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Computers...PISS ME OFF!

You may have been wondering for the past week why I have not done anything at all on gamespot. That means no union posting, no blog commenting and no other stuff like that. The reason is that computers are a F****** pain in the ass! This is what happened. I came home from a friends house to find my computer and a state of well.... not working order. I turned it on and while it was booting up... well I got the blue screen of death, meaning it crashed:(. So I rebooted it again and it crashed again. Then I did that same process a couple of more times and no luck. So basically I had to reset my computer to its original state when I first got it. That means all my programs were unistalled all my files were gone completely and better yet my interent reciever had to be re installed but I had no disk to install it with. Me being a procrastinator and all I put off calling the computer tech guy for a couple of days. So eventually when I do talk to him it turns out I can get the program that it needs to work of the internet, so I hopped on my dads computer and downloaded the driver and dragged and dropped the file into my MP3 player:P That was all I had to use to transfer it to my computer. Anyway I put that on my computer and installed it and I was all ready to go and now I am writing this blog:)

Anyway that is my entertaining experience from the past week. So yup I am back in school now so I haven't been doing alot of gaming lately except for Half Life 2 which I am really getting into it, its actually quiet tough on the nerves becasue there is always these alien type things popping out and right now I am in a very linear area where I am walking through alot of buildings and corridors so I will never know what is around the next corner:P But yea I am really getting into it even though I am still quite puzzled why it is thought by many people the best game of all time.