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Life Update...

Wowwee folks. Feels like it's been about 10 years since I've made one of these.

I'm just getting on with my 2nd year of college.
Seems like I'm changing college, I'm going from Anniesland College to the Metropolitan College of Glasgow to continue my HND in Multimedia Creation.

I recieved a very exciting email from the University of Abertay in Dundee saying that if I qualify from Anniesland and then the Metropolitan I can go on to attend their 4-year BSc in Computer Games Technology.

It's looking very promising as my college lecturer has told me that it seems like I have the requirements to pass my 2nd year of college which means I would qualify for the Metropolitan.

I also got a job working in Tesco's, a supermarket (kinda like Wal-Mart, just for comparison for all you yanks :P).

I work in the bakery, that's correct, I'm a real life muffin-man. Neato, huh?

I'm very pleased with the way my life is going right now, it looks like it can only get better. As long as I keep my edge from an educational point of view, who knows? I might be working for Ubisoft or Rockstar within 5 years! I'm very excited and feeling very keen and determined.

So what's new with all you folks?

Been away for a looooooooong time...

Dunno why I haven't updated or posted in the forums lately.

I guess my life has kicked off, from a social perspective. We've started going into the city, to the pubs and nightclubs, it's pretty fun. But like all good things in life, it ain't free.

I'm constantly skint nowdays, which means no new games, and no new games console (i.e a 360 which I'm dying for). That reminds me, I just bought the latest Hitman game for the PC (being Blood Money) with money that I should be spending on other things, like living. It still hasn't updated yet as I purchased it from the Steam store. However, it appears to be taking its time :|

I didn't get the job in the Subway I applied for, but a new Subway is opening right around the corner from where I live. So I may apply to work there.

Which means right now, I'm not working, which I should be and want to be doing. But nowhere in this stupid town will take me on. I keep getting rejected, even though a large majority of friends got jobs in the stores I applied for, which is a little bit offensive, but nothing to complain about.

I'm definetley going to start posting in the forums a lot more now, as it's approaching Summer and they recently un-blocked Gamespot.com in my college. God knows why it was blocked in the first place, even IGN wasn't blocked and they're practically the same thing.

Well, that's all for now. I'll see you in Off-Topic or some place else :?




I think this is the most serious picture I've ever seen of myself...

It's quite scary to be honest. I usually have the eyes of a deer caught in headlights in pictures.


I think the fact that I didn't know that the picture was being taken explains it.

And, of course, I had to bring up an old fad:

Life has been suprisingly laid-back lately. I may have got a job at Subways as a "Sandwich artist".

I like what they've done there, tried to make work sound fun. I guess it is in a sense, well it will beat sitting here infront of my PC, for a while, at least. Of course you're not supposed to enjoy work, of course.

So how have you gentlemen/gentleladies been doing? Not posted a blog for a while, nor have I visited the OT for quite some time. 


Well. Last night my friend Dave was holding a pretty rampant party, with all the entities a good party should have, booooze, food, music, laughter.

It was Dave, Moose, John, Kirsty and myself. But Kirsty phoned up her friend Francesca and she came with 2 of her other friends (the loud annoying type :|). So everything was going pretty well, we had good music, lots of booze and good conversation.

It was approaching 12am when Dave went completely crazy (he was extremely drunk) and started throwing his fists about the place, it was soon sorted but it took about 4 of us to drag him to his room and pile him ontop of his bed since he is a particularly large character. At around 12:30am i spilt Francesca's vodka and OJ all over my jeans which i got pretty annoyed at since i was already quite intoxicated myself, as were the other individuals.

I decided to remove my jeans and dry them on the radiator, soon after i did that the doorbell rang, i turned around and went to open the door (in my underwear) and i saw 2 police officers standing there, with their eyebrows raised as if to say "What the hell?"

I started to explain what had happened, but you could tell that they weren't buying it by the expressions on their faces. One officer stood and spoke to me as i filled them in on the details and the other walked around and inspected all the rooms. I was then accused of carrying cannabis and gave them consent to do a body-search on me. Which turned up nothing as i do not smoke cannabis, we had been rolling cigarettes, however.

The police officer then asked for my details, and that's when i went "OH SNAP" in my head. I didn't resist, however, i told them my name, date of birth and postal-code. They only took my details, however. Nobody elses details were taken.

Before they left i asked them what they were called out here for, they said that someone had been screaming. We later found out that Dave had been screaming in his druken slumber and nobody had heard him.

After the police left everyone left also as they were in fear that they were going to come back. So i headed to bed.

Well, sorry for the lengthy-ish blog post. I just felt like sharing that with you. 

FEAR + My Imagination + 2am = Nono :|

I decided to install and play FEAR which i borrowed from my good friend Kennith. I opened the box, inserted the disc and proceeded to install, little did i know the horror that i was in for.

I always get the latest patch for any game, so before i played the game i downloaded the 1.08 patch which took about 30 minutes. I conversed with my good friends over an instant messaging program in the mean time.

