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New Revenant Wings Trailer

Square-Enix has unleashed a new Final Fantasy 12: Revenant Wings trailer on the game's official site. Said trailer focusses on the gameplay of the title, which looks pretty RTS-esque. Check out the trailer here.

Shiva And Family To Appear In Revenant Wings

Apparently we will be able to summon Shiva in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, according to Jeuxfrance anyway. No official statement, or even confirmation via the likes of Famitsu or Shonen Jump have yet clarified this, however we are hoping for just that in the next issues to be released, hopefully with images also!

Not only can we summon Shiva, but its said we can summon Baby Shiva and Shiva’s Husband!

Source -
Spiras Destiny 

SquareEnix Confirm New MMO for 360, Vista and maybe PS3

Hiromichi Tanaka-san of Square-Enix, in this interview with Pro-g.co.uk, has confirmed that a new MMO (massively multiplayer online) game is in development for the XBOX 360 and Vista platforms. Strangely, however, a PlayStation 3 version is only a possibility. Perhaps due to not having as good an online infrastructure as the two aforementioned platforms. Strangely, this news comes just days after EGM's rumour section stated that Square-Enix were working on a new Final Fantasy MMO for 360 and PS3 based in the world of Final Fantasy 12. Could this confirmed title be the same one EGM talked about? We'll have to wait and see.

Anniversary Editions Dated!

Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition has surprisingly been dated for a Japanese release on 19th April this year, unfortunately it won’t be bundled with Final Fantasy II AE like Dawn of Souls was. Instead Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition will be getting a release sometime in May, which isn’t so bad because it gives you a chance to complete the first game before moving on to the second a month later! :)

April is going to be a good month for Japanese gamers, we have Final Fantasy I on the 19th and exactly a week later we have Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings release. Unfortunately Square Enix have failed to comment on a North American/European release date for the Anniversary Edition’s, but keep watching this space because we’ll notify you as soon as they do!

Final Fantasy Rebirth

New Revenant Wings video and package

Want Revenant Wings? Haven't got DS? This may just be the package for you and those collectors out there!

Before that though, click here and check out the brand-new in-game footage of Revenant Wings! Looking good, hey!?

Now that's settled, let's talk about the Sky Pirates Edition DS. Releasing in Japan on the 26th of April alongside the stand alone Revenant Wings, the Sky Pirates Bundle comes with a copy of the game, as well as the exclusive Sky Pirates Edition DS, similar to the FF3 DS.

Still no picture of what the new DS looks like, or what the new designs will be, but after seeing the FF3 one we can assume it will feature a few engravings of the main characters, and the logo. I could well be proved wrong though...

The Sky Pirates Limited Edition DS Bundle, releasing in Japan on April 26th, will retail for 21,840 yen, or in other words, $180US/$240AUD.

Source: Spira's Destiny and FF12 Revenant Wings.

Final Fantasy XII Manga

Looks like Square-Enix have released 52 pages of some Final Fantasy XII and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria manga strips.
They can be viewed here via a 'Gangan' powered preview

Square-Enix FFXII Manga

Click on the green button to view the comic in Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or click on the blue button to view in Flash for Mac/Windows users. The latter also works in Mozilla Firefox.
From there, you can zoom in to pages, and click on the arrows to view the comic, note that it reads from right to left.
The manga is all in Japanese, but the artwork is expertly drawn, so a must-see for any FFXII fan.