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Giant Bomb..... [EDIT]

....SUCKS!(no offense to users there)

Giant Bomb Sucks

I am so mad because Giant Bomb is trying to be a replacment for Gamespot, it is like they want to steal all the gamespot users and bring them to there site. Seriously it has blogs, images, ecetera. What I am trying to say is that it has all the stuff gamespot has and ****** mods, whoops I mean no mods! I went over there and there was so much crap in the forums; offensive language everywhere, spamming and even pornography! The whole website is a mess! My biggest problem is that they are trying to be a better gamespot which hopefully will never happen because, nothing can replace this place.

*End of rant*

So I will be taking back Motorstorm today because my week is up, so when I return it I will be renting......

Warhawk Box Art

So then me and fetus can be newbs and get pwned by all the masters of warhawk:P I probably won't get a chance to play today because I am going to a speedway to see a stock car race with a friend, but the next day I will be ready to battle with whoever wants to play me:D

[EDIT] Watch this video now it is soo funny lol - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-8Ihsccknw&feature=related *warning you may find content offensive*

Massive Action Game = Massive Lag Game?

Since the announcement of MAG and new game coming to the PS3 at E3 everyone has been so excited for this 256 online mutliplayer. My question has been wow that sounds great but won't it be hardcore lagging when 256 people are running around killing each other?

The game sounds awesome I am just concerned about the lag. Personally running around in a squad of 8 trying to kill 248 other people sounds ridicuosly awesome. But then there is that big concernt of lag. Anyway there is my rant of the day.

Moving on to another topic...



Alright so I rented Motorstorm because I had no idea how good it would be. Anyway I have barely touched singleplayer, instead I went straight for the online multiplayer which is without a doubt, fantastic. It is pretty basic but it is just so damn addicting! So there is 3 servers US East, US West and US Central. US West and US Central generally have hardly any people in them but East usually has at least 80 or higher later in the day. You will only find about 20 people early in the morning though. But onto other things....Once in a server you can create or join a game. Create is pretty straight forward and so is join. There is also a ranking system which goes Zero, Veteran, Pro, Hero, Legend and then God I am pretty sure. Getting up to the legend rank is pretty easy, I think all you have to do is play 27 or so races, but getting the God rank you have to be pretty frickin good which I definitely amd not. So even though single player is pretty crap, multiplayer is excellent so I am giving it a 8 right now, and if any of you guys have motorstorm send me a message on PSN and we can have a race:D

Tieing Up Some Loose Ends

When I left Gamespot I kind of left you guys hanging with my playings of Crisis Core and what not.

Crisi Core

That gameUp

Well..I finished it:P And I am glad to say it was a awesome game, 9.5 worthy in fact. The ending was to die for...


[spoiler] Literally! [/spoiler]

But a good story does not make a good game, only partly. Crisis Core also has.. Good: graphics, controls,music/sound effects and of course gameplay. The only reason for the 9.5 was because the gameplay started to get pretty repetitive near the end, it could best be described as; mash the X button as much as you can:lol:. But that was the only flaw in a otherwise very entertaining RPG.

Moving on to other important issues, I have uploaded a new youtube video on my dust gathering youtube account. So spend a whole 8 seconds of your time and watch a slideshow showcasing my beautiful PS3 as well as my grand total of 1 game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_lv2CLvSNs

What The F---

Heh, that is probably what your thinking right now!

So you've guessed it, I am back. Well at least for a couple weeks. I have had some free time on my hands and I knew I had to come on gamespot and catch up with all my gaming buddies. So yes I maybe on and off gamespot throughout the summer but at least I have some time to keep in touch with you guys:)

Anyway onto what has happened since I have been away. I see that a few good friends have been banned and/or left. Ved and Dewmandew banned as well as Sam leaving:( It really sucks when you have to see good friends go. Ved, Dewman, and Sam were all awesome friends and I know I will miss some of the good times we all had here on this website.

Jumping to more positive things I got a Playstation 3 while I was away!

PS3 System


Ratchet and Clank PS3

I have also rented Assassin's Creed and The Bourne Conspiracy. Assassin's Creed was a amazing game all the way through despite a few glitches a touch of repettivness and a ending the opended up a bigger story instead of finishing one, thus I gave it a 8.5/10. The Bourne Conspiracy ehh.. not as good. The gameplay was great, which featured some brutal hand to hand combat as well as some pretty basic but good gameplay. The biggest problem I had was that is was really short. I rented it yesterday and I completed it today. My other big problem was that the game only had one of Robert Ludlum's books in it in stead of the whole trilogy. There was The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. Instead this game only had The Bourne Identity in it. When the banner came up on the screen saying Congradulations You Have Completed The Bourne Conspiracy I just sat there thinking W-T-F. Nuff said I think you understand what I am getting at. So TBC gets a 7.5/10.

Overall I am pretty damn impressed with my PS3, has a great interface, the 2.40 firmware update was great except for LACK OF IN-GAME MUSIC AND TROPHIES IN MORE GAMES. The PS3 also has some good titles coming at it, Prince of Persia, LittleBigPlanet, Soul Calibur IV, and with E3 coming soon us PS3 owners should hear other announcements for some cool games that haven't even been announced yet. Oh crap I forgot my PSN is Uhero41 if you FRIENDS of mine would like to add me if I haven't added you already.So ends my returning blog, can't wait to start hangin' with you guys again.Comments are welcome!