When the patch was fully downloaded i jumped up and squealed with a glee of rejoyce as most of my friends by that time had gone to bed as they have school/college tomorrow (I, for one, do not as i get every Thursday and Friday off from college). So i installed the 1.08 patch and launched the game, i adjusted the performance settings so i could get the most of the game (graphically) at a decent framerate, sadly i do not have a very good graphics card, so i had to make do with most of the settings on the medium option.

As soon as all that was done and out of the way with. I readily started a new single player game on the medium setting. The game started up, i was very excited indeed.

The sharp noises and eerie music started to frighten me add into that the creepy little-girl laughs and the little-girl sobbing. I thought that it was just the opening cutscene that was like that, but no. These noises continued throughout the game, and, in turn, forced me to brick my pants at every opportunity.

And that's just the sound, the images were the worst. It was like playing one of those flash games and suddenly a screamer pops up. I for one, touched cloth many-a-time whilst playing this game.

I now cannot go downstairs to get a glass of juice for i am sure that a little creepy girl will pop out and scream at me, thus rendering my pants full of....well you get the picture. 

But, with the bad, comes the good!

I'm only on the 3rd level or so and I'm thoroughly enjoying this game, it has action, suspense, horror and a very compelling storyline that has caught my attention very well, and even though the graphical settings aren't at their peak, the game still manages to look gorgeous.

I for one, even though i have only played about 1 hour of this game, recommend it to anyone who enjoys solid FPS action. 


As you may have noticed....

I've not been poking my beaky nose in here so often.

That's because I've started working on my fitness for the TA (even though my phyisical won't be until September next year), I've been told that after next year is done I'll have enough qualifications to become an NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer).

I've given up drinking as much (now it's once a month or once every 2 weeks), and I'm working on the smoking (nicorette gum tastes like feet), and I'm trying to get a good balanced diet with lots of protein (but not too much, or I'll beefcake).

I've been going to the gym and have been doing mainly cardio stuff to build up alot of stamina because i can't run as far as i could because of 2 years of smoking on my behalf (yes, i know, I'm an idiot) I won't be lifting weights or anything there, however, as my friend has let me use the fancy set of weights he has in his garage.

All in all I'm trying to have fun whilst doing this, not make it some kind of chore that i don't want to do. Hopefully I'll pass my physical and start trainin.

There's an open week that they are holding for 2 weeks during the Summer, so i may just pop along and get a taste of what it would be like.

I'm doing this so my family can be proud of me, as I've not always been successfull from an educational point of view (kicked out of School etc). But also so i can start making some hard cash, and hopefully be able to support myself and get a nice appartment somewhere in the city (hopefully).

I gots me a kittah!

Well today i went down with my sister to fetch our new 6 week old kitten!

We named him Alfie, but i like to call him Falfie.

He is very playful and likes to bite and scratch ma fingers.

It's funny cause it tickles and he has tiny wee teeths. Ho ho ho ^____^

How are y'all doing? :)


I would like to apologise to all who i offended in the "What do girls/guys want?" thread that was posted about 2/3 days ago.

I was totally out of order and was being a complete ass.

I hope all those who were offended can accept my apology.

The Man Behind The Legend....Adam Henderson

Who is Adam Henderson, and why do you care?

Back in the late '80s, Adam Henderson was brought into the earth by one Dr. Sheevong, this caused mass debate in the scientific, religious and economic world resulting in the execution of said Dr. Sheevong. Then they continued to proceed in heated debatage, mostly about what they should do with a child such as this.

They then remembered that they all had jobs that don't concern debating about small newly-born babies and executing doctors with weird names, and so they threw this mysterious baby into modern society to fend for itself.

In the '90s Adam Henderson was also known as "Barbie Bumb Fluff" because of his trademark shaven head. No photographic material was ever recorded. But it happened, lemme tell you, it did happen. Whoever says I'm lying will get gypsie curses showered upon them.


In the '00s, Adam Henderson decided to grow in some hair, sadly too much, which made his head resemble that of a crows nest, and the tail of the tiger.

So that's the life story of one Adam Henderson.

Hope you enjoyed mah story y'all.


(P.s This was just an excuse to show you all my new haircut).

Finished My Recon Loadout....

Well yes, it is pretty much completed.

Here is my new Recon loadout:


CA M15A4 Tactical Carbine.
CA SIRS (Selective Intergrated Rail System).
King Arms verticle-grip.
Guarder replica ACOG red dot scope.
8x MAG mid-capacity magazines
2x G&P mid-capacity magazines
1x G&P "Nam type" mid capacity magazine.
1x CA hi-capacity magazine.

British army issue flightsuit in olive drab.
US BULLE FSBE (Full Spectrum Battle Equipment) modular vest.
4x Guarder RAV M4/M16 double magazine pouches.
1x Phantom dump-pouch holding 3 magazines.
1x Phantom medics pouch holding tools and other bits and bobs.
1x Phantom admin pouch with multicam insignia, British, American or Calico Jack patches.
1x Phantom modular pistol holster.
MICH 2000 ballistics helmet in olive drab colour.
G&P OEF USMC-type goggles.
Blackhawk! knee/elbow pads.
Shemagh in olive drab/black pattern.
British issue assault boots.

That's all i think :?

I'll probably use this loadout the most as it's really comfy and well-suited to my enviroment :)


What have you all been getting yourselves up to ya wee beasties?
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