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UnlivedPhalanx Blog

301 Moved Permanently

The blog has moved to Giant Bomb dot com. As always, you can type in to go there at any time.

This move is being made for many many reasons, not just the experiment I ran in the last post to see what people thought of the beta. My time on Gamespot is over, and I hope to see you over at Giant Bomb.

Video Games Live - Video Coverage 2008


This was perhaps one of the most social gaming events I've been to in a long time, probably since the Halo 3 launch. Anyways, the video is 20 minutes long but I'm sure you'll find most of it enjoyable since Doug Buffone used to make his about that long in the past. Unfortunately I can't embed it due to Gamespot's uploader being useless so I had to use Vimeo. Enjoy:

This week on Bargain Bin For You: Larry Niven's "Ringworld"

Back from VGL

Hey everyone,

It's Sunday at 1:14 AM and I just walked in from Video Games Live in Austin Texas. I have to say I had a great time. I wanted to let everyone know that we had a very successful 2-camera shoot on the lot of VGL and Sunday (today I guess) I'll be editing it and you'll see it up sometime Monday. Also up Monday: a new bargin bin for you dot com item, this time one of my favorite books!

-- Jacob.

PS - I got my balls busted by Tommy Tallirico, for full details you'll have to wait until Monday =P

Bargain Bin For You

Hey all, I've been working on a new site that's taken a lot of my free time. The site is:

It's for all my non-gaming related stuff. I hope you enjoy it and it will get more regular content than this blog unfortunately as I'm not gaming much right now.

But stay tuned! This blog will get a video blog from the VIP ticketholder area of Video Games Live! All that and more coming up!

Hello, I'm a Mac

So I got a new Macbook. Yeah, I got tired of constantly using a Windows machine and I have to say that this Mac is the most elegant piece of hardware I've ever owned. In addition, I took the time to install Win XP on it so I could play some MechWarrior 4: Vengence / Mercenaries and also some Mech Commander 2. Games I LOVE the world over and haven't played in years.

Any Battletech / MechWarrior fans in the house?

Oh Hai

I've been meaning to check in with you guys but I've been super busy you know, working and making an album. Have you ever made an album before? It's freakin hard! Anyways a lot of my free time has been trying to work through some games or write more lyrics for....the album! So check out the site, we JUST launched it and I know it looks hella bare right now. I'm trying to con Hallway Giant into doing the banner for the site. Visit us at: and while you are there follow the link to our MySpace and add us!

In gaming: I've been playing a lot, so I'll run it down by title.

Ninja Gaiden II - I tout this constantly as the sequel to the hardest game ever made. I've never finished the original Ninja Gaiden, and I was worried about this title. Let me tell you, the addition of "dummy" difficulty mode didn't make me feel good, except for the fact that now I could actually play the damn game! I love how refine the combat feels and one of the first things someone said as I was playing through the first hour or so is, "It looks like you have a lot of control, is any of that automatic?" After I assured her it was not, I killed some people.

Rock Band - I refuse to buy a massive drum kit, so I eventually got my hands on a friend's set and have been playing through the solo tour as well as inviting peeps over to finish up the Band World Tour. I hate you Metallica.

Grand Theft Auto IV - It's sad but I still haven't beat this game yet. Still playing through the missions with Phil Bell, no spoilers please. I'm somewhere about an hour or so from the end.

PS - Did ANYONE freakin' see the Summer Finale of Battlestar Galactica? That was so FREAKIN EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!