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1000 Forum Posts

Yes this time has come, I have finally posted 1000 posts on gamespot's beloved forums:) Yay for me:P

Also another new signature(I am kind of on a signature rampage right now):

Altair Sig

Please rate 1 to 5 scale.

What do you think about this avatar?. It is not much, I just took it from my banner and added a '41' to it but do you guys think I should use it?

That is all for now, peace!

5 things you probably do not know about me!

This is pretty much a virtual game of tag where you say 5 things most people would not know about you then you tag some other users and they put do a blog about it and tag more people. So here it goes.

5. I can barely beat any songs on hard in Guitar Hero II:P:(

4. When I was a little kid I ran around the house pretending I was spiderman:lol:

3. That I have never owned more than one game system at one time(that does not include handheld's)

2. Unlike almost every Canadian I do not like hockey.

1. Instead of hockey I like, no wait make that love soccer.

Ok so I am tagging: _veDnoR, FetusZero, Nightember1, Tikiz, FlameBandicoot, DarCowAlways, and Pumbli. There you have it guys! EDIT: I couldn't forget SamReallyROXS. This blog just wouldn't be right without him:P

Sly 2 *Update*

Yeah so this blog is going to mostly a update for Sly 2. I will start by saying that I am 23% through the game, obviously it is longer than the first one because I think I was finished the first game by this time:P So that is one improvment upon the first game. There is also quite a few more improvments that I have discovered. This time around you get to actually play as Bentley and Murray. All three characters are extremely fun to play, but Sly still reigns King over Bentley and Murray. Although Bentley comes with a close second.

The game has actually change quite a bit since their last adventure. For instance you don't just play each level leading up to a boss fight this time. You actually have to do things in order to prepare for the hiest of that episode, IE: Destroy security systems so that when you are escaping you do not have as much of a hassle.

And this time sometimes the boss escapes. In the first episode he doesn't and you must fight him, but in the second episode the boss just flees instead of fights. Thus, the gang tracks him down then you have to prepare for another hiest to catch the enemy and a valuable item you need from him.

Right now Sly 2 has shown me many improvments. It is actually mind blowing how well Sucker Punch Studios did with totally fixing every problem with the last game. 9.5/10 so far for me.

Seeing as this is a blog about Sly I mind as well show you guys this now:

Sly Header

My new blog header! What do you guys think about it? Please give constructive criticism and rate on a 1 to 5 scale.


I have decided to stick with one font and one colour for my blogs. This current colour I will be using for all my blogs unless you guys would like to see a different colour/font.

I Got The Spiderman Font:)

I have been looking for the Spiderman font that you see on the cover of the movies forever and I finally found it on http://www.dafont.com. Unfortunatly I cannot give you a link to what the font looks like(incase you don't know) because gltichspot is glitchin' on me!

In my last blog I mentioned that I was entereing SOTW 11 in the GIMP union. But even though a few of you gave suggestions I just had to put Jango Fett in my sig as the theme was villains. BTW, Jango Fett is from Star Wars. If you would like to see what I created you can right here:

Jango Fett Sig

Please rate it on a 1 to 5 scale:)

Until next blog, I will leave you with a funny picture for easter:lol:

Funny Bunnies

Too wierd?

Sly Cooper is back, but with his band of thieves!

Most of you guys know already but I really enjoyed the first Sly game so today while I was at EB games I bought..

Sly 2

I have only installed in about 20 minutes of this game and so far have not seen many changes, except for the fact that you actually see bentley(turtle) and murray(hippo) in game other than just seeing they're faces when they talk to you. But I will keep playing until I have finished the game.

As for Crisis Core I will definitely be getting it the day or a few days after it is released! I decided I want it so bad I am going to get it as soon as possible.

For SOTW(Signature of the Week) in the GIMP union it is a villain theme and I am going to be entering. I just need some ideas for a villain to incorporate into my sig. Any suggestions?

Although I like my current banner I put in a request in the GIMP union for someone to create me a banner and Financeranger gladly made me a nice Ratchet and Clank banner. But it is too large so I am going to have to ask Financeranger to fix it or something.

Well that is it for this lil' update blog

Happy Easter everyone!

I finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet you guys 50$ you thought I was announcing I got something big. Well your wrong:P I am just here to announce after a long time of tagging I am finally a tagger leader! There is quite a big gap from tagger maker to leader but it was definetly worth it.

For those of you who are paying attention to the Iron Man game you should see the gameplay video that is out! It is fantastic looking IMO. If you want to see it this instant see it here.


What do you think of that? Awesome right?

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core Box Art

NOTE: Click image for full size

This is the reason I am proud to be a PsP owner. Although I have not played any of the other FF games, this caught my eye and I decided this would be a game I would have to pick up. The only thing I am a bit worried about is the story. I am not sure if the story will make much sense just because I haven't played the previous FF games. So far all I know is that it is about a soldier of the Shinra Corporation with the name Zack. So I haven't look to deeply into the game, but I have a feeling it won't dissapoint(that is probably because I am easy to please:P).

It is coming out on March 25th but being me it takes me a while to go to the store and buy a game so it might even take me till' April just to get the game:P And that is it for this blog so I will leave you with two stick men boxing:P

Stick Men Boxing

Avatar Change?

I thought my avatar could use a change as well so I hopped on GIMP and started working. I want you guys to give me your opinion on if I should change my avatar with the new one or keep my current one.

New Avatar:


Current Avatar:

Jinjo Avatar

I also want you guys to tell me what you think of the signature I made for my forum sig.

Spiderman And Venom

Let the voting begin!


What do you guys think about all the coloured text and different font? Should I go back to black text and normal font, or keep doing different coloured text and different font?

A Poll For You Guys

About a week before I left for my vacation I downloaded GIMP a image manipulation program. So I have been creating some blog headers, signatures, wallpapers, and banners. Well I created a banner and blog header that I really liked and I wanted to ask you guys if I should keep my current blog header and banner or switch them with my new ones. Here they are


Crisis Core


Battlefield Heroes

NOTE: Click images for larger view.

Let the voting begin!

P.S. This is my 70th blog. Only 30 blogs till 100 Spinning

Guess who's back..

I am:P As you guys know I was supposed to get home on Monday but, we got home early from vacation. Overall it was pretty fun. We went to a giant indoor waterpark, which I kind of got bored of because of it being aimed more towards a younger audience. We also swam alot too. Anyway, overall it was your typical family vacation. But I am glad to be back home and hangin' out with you guys on GS.