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I am a person who likes to change things up every so often. So I have decided upon making a new account:) I'llput up another blog once I have made the accounts:) Username will probably be U4Hornet seems to be a online nickname I have been using alot lately:P

EDIT: account is up you guys can re add me here http://www.gamespot.com/users/U4Hornet

Computers...PISS ME OFF!

You may have been wondering for the past week why I have not done anything at all on gamespot. That means no union posting, no blog commenting and no other stuff like that. The reason is that computers are a F****** pain in the ass! This is what happened. I came home from a friends house to find my computer and a state of well.... not working order. I turned it on and while it was booting up... well I got the blue screen of death, meaning it crashed:(. So I rebooted it again and it crashed again. Then I did that same process a couple of more times and no luck. So basically I had to reset my computer to its original state when I first got it. That means all my programs were unistalled all my files were gone completely and better yet my interent reciever had to be re installed but I had no disk to install it with. Me being a procrastinator and all I put off calling the computer tech guy for a couple of days. So eventually when I do talk to him it turns out I can get the program that it needs to work of the internet, so I hopped on my dads computer and downloaded the driver and dragged and dropped the file into my MP3 player:P That was all I had to use to transfer it to my computer. Anyway I put that on my computer and installed it and I was all ready to go and now I am writing this blog:)

Anyway that is my entertaining experience from the past week. So yup I am back in school now so I haven't been doing alot of gaming lately except for Half Life 2 which I am really getting into it, its actually quiet tough on the nerves becasue there is always these alien type things popping out and right now I am in a very linear area where I am walking through alot of buildings and corridors so I will never know what is around the next corner:P But yea I am really getting into it even though I am still quite puzzled why it is thought by many people the best game of all time.

Check out some of mah new videos!

Ok so I have put lots of new videos on youtube and I would really appreciate if you guys would watch some of them:) But if you only wanna watch like 2 lol watch these ones - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=4D57B8918375A981 there flash animations I made with macromedia flash or adobe flash or w/e its called. They're only a couple seconds long so they're not big anything. heres the link to all my videos if you guys wanna watch some of the other new ones i got. http://www.youtube.com/user/167835matt

Yup sorry this blog is so short and all but hey i was pretty proud of my animations so I just had to show them to u guys:P

I also got the orange box yesterday for 45 bucks! New! lol so far I have only really played Half Life 2 because I wanted to play TF2 yesterday but my internet was all f'dup and what not so I started half life 2. Honesltly I don't see how it got that much praise. I mean yes the story is very interesting even if it is making no sense what so ever right now, but as far as FPS's go there is nothing really new to the forumla, but I am going to keep on playing it and see if maybe I was wrong but for now I would give it a score of like a 7.5 - 8 prolly.

Yep anyway thats all for now.

Unknown Title

Yea I have no clue what to dub this blogs name, its gunna be all over the place so I just put unknown title:P anway I'mbakc from my camping trip it was pretty fun but its good to be back in civilization again.

On to my next topic sorry about my blogs being so short and completley boring as hell for the last few blogs, haven't got much to say except for what games I've gotten and that im going on some frickin trip. honestly i havent had much to talk about in a while.

So yah thats pretty much the end of this blog but after this ill start blogging about interesting stuff and not all this lame crap.

so talk to you guys later

Hope, Redemption, Fear

What's within your soul? Well... Soul Calibur 4 is in my hands:P Yeah so I got SC4 and I have to say its pretty bad ass. Haven't played it much yet but I'm really enjoying it. All the characters are really cool but I have to say my favourites to use(and the ones I'm best with) are Kilik and Darth Vader. I know me and pumbli had a good match the first day I got it and he beat me:P But I started to get better near the end:lol:

Anyway I'm going camping with a friend today so I won't be on for prolly around a week or so so excuse my abscence:P

Peace guys.

The results are in!

Nav -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2w0UFcpQW9w That vid was done on expert guitar.

Fetus - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EscOEhUvrqw&feature=user and that vid was done on medium drums.

Anyway guys really short blog this time. I am not in a blogging mood right now but I needed to give you guys the links so whoever wants to watch them can!

Oh yea if anyone doesn't want to watch the drums one let me just show you guys this picture.



Who's The Noob Now!

I'm not! At rock band at least:P Even though I can only play drums on medium but I am pretty damn good at medium look(click pic for full size).

