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Last Gen Games Which Beat Out Current Gen Games (By Miles)

They said that the next generation would start a revolution, afterall wasn't the Wii originally called the Nintendo Revolution?

I know we're most likely only halfway through the current generation but it's funny how I can still find many many last generation games which destroy current generation games. I can safely say that five years into last generation, I wasn't thinking like that. Here are some games that still beat out most games coming out right now...

1. Max Payne 2

I dare you to find a shoot 'em up these days which has the story, character development, and detail of this game. For a game with such simple mechanics, it just did so much. This game came out in 2003 and it still plays like it came out last year. It has one of the best stories of it's kind and the atmosphere is mind blowing, few games can even tread on it this generation. The characters are likeable and the bleak story is only accentuated by the well done graphic novel sequences which have been only replicated to little success. Remedy went all out with this one and I think Max Payne 3 embodies everything that's wrong with this generation. With the disregard for ****and movement towards what I hear is going to be MP shooting, I am disappointed in you Rockstar! Here's hoping Remedy brings the beauty of Max Payne to the current generation with Alan Wake...

2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This game is so good that freeroam games still aspire to live up to it; Saints Row anyone? It's funny though how no game can even come close to this one. I mean, after all, despite the attempts to say they have a huge world with many things to do, Rockstar really is the only company to do it right. No world is as large as San Andreas and this game is one that is still one of the most played games on xfire, single player and online included. Yes, online, on PC. I find it funny how the best mods all came from last generation games, the SAMP mod has given me literally 250 hours of enjoyment and it's a sad thing when games become harder and harder to make mods for. San Andreas is a game that will never die and live long after GTA IV; no doubt.

Oh and hey, Rockstar made this one too!

3. World of Warcraft

What do you call a game that transcends time and manages to captivate an audience of around ten million...for about 5 years? World of Warcraft, love it or hate it, is the most popular video game in the world and there is no doubt that it dominates the MMO genre that, despite working with next generation tech, has still been unable to beat this game. This game is just a perfect blend of everything and though it took from many MMOs to unite them into one game, there is no doubt that MMO developers can onyl take influence and hope to at least take a chunk out of WoW. Domination is out of the question, WoW will always be around for the near future but here's hoping that an MMO can be made that is at least is better then WoW. I hope Aion is and I'm hoping The Old Republic is but we'll see.

4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima has yet to top this masterpiece. The most emotional and for me the best MGS game without a doubt. It was amazing and there is no game this generation that is yet to top it in my opinion storywise. Gameplay wise, of course, but the story of this one is up there and even Metal Gear Solid 4 couldn't beat this one. I really don't have much to say about this one, but story peaked last generation. Look no further then this game and Shadow of the Collosus to know that one, it's a fact.

5. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, in my opinion, is the best game in the series next to Code Veronica and the original. It's without a doubt the perfect blend of action, survival horror, and exploration. It was really a game that took the best of the series and elevated it with new gameplay mechanics. There are few games to do that this generation and even then Resident Evil 5, while still enjoyable, managed to take out things that made Resident Evil, 'Resident Evil', and this worked to the games detriment sadly. Resident Evil 4 is the pinnacle of the series at the moment and I don't think we'll see another game of this quality in this genre for a while.

6. Warcraft 3

There is really no RTS that touches this game besides Starcraft. The sheer customization of this game has kept it alive and it's a real damn shame that other RTS games this generation don't offer the limitless options that Warcraft 3's map editor did. I mean look at DOTA, that game within a game has spawned a new genre and it undoubtedly has started a revolution in what custom gaming means. Throw in TD games, RPGs within an RTS, and other limitless custom games and you have an enduring cIassic yet to be matched in the current generation of gaming.

Oh, and the story and core gameplay aren't too shabby either...

7. Battlefield 2

Calling this one of the best online team based games ever would be an underestimation cause in my opinion, it is the best one. 64 players, voice co-operation, squad system, teamwork, and customized combat made this one a must play and it has a community which endures to this day, on the base game. Yeah, no DLC, no mods, no custom maps, just the base game is still one of the most played. That just doesn't happen very often this generation to be honest but Battlefield 2 was really the peak of the great(est) multiplayer warfare game series. Too bad Battlefield 2 has yet to net a true sequel on the PC...

What games do you feel this way about? List 'em off and comment :)