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Games You Should Try:


  • Platform: Super Famicom
  • Release Date: August 25, 1995 (JP)
  • Action/Platformer
  • Single Player Only

Majyuuou Cover

Abel is sent to hell to try to rescue his family from the demons and monstrosities that inhabit the 7 levels of Majyuuou. Sound like a dark game? That's because it is. I can only thing of a handful of games on the SNES/SFC that have a dark setting. The most popular one that comes to mind is Demon's Crest, which actually has quite a bit of similarities to Majyuuou now that I think about it. Anyways, why have I chosen Majyuuou to be my first "Games You Should Try"? Well, around the gaming community this little gem seems to go unnoticed by the masses and is only known by a small group of people. Which is a shame too, because this game is great.

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you like the original Castlevania games? If you answered yes, then Majyuoou might be right up your alley! See Majyuoou plays almost identical to the beloved Castlevania series. You move from left to right (sometimes right to left to mix things up) jumping over gaps and spikes and blasting away monsters with your trusty whip.. I mean handgun.

Majyuuou gameplay

(Notice the demon woman with a shotgun)

Majyuuou also has some simlarities with Castlevania, because they both use the "brick" like physics also found in games like Ninja Gaiden for the NES. Meaning, once you jump you can't change trajectory as much as you could in a game like Contra. Majyuuou, however lets you do a double jump, so if you do make a mistake you have a little bit of freedom to make a quick fix to land safely.

Abel has a couple more tricks up his sleeve than Simon Belmont, because Abel is able to roll out of harms way using the down and jump button simultaneously. This lets you make a quick dodge to the left or right in order to avoid taking some damage (it looks cool too!). Also, if you jump up and hold down and attack you'll do a downward fire kick that can take out enemies if you're about to land on them.

Downward Kick

(I wish my shoes could do that)

Another thing that gives Abel a step up over Simon Belmont is his ability to turn into different types of demons after a boss battle. After each boss is killed a giant gem will start hovering in the air while changing colors. Depending on which color you pick you will turn into a different demon with different abilities. Each form has a different attack and a different charge up attack (you hold Y to initiate this). One has teleportation which takes the place of your rollling ability. What is also neat is that you actually don't have to transform at all if you don't want to. You can play the entire game in human form if you want.

Red Demon


Also, if you choose the same colored gem over and over your demon will power up. But, if you choose a different color each time you will eventually get the ultimate demon form which will give you a different ending at the end of the game.

I hope you noticed how dinky my health bar is, since all these screens are from the earlier portions of the game. Majyuuou incorporates a sort of experience system and I use the term experience system lightly here. How it works is pretty simple, you kill a bunch of demons then your health bar gets a bit longer, kill even more demons and of course it gets another extension.

The problem is if you die and use your continues your health bar goes back to its original state, which is a total bummer, but what can you do. Fortunately for Abel littered throughout the levels are blue orbs that replenish your health and when you're in demon form you can feed off the corposes of some demon pixies. Cool!

Do I have your interest now? Now here is some bad news.

Unfortunately for us Majyuuou was not released outside of Japan, so all the text (besides options) will be in Japanese. Fortunately there is very little text within the game, so anyone who can't speak a word of Japanese (like me) can enjoy the game without any problem.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the game has some big bosses too!


(Notice the green haired fairy helping me kill off some demons. On Hard mode you only get one chance to get this fairy and if you die it will sacrafice itself to resurrect you. No more after that.)

Anyways, if you're interested in the game your best bet is probably finding a copy on ebay (no garage sales for you). It is extremely rare to find one (especially complete) and they run for high prices. So good luck! and Enjoy!