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Out with the Old in with the New

As trying to keep everything under one name I will stop using my very old but fun Handle TrueIori and Will start Using my internet handle that I been using since 2007 ever since I restarted collecting comics again. Jestersmiles.

R.I.P TrueIori it was fun trolling and spewing Facts to the less fortunate. (but I will still log with this handle sometimes.)

Also decide to do this since my Tourney days with KOF been over with. (nothing big just local tourneys)

Rift Beta Key Give a way

Well I was lucky enough to get into the Rift Beta, tried it but was not really impressed. Today I got a VIP Beta key that can be used 25 times if anyone want to get in Send me a PM.

So if you got your eyes on the game and want to try it here your chance :)

Stay Frosty.

Why do People praise Bungie?

Really i just want to really know why? sure they make good games but then they take away like half of it if you don't buy their DLC. I am the the only one who see something wrong with this? I am pretty sure Bungie the only company to do something like this. Why do people just take this crap , i mean even MW2 lets you play all the play modes even though you don't have the DLC. So why when Bungie pulls some BS like this it like they get a get out of Jail free card? Why don't people call them out on this , there is no point how great the game at first if i am going to be FORCE to pay for crap DLC.

Gamers wonder why DLC is in the state that it in and it becasue you let crap like this pass. Remember if we don't do something you think it going to get better on it own?

I hope someone answer my question. Why do you praise Bungie So much ?

Blizzard Real ID

Ok we need to nip this crap in the butt. I don't know who idea this is , Activison or Blizzard's but this is stupid. What really gets to me are the sheep that don't see the real threat, they just follow like nothing bad can come from this , just following around like a stupid sheep with the rest of the horde. We would not accept this kind of privacy infringement from own goverment , yet from Blizzard?

Have people become so naive that they see don't what harm can come from this, it really sad a generation of yes men, don't have the cojones to stand up for themselve, well i for one won't stand for this and is making my voice heard in any way possible and encourage other to do the same and don't let the yes men tell you other wise, i have yet to see a sheep put up a good argument on how this idea is any good.

@Blizzard The Blackest Night falls from the skies, The darkness grows as all light dies, We crave your hearts and your demise, With my Battle Cry--Gamers shall rise!!!

Rise people let them know we wont stand for this. Make Your Voice heard, Youtube,Forums, even email the ESRB, Show them that we mean business, after WE do have the power to change , so let DO IT!!!!