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Anyone with photoship skills or something, help?

Can I get some help guys? I wanna get this, or any size of picture like it, into a 128x128's Blackrose' from .hack. Also, can someone make a banner for me? I have no skill whatsoever in this department...if you wanna help me out just pm me and I'll send you what I want on it. Thanks gais.


"It's my party, so you'll cry if I want you to."

Well, it's my birthday again....I'm only 20 so it's basically like a tree falling in the forest, and no one noticing...The blog title is what Paine says when using the FFX-2 International dressphere "festival-goer", so kudos to you if you got it...If you haven't hit up my last blog, well...please do. These are what I got on cyber monday..they have yet to arrive though...

Radiant Historia
Record of Agarest War 2: Limited Edition
The Last Story
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
Persona 4 Arena

I've never played an Agarest War game but I've HEARD things...I enjoyed Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, so... I'vem been dying to get my hands on Radiant Historia for the longest time. I am super stoked.

In other TEF news, whenever I'm bored in class I start writing out the starts to canon fanfics; I think they're damn decent. Only thing is, I'm too lazy to format them and post them to I've also made it a point to type out the acronyms to things like laughoutloud.

I've been obsessed with Susan Calloway's renditions of Kiss Me Goodbye, and Melodies Of Life ever since I went to Distant Worlds in Columbus, Ohio earlier in the summer. Uematsu-san himself was there. As a huge FF fanboy, it was one of the hypest events I'd ever attended. Unfortunately I won't be going to the 2th Anniversary celebration in Chicago later this week...le cry. Here's what I'm talking about by the way....


Till next time,



This is my current bg. Just imagine 1900x1200 resolution.


Hey guys, in response to my last post about Black Friday, I ended up going out at 12 to a mall with my sister. I mostly just sat around cuz I didn't need anything, We ended up going back around 5 am and then I passed out till 3 in the afternoon! Nothing bad really happened, although 2 guys were booking it right by where I was sitting and then 10 mallcops were chasing right after I do wonder if they got away, they had a decent lead...

But anyways, I did want to talk about something serious here. As we all know, the "mainstream" public isn't as in tune to gaming and/or anime and manga as we are. We've clearly made it known that these are things near and dear to our hearts, by even having made accounts on this site. Now, it's been awhile since I've seriously posted on this site. By serious I mean posting on all my dear friends blogs EVERY DAY, and those that I counted among my dear friends at one time went past 100 you can imagine how that goes. I've made some great friendships on this site, meeting a huge assortment of people. If anyone remembers "gamah_killah" I ended up adding him on facebook, we converse from time to time, as well as other GS Users. The point I'm trying to make here is that it's hard to find those with similar interests as you as no one has "Otaku" stamped on their forehead. If anyone wants to just chill or needs someone to talk to or just about anything, feel free to skype or even email me. My skype is randy.montante, while my email is I'm not trying to be weird or anything, I'm just kind of...trying to expand my world, if you will. That's what Mr. Hanekoma taught me anyways. Eheh. So yeah, that's all. I don't expect everyone to just jump, but I think it's important to have friends who "understand." Some of my closest friends I've never met in person, perhaps I never will. Consider it.


Anyone on here remember me?

How's it going guys? I decided to pop back in here to say hi. I've been mostly playing Heroes of Newerth, LoL, and Guild Wars 2. If anyone's on those games HMU! Regardless, I miss the old days, and I was thinking about how much of my time I spent on the boards. It saddens me to know how many people have left the site, never to return. But that's enough Dhuum and Gloom. Let's go to the Celadon department store and by a Leaf Stone! Badum-TCH.


Hello, hello, hello....from the PI!

I'm in the's hot...I'm jetlagged and typing this blog from an internet cafe...and I'm level 35...other than that not much else is new. Garena HoN and LoL is also pretty terrible...the players anyways ahah. I'm here for 5 weeks...did I mention its hot? I won't go into the sweaty details but trust me it is. Also, BLEACH SPOILER*

did Kira just die? I mean, Kubo is pulling a JK Rowling on us and just murking off all heroes isn't he....


I only have 2 days a week of classes next semester but I also packed all 4 of the classes I'm taking into those days...I plan on getting 2 jobs as soon as I return stateside. I also have to drive my sister to all of HER classes...what a drag...I still need to finish the first chapter of my FE's called "Feelings Never Fade" and will be a strictly in character account of Erk and Serra's journey with the group...I pride myself on my writing so I hope its good. I have aoubt 10 minutes left on my time in the netcafe before I have to get off. but it's cheap so good things. take it easy guys.

-Randy is everyone?

I haven't been around in a while...I check back every now and then but if you knew me I'm dead to the GS world...I've been OBSESSED with fanfiction as of late and am actually writing one of my own, based on the Erk/Serra pairing from blazing sword...if you've ever wanted to read TriEdge's work...well it'll be here soon, and most likely on Also, Guild Wars 2.....IS FREAKING AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...........I can't say enough good things about the game. Well, it has its faults, but it was the beta of course...if anyone still has GW1 and wants to help me at least get my HoM to 30 (I'm at 23) I wouldn't mind help...or charity....heheh, that being said, how is everyone? I do miss you guys.

I felt the need to share this with you...

Well well well it looks like it's the fourteenth already? You know what that means, right? It's Oregon Statehood Day! On this date in 1859 Oregon became the 33rd State, and so on February 14th every year we raise our glasses and celebrate the only festival on this day, Oregon Statehood Day! Happy Oregon Statehood Day everyone!