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Ultima_Weapon99 Blog

It begins!

Well, I get my comp tomorrow and it's even better than I originally thought it would be.  The graphics card sucks though (RadeonX300)... but it will work with FF11.

I'll only be on GS 1 hour a day from now on ( and not every day).

Yes, this is probably going to be my last blog post for a while, so savior it!  Get horny over it!  



WTF!? leader???

I am now the leader of some union that I don'twant to be leader of.  There are some good things about it though.  I'm the only member!  Well, I'll stay like that for now, but probably not for long. 

Well... I'm kind of getting bored of Gamespot (sorry to say).  I'll stick around to help out some unions, but once I'm able to play FF11...

Jivekibbles has abadoned me (waaahhh) and I really don't communicate with JR here anymore (I talk with her somewhere else).  There are only a few people left that i stay for and they're slowly disappearing...

I'm not sure how to conclude this post, so I'm just going to say JR sucks.

'sup fools?

Ya, well, sorry about my long absense (did I spell that right?).

I went to Niagra Falls for a week and man it was awesome!!! I went almost right under them by taking the "Maid of the Mist".

Well, my whole trip wasn't fun though.  The car I was in broke down twice on the same bloody day and near the end of the trip my father's camera broke and damaged the film in it!!!!

Overall it was fun though.

and sorry for my absense again,  I feel kind of bad that I only warned one person...

Finally, I'd like to announce that I have finally found what I'd like my career in life to be... A PROGRAMMER!  YAY!  Java, Java 2,  here I come!

New Computer- Pros and Cons...

Well, I'm getting a new computer that can handle my FFXl game...  My current one doesn't have the proper Graphics card.

My new computer will be god-like which is good and I'll be able to play FFXl, which is also good, but...

There are some cons.  The first one is that it's going to be hard to level up and do missions at first cause NOBODY I know plays FFXl.  Also, I'll probably only come to GS like once every week or two!  I won't see all my GS buddies very often, and knowing online buddies... they usually forget me after two weeks....


YES!!! FINALLY!!! It's done!

Well I spent ALLLLL of yesterday trying to beat the final boss in Drakengard 2.  I was playing  until 12:30 a.m.!  I fell asleep after 1:00 a.m., but I was still really happy.

Man, that final boss is the hardest final boss I have EVER fought in ANY video game.  He can instantly kill with basically any of his attacks (Especially if you are under level 50) and has these infinite amount of... EVIL BOXES helping him!!!

Well, I'm happy!

and I've never sworn that much in my life and some of the words I said were exremly vulgar...  but hey, you'd be frustrated too if you spent 14 hours trying to beat a boss....

New union

I was thinking of making a union with some online buddies, but I'm not really sure if we'll be able to do it.  I'm trying to find people I can trust to join.  Usually I'll see a lot of people who don't know each other join and then 90% of them leave while the rest get to know each other.

I want it so that many of the people will know each other RIGHT AWAY and then they can invite new people to increase the population.

Well, I've already asked 3 people...  I'm going to find others to ask as well.

I was thinking of making a union about three popular game companies...

List of people who'll help out:





So annoying

     It really annoys me how their are so many men/teenage boys who harass women on the net.  When I used to play Runescape a few months I'd always see some pathetic guy trying to make friends with a woman.  One time I saw like 8 guys go up to a girl and all of them started saying hi, FOR NO REASON.  I also saw, quite a few times, guys asking gals if they could be their GF (girlfriend). Pathetic.

     This kind of stuff is so bad these days that in my Computer Science class the teacher actually told all the girls in the class to NEVER make their usernames show that they are female.

    Ya, well this is my first blog post ever and I'm just saying what's on my mind....