the goals don't seem the same at all. To me WM is like a very easy to use music generator. Have you all forgoten the MTV music generator from back in the day?

Okay so there are structural differences. So what I'm getting is that the public could care less about making there own music, they would rather ride somebody elses coattails. " Oh I can get a perfect on highest difficulty on xxx game" you and a million other people and most them dont brag about it so it wont be known.

It would be terrible if Sony were to have a music generator right now. according to that End user agreement they would own all you do, so much for those aspiring to get into the music industry the simplest way possible. For those that just believe in just a game being a game the complaints are justified. Nobody wants to play a"learning" game. (wonder why Brain age sold so well?)

On another note, I cant stand that I play a game to have fun only to find you gotta get a job and pay bills same as real life. FORGET THAT! I just pick up nearest avilible weap and all is well..till the fuzz shows up. They so need to get a refund on their vests they dont seem to work hahah..ahem anyway the usual saying goes.. at least give it a try before bandwagon jumping. " I don't lik it because its for dummies" So are those books but you still buy them. :p

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