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Giant Bomb..... [EDIT]

....SUCKS!(no offense to users there)

Giant Bomb Sucks

I am so mad because Giant Bomb is trying to be a replacment for Gamespot, it is like they want to steal all the gamespot users and bring them to there site. Seriously it has blogs, images, ecetera. What I am trying to say is that it has all the stuff gamespot has and ****** mods, whoops I mean no mods! I went over there and there was so much crap in the forums; offensive language everywhere, spamming and even pornography! The whole website is a mess! My biggest problem is that they are trying to be a better gamespot which hopefully will never happen because, nothing can replace this place.

*End of rant*

So I will be taking back Motorstorm today because my week is up, so when I return it I will be renting......

Warhawk Box Art

So then me and fetus can be newbs and get pwned by all the masters of warhawk:P I probably won't get a chance to play today because I am going to a speedway to see a stock car race with a friend, but the next day I will be ready to battle with whoever wants to play me:D

[EDIT] Watch this video now it is soo funny lol - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-8Ihsccknw&feature=related *warning you may find content offensive*