Going to be leaving GS for quite some time.

I'm serious guys. I just don't have time for GS anymore:( I am so busy right now, and I am going to be even more busy over the summer. I just can't come on here anymore. I have no free time on my hands anymore. I barely have time to play video games let alone come on here and talk to you guys. But I am not joking I am leaving today. Like after I post this. I will come back and read your comments and say a last goodbye. Now this is going to be a long break. I will be gone all summer. But I will most definetly come back in september at the start of a new school years. Sorry to all my unions and all my amazing friends here on Gamespot. I will miss you guys in the time that I am gone.

Good bye you guys!

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You.

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You - [Why I Think the Ps3 is Better Than the Xbox 360]

Yep that is right, I shall be doing my longest blog yet on why I think that the PlayStation 3 is better than the Xbox 360. But just please make sure you don't take any of it into offence because it is purely my opinion.

Ok now that, that is off my chest I will get on to the rest of the blog. First off I have a couple Avatar/Banner updates. Most should know already but I have a new avatar and banner. Well do you guys like them? As for Crisis Core it is still really fun especially as I just hit a great part in the story. As of now I have clocked about 12 hours into the game, and if Gamespot's review is correct I still have about 8 hours of game left:) That doesn't even include the huge amount of side quests it offers, which I only have about 13% of them beaten. Well that is about it until my rant about the Ps3 vs. Xbox 360 blog. It might take me a few days to post just because I have to gather a few resources and prepare my whole speech on it. Until then.. I leave you Gamespotters in peace.


MSN Account

Ok so I made a new MSN the other day and I am just looking for some GS friends to add. I know I already have tikiz and night but I was wondering if any of my friends on GS(no random users please) would like to add me. If so it is Uhero41@live.com.

Anyway that is pretty much all I have to blog about right now. Crisis Core is as good as ever, even though those retards at 1up ruined the ending of Crisis Core for me. I am so p*ssed at them right now I could walk over to them and tear a strip off them! The ending was amazing to! And they blurted it out to everyone in the store. This was a video review I was watching for Crisis Core. Now I know that I will always hate 1up for that.

Crisis Core - The Boss That I Was Having Troubles With

As I mentioned in my last blog I was having troubles beating a boss in Crisis Core. I also mentioned that DarCowAlways gave me some advice on how to beat it. Well it worked on my first try:) Thanks again DarCow.

Anyway onto buisness. Since I have nothing better to blog about I am going to show you a clip of the boss fight. It is not me fighting but it is the boss I was having troubles with. It is actually gamespot fighting it:P(since I got it off gamespot).


That is all for today's blog.

Peace guys.

P.S.What do you guys think of that second blog header/sig I put in my blog profile thing(it is zack from crisis core)?

Crisis Core *Update* | My PsP Game Collection | Avatar *Update*

Ok, so this is going to be a fairly long blog. Not so much text - wise but there is going to be lots of pictures:) So I will start with a lil' Crisis Core update for you guys.

Right now I am starting to get the feel of how the game works, I am stuck at a boss fight right now but DarCowAlways gladly helped me out:) I haven't gotten the chance to actually put his advice to work but I will surely do it soon.

My opinion about the game is still the same and I still have no complaints about it. Everything is good the graphics, sound, gameplay and all that other good stuff. For those of you who wanted to see my mini impressions of the characters(yes you Vednor) I will do my lil' summary right now.

-Characters: The character designs and personalitys are just as good as everything else in CC. They are all very well detailed and there personalitys are perfect. At first Zack is a cocky young recruit and is full of energy but as you progress he starts to mature more and more. As for the voice acting it is very well done. I particularly noticed the great voice acting in Genesis one of the bad guys of the game(I think).

There you go Vednor are you happy:P

Ok now for my PsP game collection. Just for the heck of it I wanted to show it to you guys.

NOTE: Some games are my lil' brothers.

PsP Games

PsP Games

PsP Games

PsP Games

PsP Games

+Gretzky NHL 06 which I left at my cousins house.

And now for my avatar update, as you guys/gals should see I have a new avatar. I decided it was time for a change because I just got bored with my current one. Just in case some of you can't see it I will post it here:


That is all for now guys!


What Lies In My Hands?


Crisis Core BoxArt

is what lies in front of me right now. The heavens have answered me! I now officially own Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII! I was overjoyed when I bought it but I am even more overjoyed at how wonderfull everything in this game is! I'll give you guys a lil' summary of what I think of it and then a couple screenshots of what the game looks like.

-Graphics: One of the best graphics on a game for the PsP to date! Both in game and out of game are amazingly detailed(out of game meaning in the little movie things, which is definetly the most amazing graphics I have ever seen on a PsP game).

-Gameplay: I have only played it for about a half hour so far but the few enemies I have faced was simple but very enjoyable at the same time. You simply use the shoulder buttons to choose which attack type you wish to use. Whether it be your sword or a spell it is all great fun to face enemies.

-Sound: Yet again the sound is amazing. From a outstanding soundtrack to the clashing of your sword Crisis Core brings you the full package in the audio department.

There you have it just a few little details of what I think of the game so far. I will keep you up to date with what is happening in the game. But right now I have no problems with this game so I guess I am just going to have to give it a 10/10 right now:)

That is all for now guys. I will leave you with some screenshots.

CC ScreenCC screen

CC Screen