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How I review games. (Edited: 10-18-13)**

I review games differently than Gamespot, and as such, this post is here so that people who see games I have reviewed or rated aren't completely clueless about my opinions. Because Gamespot, along with plenty of other reviewers, have detailed reviews, mine provide a quick look at what I thought about a particular game. For my 1-10 scale, I rate games much like the grading scale in high school.

10/10 = A+ (Near Perfect) <--- (Because no game is perfect)

9/10 = A- (Superb)

8/10 = B (Great)

7/10 = C (Average)

6/10 = D (Poor)

5/10 = F (Fail)

4/10 = F (Epic Fail)

Every game below a 5/10 is pretty much the same, just distinguishing each other by the slivers of good ideas/mechanics in and amongst the fails of said game.

Here are reviewers and commentators I agree with the most.

- Angry Joe

- Total Biscuit

- VideoGamerTV

**Edit: Links have been fixed.

Hopefully this helps!