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Command & Conquer 3

After seeing whats happening a Leizpig, i'm incredibly excited about the continuation of what is probably one of my favourite game seres's of all time. I had my doubts about EA making it, but for now, they seem to have been swept away. 2007 is going to be a good year.

Planning on buying

Dead Rising
Saints Row
Just Cause

In september.

Peace out my brothers.

Dead Rising

Well... downloaded the demo and I can say that its one of the most original games to date, and it doesn't let up. I reccomend this download to anyone with a 360. I want the full game now as you only get a confined (When I say confined I mean a small portion of a huge playing field, and even this area is pretty big) are to play in.

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting

Ok, in the space of two days i've downloaded four arcade trials and five demos. My HDD has to be under some ammount of stress. Been looking around Gamespot recently and I don't see what all the fuss is about with Street Fighter... I don't mind it being so hard. Why make an easy game.

Bah, the times we live in...

Still, no 360 games for the entire summer period. So right now I have my eye on buying a few albums, probably Stadium Arcadium (Yep,still havn't bought it Chilis fans), One By One and Lullabys to Parrylise. And also buying DOA4 if I can scrape together a spare £40.

Peace out guys.

E3 First Impresions

Ah E3 for this year eh? Well this has certainly been a different occassion to what I expected, what with PS3 somewhat living up to its hype (The killzone trailer still hasn't fooled me), Halo 3 (Wow...just wow) and the Wii actually being half decent. Just waiting for the C&C trailer now. Excited about Halo 3, Gears of War, MGS 4, and the new Super Smash Bros surprisingly.

First Entry

Hey people, yeah, been on Gamespot for five months now and I still havn't bothered to create one of these.

So. What am I doing right now? Well, sitting back, listening to Starship, Queens of the Stone Age and Yes, finding the kit i'd need for a wireless connection for Xbox Live, if anyone can tell me if a wireless addaptor exists that'll work in a modem with one ethernet port and a USB port i'd be greatful.

Well I suppose its back to playing Call Of Duty 2 on veteran and watching my hair turn grey in the progress.

Later Guys