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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You.

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You - [Why I Think the Ps3 is Better Than the Xbox 360]

Yep that is right, I shall be doing my longest blog yet on why I think that the PlayStation 3 is better than the Xbox 360. But just please make sure you don't take any of it into offence because it is purely my opinion.

Ok now that, that is off my chest I will get on to the rest of the blog. First off I have a couple Avatar/Banner updates. Most should know already but I have a new avatar and banner. Well do you guys like them? As for Crisis Core it is still really fun especially as I just hit a great part in the story. As of now I have clocked about 12 hours into the game, and if Gamespot's review is correct I still have about 8 hours of game left:) That doesn't even include the huge amount of side quests it offers, which I only have about 13% of them beaten. Well that is about it until my rant about the Ps3 vs. Xbox 360 blog. It might take me a few days to post just because I have to gather a few resources and prepare my whole speech on it. Until then.. I leave you Gamespotters in peace.