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My top 10 video game characters

Well I am bored right now so I mind as well do a blog about My top ten video game characters.

Beware this is just my opinion you do not have to agree.

10. Luigi - Mario's really cool brother:P And he wears overalls:lol:

9. Mario - A great character. Many people would have Mario as their number one. But I have other characters in mind.

8. Banjo & Kazooie - These guys are great. From their first appearance in Banjo Kazooie I have loved them. That is why they are my number 9.

7. Link - One of my most beloved characters. From the beginning when I saw him I loved him and his games:P Or Zelda's actually:P

6. Spryo the Dragon - Hey he's a Dragon! Must I say more?:lol: But really Spyro was always one of my favourites back on the PlayStation. Even though his games IMO are not as great today I still think he is great:)

5. Crash Bandicoot - Better known for his racing games that is where he found a place in my gamer heart. Crash may not say much but he is definetly prett cool:)

4. Jak - Naughty Dog presents JAK!!!! Yay for Jak. Jak II and III have always been one of may favourite platformers and that is why Jak gets 5 in my top 10!

3. Ratchet - What looks like a giant rabbit with a wrench is much, much more than that. He is a awesome character in some of my favourite games of all time! Thanks for being so cool buddy:lol:

2. Clank - For a little piece of metal this is one smart robot! Clank is Ratchet's supergenius sidekick and has the power to control little robots with his mind. What more could you want?!

1. And the winner is.. Daxter! From his witty remarks to his awesome orange fuzzy fur Daxter is a ball of fun especially for a sidekick. Although he may not be in my most favourite games, his personality has won me over making him my number 1!

There you have it!

Whadda you know!

Today in Canada(where I live) it was Family Day. At least I am pretty sure it is all across Canada. If not it would be my province(ontario). So everyone in Canada(or ontario) takes a day off there everyday lives to spend the day with your family. Thus, my family and I went to see a movie. My little brother wanted to see the 'Spiderwick Chronicles', but my sister wanted to see 'Enchanted' so my mom and sister saw 'Enchanted' and my Dad, Brother, and I saw the 'Spiderwick Chronicles'. I expected it to be pretty childish just because it was based of a child's series of novels, but to my surprise it was much more than a child's movie. It turn's out my brother was really scared during the movie while I was enjoying myself:P Now I am not going to talk about the movie I am just here to say that Nickelodeon and Paramount picture did a great job with the 'Spiderwick Chronicles'!

P.S. Some of you didn't see your answers yet on my last blog, so if you want to see them just scroll down to my last blog and read them:lol:

Answer's To Your Very Interesting Questions.

Here are the answers to the questions you guys asked me in my last blog.

SamReallyROXS: Do you mean my best friend on GS? And no I don't have a girlfriend ATM

FlameBandicoot: I love cookies, my fave game ATM is Burnout Dominator, And I live in Canada:)

DarCowAlways: My hair is brown, I have 1 pet, Dog Lover, Red, Hot Rod ATM, Read FetusZero's answer and you will find out, I do not no:lol:

DPumbliQ: I don't know what it is and I also don't know what that is:P

Fetus: Well it is a pretty wierd story. My favourite band Sum 41 is the 41 in my username, and the Uhero part stands for ' Underclass Hero' their latest album:)

Foolz3h: Because SamReallyROXS idea inspired me:P

Guitar-Dunnie: Well there is various ways, one is copying and pasting a picture, and another is using a IMG code. Example you would have your link http://www.awesome.com (not real website) then you would do this to it to make it show up as a picture.  :)

Tikiz: Yes of course, Ice Cream cake!, Yes it is great, and no you are not too mature:P

The5Biggies: Dog, Lime Green, Burnout Dominator ATM, Hot Rod ATM, Anthony Horowitz

There ya go guys the answer's too your funny, intersting, and cool questions!

P.S. I am also level 15 now!

Ask Me Any Question!

Well, I decided to copy SamReallyROXS and make a blog about, asking me any question you want to ask me! So ask me any kinda question you like!:lol:


My first update is on a game I have rented. The game is Kingdom Hearts II. I have a question to ask the expert on the kingdom hearts game:) PenguinGlen, will Kingdom Hearts II make sense without playing Kingdom Hearts I? I would like to know because right now the story is very good and I would like to understand it:P Thanks.

Update #2. I have a new video uploaded. It is of a amazing drummer drumming the Super Mario Bros. theme. It is really cool. Watch it. Sorry for no link:(

Update #3. I got FireFox! Yay! And now I will explain the reason for no link on the video. Firefox does not allow copy paste:? So next time I will do my blog on the default internet explorer:)

Thanks for reading!

My Snow Day Injury

Scared ya huh? Hehe. I actually did get injured but it wasn't as bad as you might think. Today it was a snow day so I went skiing with my friend and I was going down a run I couldn't handle and I took a bad wipe out and smashed my face off my knee. I then layed down in the snow for about ten minutes trying to stop the blood for dripping out of my nose. Eventually it stopped and I just made my way slowly down the hill. Obviously it wasn't that bad because I was right back skiing for the rest of the day:lol: Anyway that is my snow day story. What do ya think?

New Banner, New Avatar and New Blog Header!

I now have a new Banner a new avatar and a new blog header all matching, courtesy of Tikiz. I didn't even know he was doing this for me until he surprised me with it in a PM. Thanks again tikiz! And Flame I still love your banner I just couldn't resist the matching:P

The Departure Of Dev_Ron

As some of you most likely no Dev_ron was banned. It is a sad loss, but hopefully we will see him again. Why dev was banned is a mysterey many people want to no but we have yet to find out. I think that the mods have been watching him and looking for something to ban him for. Dev_ron always got along with people and was a great friend and always took time to comment on friend's blog, make important posts on the forum and inform us of when we could get a emblem:D

Many people are saddened about this but I think even though he is gone now I think he will return with a new and great GS account. The ban of dev was just as surprising to me as the time when Jeff got fired(or he quit). This is a special blog for me that is why I made the departure of Dev_ron my 50th blog post.

The Simpsons Game - Rented;)

Today I went to the local movie/game rental store and rented The Simpsons game for my Ps2. The reason for my choice? I read Dev_ron's review on the game and it sounded like it might not be a bad game, so I decided I mind as well check it out. I have played through the first three level's and the game is actually pretty good.

It has some exceptional platforming as well as lots of fighting enemies. The story is not actually based on the movie. Instead it revolves around Bart finding this guide to a game called the simpsons game, and each of the members of the family have superpowers. Thus making bart be able to become 'Bartman', homer being able to become a giant ball, lisa being able to move stuff with her mind and marge being able to command people to attack stuff. This game makes a great first impression, 8.5/10 so far.