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Massive Action Game = Massive Lag Game?

Since the announcement of MAG and new game coming to the PS3 at E3 everyone has been so excited for this 256 online mutliplayer. My question has been wow that sounds great but won't it be hardcore lagging when 256 people are running around killing each other?

The game sounds awesome I am just concerned about the lag. Personally running around in a squad of 8 trying to kill 248 other people sounds ridicuosly awesome. But then there is that big concernt of lag. Anyway there is my rant of the day.

Moving on to another topic...



Alright so I rented Motorstorm because I had no idea how good it would be. Anyway I have barely touched singleplayer, instead I went straight for the online multiplayer which is without a doubt, fantastic. It is pretty basic but it is just so damn addicting! So there is 3 servers US East, US West and US Central. US West and US Central generally have hardly any people in them but East usually has at least 80 or higher later in the day. You will only find about 20 people early in the morning though. But onto other things....Once in a server you can create or join a game. Create is pretty straight forward and so is join. There is also a ranking system which goes Zero, Veteran, Pro, Hero, Legend and then God I am pretty sure. Getting up to the legend rank is pretty easy, I think all you have to do is play 27 or so races, but getting the God rank you have to be pretty frickin good which I definitely amd not. So even though single player is pretty crap, multiplayer is excellent so I am giving it a 8 right now, and if any of you guys have motorstorm send me a message on PSN and we can have a race:D