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Diablo II Madness

It's getting ridiculous, I'm spending something like 7 hours a day playing this game. It's at the point where I know there's problem, but I just don't give ****.

Typical game, I'm the sorceress and the Bear and Paladin are two of my friends. The Paladin is a member of this site, maybe you can find him. The Bear is a buddy that is completely hooked and never seems to be offline, even more so then the rest of us.

Anyway, if you want to play with us and you're not hardcore at this game then by all means add me at Deep_Throat_1 and yes, I'm quite aware of the jokes so if you think you have a new one don't try, you'll fail.

BTW: Right click view image for full screen goodness.


PS Home: Aftermath

So, I wasn't that far off with my predictions, though I did imagine a cartoony look and was way off. I'm totally happy with PS Home showing, there's definitely a lot of potential there. The fact that the whole thing is free unless you otherwise choose for it not to be is great and because of it I'll probably take part. Having ads everywhere isn't going to bother me, in fact I'm kind of excited to see adds, I guess virtua ads are better then real ones. What helps probably is the idea that there will be events in the world, ie Spiderman 3 showing at 10 or 1up chat at 6. Plus there's things like using your apartment as a lobby for games, getting trophies, getting stuff when you buy/ beat a game and just hanging out with people that are PS3 users like me (will be)

What do you guys think? What did you like, didn't like? Anything you want to see?

If You Think PSHome is a Rip-off You're not Thinking Big Enough

There’s very little in this world that could get people as excited as leaked information before a big event, but “Sony stole my idea/ tech/ wife (again)” information draws even more discussion and that’s why you’ve heard nothing, but PS Home for the past couple of days. I don’t want to get into another discussion on whether it’s okay for Sony to do the things people suggest, as most people have already made up their mind. But I’ll be the first to admit it, the PS Home is not the most original idea and yes it does have achievement like functionality, but if the PS Home anything like what we expect it to be no one will be able to say that both things are the same.

For those out of the loop the PS Home is a community feature that will allow users to create a character, but more importantly a home that they can fill with items they receive after completing tasks from future PS3 games. Some have suggested that this system copies the Nintendo Miis featured on the Wii. I want to address that first because it’s an easy fight. The Miis are all about creating a whole bunch of characters that you can share with friends, use in games and have general stupid fun with. The PS Home does none of that. The achievement comparison is where everything becomes much more debatably, but I don’t think that’s valid either as achievements place a focus on numbers where the PS Home is all about the visual.

Let’s start from the beginning with creating a PS Home. Since the home creation of the PS Home is the focus of the feature, it would be reasonable to believe that there are going to be a couple of different homes to choose from at launch and more to come later. Now let’s say the PS3 tracks how many tasks you’ve performed or the PS Home provides a cash value to all the items you receive and as you increase in either you can unlock larger homes for you to place all your stuff. This creates an instant community aspect, as you’ll be able to tell who plays a lot of games or has a lot of time on their hands by just looking at their home. Let’s go larger then that though.

The PS3 already supports a friends list, now imagine that you could click on something and bring up real-time footage of your friends list, but in a neighbourhood fashion. All your friends would be lined up on a street with mailboxes that have their names. You could scroll through their homes or rearrange them in any fashion you’d like: big home to small, A to Z, random, etc. What if you want to send a message to one of your buddies and a mailman or paperboy could be seen walking towards their home. Maybe you’ve set your PS3 calendar to December and snow could be seen falling down from the sky as your buddy’s character slowly shovels away the snow in their part of the sidewalk. Maybe as they finish they could be seen walking into their Christmas decorated home or one with Hanukah candles light.

We’ll enter the home of one of your buddies who really likes his shooters and it’s obvious because his rooms is filled with Resistance, Call of Duty and GRAW stuff. Wallpapers, bed sheets and that coveted Resistance trophy on his desk, which required him to kill 1 million people online. On his desk is an open notebook that has his blog, talking about the new Killzone Trailer that just looks freaking awesome as it plays in a looped fashion on his big screen TV, which he won by being the first to download the demo. In the corner of his room is a shelf that holds all the games he has played on his system arranged in a last time played fashion. Two more shelves in his room hold the movies and albums he’s played on the system and they are also arranged in that fashion. Finally, as we come downstairs we can see that your buddy really likes dogs because all the pictures he’s stored on his PS3 are hung on his walls.

Do all the things in a person’s home require completing a task? No, of course not, things like a blog could come standard so could a basic TV and some photo frames. Maybe other things could be purchased at the Network store for a small fee or maybe some items are free because a company sponsored them (Samsung TV anyone?). Is all of this going to happen, probably not, but then again we don’t necessarily know what exactly the PS Home is. As far as we know, it’s what Phil calls a British joke or what Kotoku calls a mistake.

I’m not saying that Sony has come up with this all on their own, sure there’s a great deal of achievement elements in their and tons of Sims elements as well, but there is a great deal of potential for this rumoured community feature and I highly doubt your Gamer Tag snows.

"Last Night Refreshing"

Last night a whole bunch of Gamespoters including myself got a chance to chat with the God of War II guy, Cory Barlog. Though I only got a chance to get two questions in before he had to eat dinner (that pansy), I'm completely stocked that I got a chance to talk with a guy of his stature, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

After writing a personal blog on his site about his Wii experience, stating both positive and negative sides, Kotaku decided to post a story about it which created an uproar . So in his defence he posted a rebuttal blog, once again on his personal blog. Well that blog and the Kotaku story started a discussion on System Wars and we all know how SW can often be. Here's were it gets interesting though, Cory got a link to the discussion and joined in defending himself, his point of view and at one point in throwing in a zinger. Though I don't think he changed anyone's mind, he did seem to enjoy his experience as he mentions the event in a later blog post.

