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To PSP Haters

    The other day at lunch someone i knew said that his GBA was better than a PSP, since he had Pokemon.  Sadly I lost the argument because im not good at arguing by speaking.  But the fact is that PSP is a great system that some people hate too much.     I like it because it:  plays music,  isnt an Ipod, plays video,  plays games,  and has the ability to play homebrew.  Sure DS might have more games and has a touch screen, however it cant play music or video.  The DS is an innovative and useful handheld but it doesnt quite have all the abilities of a PSP.  In order to equal a PSP you have to have an MP3 player/Ipod with a DS,  The DS costs 120? or so and the Ipods go from 100 to 300?(only a video Ipod counts because it can play videos like a PSP)  which ends up being higher than the 169 you now pay for a PSP.  The PSP hasnt had as much success in the market due to its old high price and its complicated features.  The PSP appeals more to people that know how to mess with computers and have some skill in operating Windows. Notably the Wi-Fi and homebrew are not really for computer noobs to handle,  Although both of these features are not entirely nessecary to use the PSP, they both limit its potential if you dont know how to use it.  I as an example screwed up my PSP by updating it,(This makes me very angry at myself) this caused me to lose Homebrew potential temporarily (5 months and counting) on my PSP.  This just goes to show that ignorance of technology has caused the PSP to not be as successful as the more simplisitic DS.

    By the way i should explain what homebrew is, its a way to modify the PSPs software to make it play emulators and to be able to play games without having that UMD in the drive.  Sony hates homebrew and constanly releases patches that stop people from being able to get homebrew on their PSP mainly because they lose profit when people can get games for free.  I personally support homebrew but do not support getting PSP games off of the internet for free.  I instead wanted Homebrew to emulate my broken GBA and to play some of the games I used to own before my house burnt down 2 years ago.