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I got banned for defending Glenn Beck, lol

I called one guy a liar for making things up about him, and I got modded for flaming. Another guys said "your an idiot", now please note that HE didn't get modded for that, but when I said he needs to go back to 2nd grade and learn grammar, I get modded for flaming. Go figure.

Yes! I finally got my $1200 stimulus check!

Looks like good old uncle sam has finally given me back some of my hard-earned tax money. Coupling this with my 2700 dollar tax return, it looks like I'll have a much easier time paying for my graduate school tuition. Okay, so supposedly the government wants us to use the money to go out and buy a new computer or car, or provide some other type of relief to struggling retailers, but who gives a damn? I've got bills to pay!

Do as I say but not as I do

Okay, I've been posting on gamespot for about 7 years and I don't write blogs too often. But I felt like this was worth saying. I just got modded for an avatar that I've been using for about 3 years now. I've gotten many compliments on it, even from mods. It's a simple, unedited gif of link spanking ivy with his sword taken straight from gameplay in soul caliber 2. Everyone loved it and thought it was funny, except for whichever mod decided it was "offensive" and just removed it. So that was considered offensive and yet THIS image is NOT considered offensive.

*edit* I decided to take it off so that I won't get moderated here either. Use the search bar and find The Guy Game and look at the images to get what I'm saying lol.

Gamespot url with a gamespot logo. Go figure. Do as I say but not as I do.

I'm buying a house!

Yes, a real house. How about that? That will probably make me the first person here to own a house lol. Am I getting too old and responsible to still be posting here? Who knows.

Does the gamerzone preference on XBL serve any purpose?

Yesterday I was playing Gears of War online and I was listening to my teammates piss and moan about how me or some other person was doing something wrong.  I tried to calm them down saying, "hey, it's just a game."  And they were all like "well you ****ing suck at this game" blah blah.

Now keep in mind that I set my zone preference for recreation (you know, people who realize it's just a game and want to have fun).  I looked at the profile of the two dipwads I was playing with and realized that they were both in the "underground" zone.  Why the hell am I in the same game as these guys if we're supposed to be in different zones?

I landed a teaching position!

I got interviewed for a first grade position on monday and it seemed to go pretty well.  I got a call from their human resources department yesterday and was offered a job!  I haven't been this excited in my entire life!  Looks like  I have officially crossed the threshold into adulthood, and man it feels good.  Time to start buying some teaching materials.

I bought a 360! Finally!

After a great deal of procrastination, I finally decided to buy a 360.  I figured it would be a good idea since I've got lots of free time between now and when school starts.  I think Microsoft is really on to something with this system.  The Xbox live community here is far beyond any of my expectations with what all you can do.  Hell, you can even download demos right onto your hard drive!  How cool is that!  I've been playing Perfect Dark Zero lately.  I'm a bit disappointed that the storyline doesn't nearly live up to its predecessor, but it's an awesome game other than that.  I'll post my review later.

Back to San Antonio

Well my college career is officially over, and today I packed up my stuff at my apartment, cleaned the place up, and checked out.  I am now back in my hometown of San Antonio living with my parents again, at least for the time being.  I've already applied at virtually every school district in the greater San Antonio area, so Monday it will be time to start getting out there and really campaigning for a teaching position.  Hopefully a 3.9 GPA and an outstanding evaluation from student student teaching will be enough to land me a few interviews.  I'll keep you guys updated on my job status.

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