Kick Ass

I had to show that off to you guys because that is like a 6 minute song and I only missed 2 notes:D I can play hard and expert on guitar now too:D yay! I also made a video of me playing Welcome Home on drums(the song I did really good on). I didn't do as good as before but I still did ok so go watch and comment! Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMZMO5LhhY.

Here's some pictures of all the guitar, drums, mic and case.





So since I made one video I though I mind as well do some requests for videos. So if you want to see how bad or good I am at a certain song on drums or guitar(I can't sing:P) then just go here -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_in_Rock_Band choose a song, then comment on my blog with what song you want me to play on what instrument:) And you can pick as many songs as you like.

BTW, what do you guys think of the banner? I got bored of my why so serious one.

Thats all for now guys.

'The KNIGHT is Darkest Just Before the Dawn'

The title is my favourite line which Harvey Dent spoke in The Dark Knight which I have seen twice since my last blog!

The Dark Knight

Lucky me got the chance to see The Dark Knight 2 times instead of once in the time period from the last blog to this one. I'll just explain how I got the pleasure of seeing this move a time more then I thought I would.

You see I saw TDK like I was supposed to with my friend, and then today I was at a different friends house and we decided to go see a movie. And my friend and his younger brother hadn't seen TDK yet and I loved it the first time I saw it so we decided to see it again and let me tell you, it is so much better the second time you see it! You understand everything you didn't the first time around and you can really grasp the awesomness of the whole film.

So here comes my review of in my opinion the best movie of 2008 so far. I'm am not going to bother making some uber awesome review because I am sure most of you have already read enough Dark Knight blogs so I am going to make it fairly short and simple.

The Dark Knight has been called many things, Superb Crime Drama, Excellent Action Thriller, but in my opinion The Dark Knight is one kick ass superhero movie for a guy running around in a Bat suit who doesn't even have superpowers.

Batman is by far my favourite superhero but his movies have never been that good until Batman Begins and now the masterpiece that is The Dark Knight. Every little detail is but into this movie. Heath Ledger puts forth one of the most insane, creepy and completely wierd renditions of the Joker it seams the movie together perfectely. Not to say the other actors like Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart didn't do a superb job as well.

It is astounding how well the plot weaves from one thing to the next all the while making you excited and scared about what is going to come next. Thats the thing you never know what is going to come next! It is crazy how everything turns out, there is never a time when you know what is going to happen next! Still that isn't everything you need to make such a good movie. You still need great action, special effects and all that other jazz to make a good movie. And yes TDK does do everything right despite a few little unanswered questions at the end which I will not spoil.

Alright The Dark Knight does live up to my expectations, in fact it exceeds them despite just a few questions left unanswered The Dark Knight is a fantastic movie that should be remembered and that does deserve those awards that I do not no the name of:D

I also forgot my brother got Rock Band for PS2, but more on that in my next blog I'd say this one was long enough, wouldn't want to make this blog as long as one of Fetus Zero's now would we;) Just kiddin' buddy I enjoy reading your blogs:P

Why So... Happy and Overjoyed!

Because I am seeing The Dark Knight tommorow:D

Dark Knight Poster

I am going with a friend girl of mine, no not a girlfriend just a girl that happens to be a friend;) I don't know if you guys know this or not but batman is my favourite superhero of all time:P And after reading numerous blogs on gamespot about how awesome it was, I knew I had to see it in theaters. So after I see it I will tell you guys what I though about it spoiler free.

As for warhawk it is pretty freakin' sweet played alot last night no one came on though:P Suprisingly I find ground combat alot more fun for some reason. I have been playing alot of deathmatches in Archipelago Close Corridor combat. Like this morning I was in that match with 15 other people in this tiny little level and I could barely spawn back to life without dying 10 seconds later. In fact my player didn't even touch the ground once and I got grenaded in mid air! I tell you these warhawk players are nuts!?:lol:

You guys probably already noticed but I have a new banner to calm my Dark Knight watching need and a new avatar of some odd cartoon character that I took a liking to while searching images on google:lol:

Thats all for now

peace guys.

Calling All Warhawk Owners/Players!

Me and FetusZero had a epic battle on warhawk from 9 to 10 or so last night and we had a blast. So tonight I will be playing warhawk(I'll create a server) and any of you guys who have warhawk come play because more friends = more fun:D

Sorry for such a short blog guys, I just wanted to get some of you warhawk players/owners to join the battle:P

Server name will be Uhero41.