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Back From Hunting

I just got back from hunting for my first time and it was a awesome experience! I got to watch a deer get gutted(that was not to stomach pleasing but i got over it). I played poker every night and I got to drive around on a atv all day! I'll definetley be going next year and this time Im gunna win in poker!:D

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

I am soo happy!! I finally found Star Wars Battlefront and it was only 9 bucks!! I played it before and I completly loved it and now I own it!! Can't wait to be able play! the only downside is my damn computer is still being repaired!!(F****** Future Shop!!)

New BMX Bike or A Few New Pc Games

I am debating on buying a new BMX bike as a am a huge fan of BMX or a couple new Pc Games. I am probably going to end up going with the BMX bike because me current bike I just destroyed the whole frame when I went off a jump and accidently lauchned it around 20 ft. inthe air. HAPPY HALLOWEEN too!

Moving Closer To My Lvl 6 Goal!

I'm really looking forward to reaching lvl 6 because I have always been wanting to create a union for Star Wars BF! So hopefully I will fullfil this dream soon!

message edit- I have decided not to make this union any time soon as I do not feel experienced enoughyet.

Sooo Wish I had A PS3!

Aww man I wish I had a PS3!! I mean Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools Of Destruction at the top of the list and Assasins Creed coming out Nov. 14!!! It's crazy!! And yet I can't afford to buy a PS3 right now:(.

Star Wars KOTOR 3!!!!!!

When I heard about this I almost went as crazy as I did over GTA IV. This is sounding pretty cool, I mean a Star Wars MMORPG!! It's crazyness!! Just imagine it! Going online and travelling around with your friends side by side or betraying them and beheading them with a double-bladed lightsaber!Or shootin' them with a laser gun. Either way it is pretty frickin' cool.

Guild Wars Review

Even though there maybe a write your own review tool I thought I would do a blog post about it-plus I am not a high enough level to write reviews yet. Anyways... Overall I think Guild Wars is a great game. Me being a PvE lover, I was extremely inpressed with the PvE in this. All the missions were fun and enjoyable and all the quests that I did were fun too. PvP was also pretty decent. They could have added a bit more customization of the characters though. In the end this game is great and I am giving it a 9 out of 10 stars.:D