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I love and hate Super Meat Boy. I love it because it is the greatest platformer of all time (subject to opinion; I also haven't played every platformer of all time.. I've really relatively few platformers I guess). And I hate it for the following story (and love it for it too):

So I'm working on the Golden God achievement in Super Meat Boy, which is 100%. So at the moment I'm going back and completing all the light world levels under the recommended time to unlock their dark world equivalents. Progress is slow but steady and fun. I was, stupidly, up at 3:30AM and decided to kill a few levels and go to sleep at 4:00. All of sudden I come across a warp zone in one of the levels in the Rapture chapter. It's the "I Wanna Be the Guy" warp zone which I've heard and watched before. It's also the way to unlock 'The Kid' which also unlocks the corresponding achievement.

This is a tough one. Real tough. People post youtube clips of them completing the three levels with excited titles and descriptions, or just a video of their unlocked achievement with triumphent music playing. Now here's the thing.. Most levels take about 15 seconds on average when done right. Of course, theirs also deaths, so they can end up taking quite a bit longer.

I decided to try the first level of the 'IWBTG' stages, just to test it out because it's supposed to be so hard. It's actually a pretty awesome level and I was having fun when I finally beat it.. At 4:30AM. I'm on semester break, but I still don't like getting to sleep so late because I usually get up very late the next day as a result. But.. If I was to quit now, I'd have to do the first level again. I'd heard the second and third levels were easier ( so I decided I'd finish them off and get to sleep before sunrise.

Long story short, I'm sitting here typing this out at 7:26AM, having unlocked 'The Kid' about 10 minutes ago. The second level took me about 30-40 minutes, and I'd say was about as hard as the first (but not as fun). The third level however is hell incarnate. A masochists dream. I have no idea how many attempts I had at that level.. The worst part about it, other than the fact that you need to quickly double jump constantly (which has caused my hand to cramp up and ache) is the fact that there is no safe spot in the level; you need to constantly move/jump.

It came to the point where I was just like "**** it"... And right after I nailed it. A perfect run. I dropped the controller and put my arms out like I'd like I'd just scored the winner in a champions league final.

There is a part of me that never wants to look at Super Meat Boy again.. But it's too good not to. And I still need the 'I'm a Golden God!' achievement.. I'm not sure if I should continue now or sleep the rest of the day..

Here's another poor souls footage of the first level after 2 hours worth of attempts (explicit language).

Bought a PS3 again...

Just bought a 320GB Slim PS3.. Still hoping that one day I'll get to play Final Fantasy Versus 13. Along with it I've bought and ordered a few games for it, as well as some 360 games as well. Anyway, I'm about half way through my holiday, about 6-7 weeks to go, and I have a massive list of games that will need playing. I won't get them all finished, but so far the list is:

  • Wind Waker
  • Twilight Princess
  • Skyward Sword
  • Ico + SotC Collection
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Batman: Akham City
  • Metal Gear Solid (PSOne Classic)
  • MGS HD Collection (#2 + #3 + Peacewalker)
  • MGS 4
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune
  • U2: Among Thieves
  • U3: Drakes Deception
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Kingdom Hearts 2

After typing them out, I realise just how big the mission ahead of me is. On top of that, I've rebought Monster Hunter Tri and have to start from scratch ("finished" it before, but it's such a good game). I'll occasionally be playing FIFA 12, as always, and maybe MW3 when my mates are online. I haven't finished Skyrim or Dark Souls, but have become a bit tired of both despite how good they are.

I had planned to play through Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 again in time for ME3, but I'm not really feeling the series at the moment, despite it being an all time favourite. I'll end up picking up ME3 down the like when its cheaper perhaps, unless I get caught up in the hype very shortly. But I can't see it hyping me up that much at the moment. Bioware would need something as awesome as the Thane interview ad to spark some real interest at the moment. Same deal with AC: Revelations. Absolutely love the series, but I'm not really in the mood to play it at the moment and will pick it up when it drops in price.

I still have about 8 or so other games I've yet to play (mainly PS2 RPGs and 360 action titles such as Darksiders) but they're pretty low on the list at the moment. I'm really looking forward to the Zelda games; OoT and MM being two of my three favourite games of all time. It's ridiculous that its taken me this long to play them, especially since I've had Wind Waker and TP for almost a year now. But I've only just got around to ordering a GC controller and memory card, so now is the time.

