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Metroid on Wii U

Okay, there has been some discussion about how will Nintendo and other developers utilize the upcoming Wii U's tablet controller. On IGN.com there was an actual article on how could the controller be used in in a Metroid -game. A tablet screen -map was on the table and so was a tablet screen -scan visor, but for me the article was too focused on the Prime series, which are all FPS -games, and did not succeed in noting (enough) the traditional 2D- or even the newest Metroid -game, Other M -style 3rd person to 1st person -gameplay mechanics. So in this post I'd like share some of my thoughts about how to utilize the tablet in future Metroid -games, since I'm a hardcore Metroid -fan.

For 2D Metroid -games,I'm not even going to mention the tablet screen -map here (as it is obvious) or the tablet screen -inventory. There has to be something more innovative to do with the tablet screen. Let's just say like there's a dark area, and you can see it on the tablet as like with night goggles. So to maneuver in that area, you have to move Samus and (to see where she's going) follow her on the TV screen with the tablet controller. It's a little hard to explain but I hope you get the idea. And that's just a random idea of the top of my head.

It's the Other M -style Metroid-game that I'm the most excited for. For example, make the TV a whole-time 3rd person camera and naturally the tablet a whole-time 1st person camera. That way you wouldn't need to switch cameras and you could move in 1st person. It wouldn't be kinda like you could play the whole game in 3rd or the 1st -person controls, by making sequences that really need the other one. As I mentioned the dark areas before, for example:

dark area --> 3rd person: cannot see anything --> 1st person has a thermo-visor or night-visor = WIN. smokey area --> 1st person: cannot see anything --> 3rd person can a little = WIN.

Then f.ex. all the morphballing would be in 3rd person and if the game would be a little closer to JaK and Daxter -style 3rd person controls and platforming, that would make 3rd person inevitable to use when platforming and finding hidden powerups.

These are the ideas I can think of as I'm writing this post. It's 4 o'clock in the morning here where I live, so I guess I should go to sleep. But I hope some of these ideas or similar will reach Nintendo in time and they can team up with Team Ninja ro Retro Studios or any else studio to make the next great Metroid-game. Can't wait ;)