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Remebering how good Halo is

Well I have gotten into Call of Duty series online (For the physics of the game online), but we must all recognize that Halo was the beginning of the modern shooter games for that I will remember having Halo parties with my friends. To see the beginning of the end of the story in this game will be grand. Halo has such a rich history and game play. I must buy this game and go back and have those parties with my friends. Remember this game would not be what it is if not for all of us gamers!!!


Movies are getting to long. Most movies need to get to the point.


It would be great to make a Stubbs the Zombie for the 360.

Homless Poeple

Why it is a homeless person always has some dam dog with them? One: they have the dog for protections. Two: To get people to feel sorry for them, to get money from them.

In conclusion if someone was homeless and they do not have resources to take care of themselves you would think they would not have some dam dog. On the other hand I guess if the homeless person would have the need for some companionship.

4th of July

In celebration of our counties 234 birthday we need to recognize we would not have won the war without the French navy.


Well there is a saying amongst my mothers people. It goes like this. "Rules are made to serve humans, not humans made toserve rules." I think of this when I think ofhow some of our laws have develop. From the prison system to the school system in which law is taught. Form what I have seen it comes down to making money not creating a system of law that serves it's people. I know there will be corruption in all systems, but we must figure out on how to mitigate it.

Mirco Beers and Big Beer

Beer is, so part of our culture. I heard that Americans drank 97 billion dollars worth of beer in a year. Americans have the most micro beers in the world. So next time anyone buys a beer go micro and help the little guys, but most of all enjoy your beer.


Titan is the only moon in the solar system with atmosphere. Life as we know it would not be what we know. At least not carbon base. Titan has methane rivers, how weird is that, or cool.


I believe co-op games will the future of gaming. Do not get me wrong I like a really good single player game, but it has to have a good story, good game play, and some good graphics. To make it enjoyable for a single person; however in co-op those items above can lack and the game can still be fun with a friend. :idea:

Shutter Island

Well without giving the movie away. When you walk out form seeing it. The choice will be yours to make in what is real and what is not real. Enjoy
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