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Au Revior!

Tommorow morning(sunday) I will be leaving to go to maseschutets(spelling) for a week for a vacation. I will be back not this monday but the monday after that. So please do not freak out when you get no comments on your blogs or I do not post in my unions.

And for those who wanted to see a Sly Cooper review from me your in for a treat, because I have finished it! It is not quite as long as my last one but I am pretty sure I did a ok job on the review. If you wish to read it just click that link on the word 'Treat'. And with that I will see you guys in a week!

Au Revoir everyone!

P.S. That means goodbye in french:P

Custom Wallpapers [5-7]

I told you guys I had more coming so here they are:)

Custom Wallpaper 5 - Chinese Symbol for Fire

Chinese symbol for fire

Custom Wallpaper 6 - Inverted Jak

Inverted jak

Custom Wallpaper 7 - Flipside Tie Dye

flipside tie dye

NOTE:Click wallpapers for full size.

There you have it, what do you guys think of this batch of wallpapers?

Battlefield Heroes

Have any of you guys heard of Battlefield Heroes? If not, it is a new Battlefield game except it will be completely free. You will download it then you can go and play free of charge. And the graphics are going to be awesome. If you have ever seen what Team Fortress graphics look like than that is how best to describe the. Or I can just show you a picture:)

Battlefield Heroes

That is just a wallpaper(not made by me) but if you are looking for a couple screenshots you can go here. I don't know why I am so excited about this game, it just interested me so much that I just had to look into it and I loved everything I saw so I will definetly not miss playing this game. I even made a banner for it:P But it isn't very good.

Battlefield Heroes banner

Note: Click images for full size.

And that is about it for this blog guys.


Finished Sly Cooper

A couple nights ago I finished Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus I just never got around to making a blog about it. My overall opinion has changed a bit since I finished but I'd have to say the game is a solid 8.5/10. It would have been a 9.5 but there were two big things that subtracted on that score. The length and difficulty. The game can easily be beaten in around 5 hours. The length shortens even more with the difficulty of the game. It is really easy. All the traps/obstacles you must face are easy as well as the boss fights. Even the last boss was easy! But the rest of the game is really well done thus mainting a solid 8.5 for me. I will most likely get a review sometime this month just not right away because I don't feel much of a reviewing mood right now:lol:.

In other news I have started playing Ratchet and Clank and Ratchet: Deadlocked again. I actually have never beaten the original Ratchet and Clank and this time I am focused on beating it. I am probably around 60 % done the game already I just haven't gotten a chance to tell you guys I had started playing it. After I'm done I may even review it along with Sly in a review montague:P

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph I am playing Deadlocked again. I am proud to say that I have beaten this game:) But this time I am not playing it in "Couch Potatoe" mode. In case your wondering couch potatoe is the easiest difficulty level. This time around I am playing in "Gladiator" mode. It is two levels from the hardest mode:D.

Well that is about it for this blog guys. Oh yeah, expect to be seeing more blogs of wallpapers as I am going crazy with abstract wallpaper creation right now:) And if you would like to see some of my custom banners and avatars you can go to images.

Note: The custom banners are on the second page of images. All these custom banners and avatars are also free for any of you guys to use:) Just notify me before you use it so I can sign your name if you like:)

Take care guys


Custom Wallpapers [1-4]

Alright so as so of you may know, I am a officer in the PC Wallpaper Depot. In the union you can either post wallpapers, which is incouraged or browse through are small(but growing) archives of wallpapers, and can choose one which you can use as your PC wallpaper.

Recently I have been working on creating my own custom wallpapers, and I thought I could use some feedback from you guys on how they are looking. So here they are.

Custom Wallpaper 1 - Blue & Red Flame

Uhero41 - Blue & Red Flame

Custom Wallpaper 2 - Underwater

Custom Wallpaper 2 - Underwater

Custom Wallpaper 3 - Blue Vibe

Custom Wallpaper 3 - Blue Vibe

Custom Wallpaper 4 - 3V3NT Wallpaper
Note: If you are in the union you will know what 3V3NT if not don't worry.

Custom Wallpaper 4 - 3V3NT Wallpaper

Note: All these wallpaper resolutions are 800 x 600 pixels each. If you wish to use one as your PC wallpaper just right the one you want and click "set as desktop background". This means that the wallpaper should not be blurry when you see it on your desktop. You can also click the wallpaper for full size:P

Well there you have it tell me what you think of them:)


This is really wierd but great for me. I was level 15 yesterday, then about halfway through the day I was level 16 and now I am level 17 somehow!?! Isn't that wierd? I think it is but meh who cares, I leveled twice in two days:)

Updated Avatar.

I decided to put a nice little border on my avatar just to make it stand out a bit more. What do you guys think.

I also got my new banner finished! Daxter, woo hoo. I was originally going with Banjo Kazooie but I like Daxter so much I couldn't resist:P

A little change of plans.

Well today I went and saw SamReallyROXS's blog and noticed that he had a pie rox blog header. If you do not know what Pie Rox is then you will not understand but, since I am a member of the band I decided to use the banner and put my role of the band on the banner. Even though most of the banner is not my work what do you think?

New Avatar and Profile Header and Blog Header in the Works!

Well how do you guys like my new avatar? Give me feedback on what you like and what needs improving. As the title says I am also working on a matching theme for my Profile Header and Blog Header. The theme in case you don't know is Banjo - Kazooie. The avatar is hard to notice what in Banjo Kazooie it resembles so I will tell you now that it is a green jinjo:P

I also joined youtube a couple days ago and if any of you guys have it I would be happy to add you as a friend. My username is 167835matt so again, I you have a Youtube account don't hesitate to add me as a friend(but keep in mind I must know you, no random gamespot users adding me please).

Impressions of Sly Cooper

Today I went to EB games and bought " Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus" just because I am in to 3D- Platformers quite a bit and I noticed that alot of people liked the 'Sly' series. I have only played it for a couple hours but it is a very interesting game. It is extremely original. From the very cool cutscenes where it shows how the plan will work on whatever objective you are trying to complete and the way it explains what you must do it is very cool. All the spy sorta music is really cool and I like how it fits perfectly into your 'Thief' type gameplay. The gameplay is also good. You can sneak past spotlights un noticed traverse treetops, climb pipes and swing from little hoops with your cane. Overall right now Sly Cooper is a 9/10. This game sure is very original and I hope this game turns out to be as good as my first impression of it.

Some of you guys still haven't seen your answers yet or just decided not to notice but if you want to see them just scroll down the page to about 3 blogs ago and you should find it! Thanks guys.