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I really wish for a better year when it comes to RPGs. A lot is coming out for the 360, but they're MOSTLY cookie cutter Japanese RPGs published by Square-Enix. Final Fantasy is one of the few that isn't cookie cutter but is becoming moreso each release they put out. What pisses me off are the insane levels of skill and strength these characters possess ... and though I know it is all for the sake of entertainment, this weird arrogance trickles down to some of the younger gamers. The ones who scream at you in Xbox Live now. So I am not totally into the Final Fantasy ever since Advent Children came out (I know it's a movie, go die), unless of course that Final Fantasy is older than 12. Thankfully, most of them are.

Uh, but the PS3 lacks RPGs and I'm not sure if that is good or bad. Would I have appreciated Final Fantasy VIII as much if the graphics were crazy amazing awesome? And to date, haven't the best RPGs had characters that were either super deformed or gritty as hell? I don't know. I can't remember a good RPG since Grandia 2, which was first out for the Dreamcast and then Playstation 2. By no means a perfect game, but I played it for a week straight. The last time I did that? ... well, Far Cry 2, which is ... now. But that's not EXACTLY roleplaying!

Valkyria has come out recently, and it is good ... more of the cell-shaded art, which I hate, but it does have an interesting feel. I heard of another JRPG in the works other than FF XIII, and it looks to be pretty awesome.

But it'll probably be here in Nov '09, so we'll see.