Games I Want

I prefer retail games on PC. I pre-order games sometimes too.
However, if a game that I (once) like(ed) is suddenly announced to be deployed with one or several DRM methods of any sort (forced Launchers/Denuvo etc) I will simply go without these games and cancelling any pre-order associated with those. I've no problem to relinquish of purchasing said games, no matter how much I wanted to have them before.
Only exception: Blizzard's due to its network distribution.
Back in the past I had made an exception with Valve's DRM platform Steam too, however I didn't buy games on Steam anymore since 2016 and this is not likely to change. I prefer digital games on GOG or Playstation.

Publishers/Developers that I completely stopped supporting, even on consoles:
Epic Games since 2007
Electronic Arts since 2011
Bethesda since 2012
Ubisoft since 2013
Konami since 2015
Square Enix (PC only) since 2016