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Why So... Happy and Overjoyed!

Because I am seeing The Dark Knight tommorow:D

Dark Knight Poster

I am going with a friend girl of mine, no not a girlfriend just a girl that happens to be a friend;) I don't know if you guys know this or not but batman is my favourite superhero of all time:P And after reading numerous blogs on gamespot about how awesome it was, I knew I had to see it in theaters. So after I see it I will tell you guys what I though about it spoiler free.

As for warhawk it is pretty freakin' sweet played alot last night no one came on though:P Suprisingly I find ground combat alot more fun for some reason. I have been playing alot of deathmatches in Archipelago Close Corridor combat. Like this morning I was in that match with 15 other people in this tiny little level and I could barely spawn back to life without dying 10 seconds later. In fact my player didn't even touch the ground once and I got grenaded in mid air! I tell you these warhawk players are nuts!?:lol:

You guys probably already noticed but I have a new banner to calm my Dark Knight watching need and a new avatar of some odd cartoon character that I took a liking to while searching images on google:lol:

Thats all for now

peace guys.