After the System Wars chat, someone suggested an appearance on the God of War forums since everyone there is just excited about the game coming out, so he did. That's where I come in, well no, I come in close to the end, but some good information came out of the Q&A and I got my first experience at an interview.

I didn't want to embarass myself so I tried acting as profesional I could, though inside I was just in awe. I wish the session didn't end as quickly as it did, since I never got a chance to get some of the hard hitting questions out. I hope I made some impression on him because I know he did by simply taking the time out of his vacation to answer a couple of questions. I suggest any of you who are interested in God of War II to check out the Q&A.

[QUOTE="corybarlog"][QUOTE="Truth01"]Was it your decision to get the review code out to the media this early or was it the higher ups that made that choice. And if it wasn't your decision how do you feel about it and do you think the strategy will work?

That is all marekting stuff..I just make the games. I let the marketing guys handle that strategy stuff. But it should be noted that review code does go out that early on many games, they just have an embargo on when it can be posted and/or talked about. As far as do I personally think it will work? I hope so. I think the game is really freaking I hope others play it and see the same thing. cory

[QUOTE="corybarlog"][QUOTE="Truth01"]I'm wondering if you guys polished up the difficulty of the bosses in God of War II. God of War I was known for having a perfectly scalable difficult, which I totally agree with, but when it came to the final boss the game felt like it demanded too much especially on the last two difficulty settings. The last encounter felt as if it demanded perfection and the lack of a save point between the three sections seemed overwhelming. With that said I was wondering if you guys were aware of that problem and if you managed to address it with God of War II.

Yeah we recognizerd that issue from the last game...and we tweaked things accordingly. cory

Virtua Fighter: The Gateway

It was not that long ago that I consider fighting games to be the most boring creation of the industry since rhythm games (I still have nightmares of the DDR segments in San Andreas, yes I play GTA and I like it so what?). The idea of memorizing a series of combos for a given character and then duking it out one on one just seemed so incredibly overwhelming to me.

That's not to say I was basing my feelings of fighting games on simply looking at videos and talking to people played them and liked them (those crazy foos). My first two N64 game were Mortal Combat # whatever and Killer Instinct: Gold. What horrible mistakes those two purchases were. I was never able to figure out many of the combos, except for the really, really easy ones. I couldn't even get past the training mode in KI. I was usually able to get through the easy sections of both games, where the AI is so dumbed down it's pathetic, but once I tried cranking up the difficulty the computer would unleash combos of such magnitude that I lost my virginity. The best part of those two games were that the finishers, which I got to see plenty of times, were really awesome.

Skip ahead a few years and Super Smash Bros. came out. "Hey, look a Mario games, I like Mario yay, *buy*"(I hate my video game past). My smash bros. experience, surprise, surprise, was not that much different then that of any other fighting game I played. Okay, no I'm lying, I could beat Super Smash Bros., it was a much easier game to pick up and play and it had Mario YAY, but it was still extremely underwhelming as single player game (BTW, I had no friends in my N64 days). So after finding Super Smash Bros a disappointment (Yes, that's right, I called SSB a disappointment) I decided fighting games aren't my thing and so for the next few years I stayed clear of all things fighting genre.

Skip ahead a few months before present time. Being that I purchased my ps2 two years or so after launch I missed out on a lot of good games. So, I find myself with a ps2 and a whole bunch of really cheap games that I could purchase for around $15. I decided to go into experiment mode, as I tried genres I would never touch before: Simulation Racers, Japanese Action RPGs, Modern Platformers and yes Fighting games. The fighting game of choice: Virtua Fighter: Evo (took a while to get to the point didn't it) Why VF you ask? Well I though to myself "If I'm going to get into this genre I may as well go into the deep end", and so I did. First Impressions not so good. Game kicked my butt and the learning curve, which I did know about, was really steep. I thought it was over for me, I really did believe at that point that I would never touch another fighting game ever again.

Then one day my friend comes over and we start playing some VF, you know just to show off my new game. So, he kicks my butt, mind you he's never played the game before, but he is a fighting game nut. As a man I could not let that be, I refused to have my pride taken away from a person that neither owns the game nor owns the system and so I went into training. Pai, my original character, was chucked and replaced by Brad. I went through the training mode and was competent at it, I memorised some of the medium combos and I worked on my blocking. A few weeks after my defeat I stood beside my opponent, but this time I was the winner. That night changed my life, I had never experience such a rush, such enjoyment out of a game then on that one on one, human vs human battle.

I find myself today still working on my VF skills, they are by no means great, but they are getting better. They're also helping me in other fighting games as well. Playing Soul Calibur use to be a chore, but now I'm doing some impressive combos and I feel like I'm winning matches with skill and not luck or "cheapness". Virtua Fighter has allowed me to enjoy fighting games, they still aren't my favourite type of games, but I can now have fun with them in both singleplay and multiplayer aspects. Virtua Fighter is my gateway into the fighting game genre and by saying that I'm genuinely excited for the next iteration of both Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter says everything that needs to be said.

I've finally become the God of War

It took 9 1/2 hours to do it but I'm finally finished God of War and I mean finished. I played through all four of the difficulty setting plus the challenge of the God's mode, which all together probably  took 50 hours (pretty good for a game with a value of 8 don't you think?). I don't see my self playing the through again, but if I do it will probably be just for kicks.

Now that God of War is out of the way I can sink into some of the other games I've been meaning to play. At the same time I can now easily wait for God of War II.

For all you Jaffe fans here's the interview he did with 1up, while they were at his studio. You've probably seen it already, but for those of who haven't here it is.

P.S. game videos is really glitch for me so you might have to downloaded, I think it's worth the time.