Then there is the venerable MGS franchise. I've heard so much about it being amazing that it played a big part in me getting a PS3 again. And the dude rocks a mean moustache. The ICO + SotC collection was another big reason for me laying out some serious cash. I played SotC and defeated about... Four (?) colossi before something happened (can't remember why actually) and I ended up without the game. I loved it though. Now I get to play it in glorious HD, along with Ico, which seems to get a lot of praise.

Then there is the Batman games. I'm not a big fan of Batman really. I loved the Dark Knight movie, mainly because of Heath Ledger, but it was a great movie. Anyway, I wasn't really interested in the games even with all the praise but I tried the demo and was really surprised.. So I ordered both of them. These are quite high on my to-play list.

Then there is Uncharted. I played about an hour of the second one when I used to own a PS3 and thought it was pretty good. It reminded me of the Enslaved demo. Quite linear but cinematic. I liked the characters and voice acting as well, but ultimately didn't really understand why it was so hyped up. Anyway, Uncharted 3 came with the PS3 and it felt stupid not to play the first two and really give them a chance, so I ordered the UC1+2 pack. Not to hyped to play them really, but a lot of the best games I've played were games I wasn't hyped for; probably because my expectations weren't through the roof, so maybe the UC series will be the same.

As for Kingdom Hearts.. I'll get around to them. Had them for awhile, they seem fun and interesting but they're quite low on the to-play list. But anyway.. Where to start?

But anyway, these are games I'm considering buying as well (any recommendations/approval is always welcome):

  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (Monster Hunter.. In HD? there has to be a catch.. Oh, that's right, it's in Japanese. Might still be worth picking up though as reading isn't really the focus of a MH game)
  • Disgaea 4 (never played a Disgaea game before but I've always been interested, yet it looks so complex and there's colours everywhere that it scares me away. I have so many games to play and once the holidays are over I'll barely have any time to play video games, so perhaps this isn't a great choice)
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl (Loved SSB. Absolutely loved SSBM. Was disappointed with a quick 30 minute stint with SSBB. Seems so floaty, so much more.. Casual? Some of the characters I loved in Melee were removed as well. But I hear a lot can be altered with custom matches, and I think Melee would look terrible on my HDTV, so I might pick this up, especially if I take to Snake from my MGS playthroughs. But tripping!? Seriously man)
  • Heavy Rain (My interest stems from hype alone. Looks like a movie with QTE. I hear the story is good though, which is always a massive plus. However, I also hear there are obvious plot holes.. Which will bug me big time, and really kills a story for me if they're quite big plot holes. Probably won't be purchasing this)

And yeah.. Time to take my holiday gaming binge to the next level and hope I'm sane come the start of semester.

NIER - The Greatest Game You've Never Heard Of

Thought I'd just express my disgust & discontent towards modern day gaming. To those that may read this, there is a good chance you haven't heard of NIER. I'd consider it a possible personal GotY candidate along with the likes of ME2 & Halo Reach, simply because the gameplay within ME2 & Reach is amazing. Neither touches the deeper elements that are found within NIER - A beautiful game held together with average graphics & only decent combat.

Unfortunately, they are the two aspects, particularly the former, that decide whether a game will be critically acclaimed & popular these days. Even Gamespot gave NIER a 5.0, passing up many of the amazingly deep & emotional short stories/side quests, instead regarding them as 'unending fetch quests'.

Now usually I wouldn't be too dissapointed & hope that the company doesn't stray too far from their formula for their furture titles to appease the mainstream zombies, but unfortunately Cavia, the developer of NIER & Drakenguard, were disbanded & absorbed by a parent company because of the lack of commercial success. If only success were determined by the quality of the product & not the money thrown at it. Maybe the industry wouldn't be so soaked in mediocrity?

I love NIER, though many don't. However, I don't like Half Life 2 but can appreciate a good game. It's sad that 'professional critics' can't do the same. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but if you go in open minded & really give NIER a chance you'll be able to appreciate the game. I promise it won't hurt. You can go straight back to Guitar Hero & Wii Sports after.

At least Cavia & NIER have left us quite possibly the greatest Video Game OST ever created.