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Just Finished The Great Television Series of All Time: The Wire

The Wire was a five season television show on HBO which basically detailed the Baltimore drug trade from the perspective of the police and their criminal targets. The show brought in various other arcs though like the school system, the port, the politics of the city, and other gangs. Ultimately, it became one of the most ambitious and complex shows on television and this is a show you must watch from the beggining. This is the only way to appreciate it's brilliance, it's sharp writing, and it's unmatched sense of drama which we will never see again.

While most police-oriented shows take a somewhat unrealistic approach, The Wire did something different by offering a gritty and realistic portrayal of life in the streets of Baltimore and amazingly, despite it's realism, it was able to create something far more shocking and dramatic then anything we had yet seen on TV. David Simon truly made something that was a product of the reality, a reality which is shocking and something we rarely see. For this, The Wire stands as a landmark television series which sadly barely got any acclaim in it's original run.

My favorite seasons and why run in this order. Bare in mind I love all of these seasons and all of them should stand as a standard for TV drama:

5. Season 5

Season 5 suffered from some odd new storylines and a mundane aspect with the media but otherwise, it was the same show which I came to love. The writing was on point and the character arcs were fantastic. The development of McNulty, Marlow, Michael, and other characters stand out and as a whole, this series was a great ending to the series. Without awkwardness, they managed to round up the series well and not leave out any loose ends. There are no questions to ask, we know what has happened, this is how TV series should end and I thank God that they ended it like this.

4. Season 1

With Season 1 it was clear they were trying to get their footing and took a lot of time to get the season rolling as they had to properly introduce each character. In the end though, they did just that and it had easily one the most gripping second halves of all of the seasons. This one was plain great and it did an excellent job of setting up the rest of the series. A great start to the greatest series of all time is the best way to explain it. Just so many cIassic moments in this and also it had some of my favorite characters like Omar, D'Angelo, Stringer, and Avon.

3. Season 3

Oh this season is good, really good. With a fitting end to the arc started by Season 1 and just in general great new ideas, this one stands as the middle of the 'peak'. The concept of Hamsterdam was perhaps one of the most interesting ideas explored in the series and with politics being thrown into the mix, the complexity factor was ramped up. It worked though, perfectly, and for that I love this season. It was just fantastic.

2. Season 2

I came in with the impression that I was going to hate this Season, obviously that wasn't the case. A lot of people don't like it due to the shift on focus but this Season is just perfect in every way. For one, it was a well done bridge between the first and third season as it managed to introduce both characters that would effect the course of the series and it also made the third seasons existence plausable. On another hand, it also introduced some of the most interesting characters of the series. The Sobatkas in paricular represent the pinnacle of the story's writing. The drama was amazing and the writing in this season blew my mind. The acting as well was just so on point and honestly, this season had me on the edge often. David Simon intended this season to show the plight of America's working cIass and I must admit, it succeeded. This stands as one of the finest examples of television only paled in comparison by...

1. Season 4

This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen; movie, television, painting, etcetera. In the end nothing beats this season of Television. With the plight of Baltimore's schools brought into the picture of the Stanfield organization, the police department, and the politics of the city, this season stands as the most complex yet and it still managed to be more well written, acted, and coherent then every single television series active at it's time of conception. There were many moments where I was in tears and I rarely tear up, let alone to a television show. This season had the most drama, the best acting, the most tragic consequences, and it was the most realistic at the same time. This is when I realized that this was the greatest show of all time.

In the end, I could spend all day talking about this show; the characters and all. It's just a fantastic show and you all should watch it. Everything is perfection and I leave you with the theme song (one of the most fitting themes of all time) and a montage of my favorite characters.

Way Down In The Hole

"When you walk through the garden
You gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon
Walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with Jesus
He's gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil
Way down in the hole
He's got the fire and the fury
At his command
Well you don't have to worry
If you hold on to Jesus hand
We'll all be safe from Satan
When the thunder rolls
Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole
All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword
And they'll shield you with their wings
And keep you close to the lord
Don't pay heed to temptation
For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole"

Just go watch it