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How To Become Broke in 3 Months in 2010: Too Epic

420 dollars not including tax in just 3 months, how? I'll list em off. All 7 reasons...

1. Bayonetta (PS3, X360)

What a way to kick off 2010 with one of the best action titles of the year. Kamiya is all I need to hear and I'm first in line. Good lord the gameplay for this game is off the chain and I mean, I've been waiting for a game like this since Ninja Gaiden 2. It didn't take much to convince me I need this game, I hope it doesn't take much at all to get you on this. Don't sleep on it, count on AAA ;)

2. Mass Effect 2 (PC, X360)

Bigger, better, and more badass? Did you honestly think that mantra was only reserved for Gears of War. Shepard's kicking ass and taking names so hard that he's overheating Xbox's with only a demo! That must mean it's epic right. I mean if this game really does improve on Mass Effect to the degree it's saying it will, we just might have a AAA RPG not made by Bethesda this generation!

3. Dante's Inferno (X360, PS3)

2010 return of the action adventure am confirmed? I think so. It really only took this much to convince me to buy this game...

  1. Dead Space developers
  2. Dante's Inferno = Badass Poetry
  3. Naked Cleopatra

I'm serious, I wanna slash through this beast.

4. Alan Wake (X360)

Funny how for a game coming so soon there's not even a gameplay screenshot on GS. Either way though I think we can count on it finally coming and I think it's about time we shone a light on Alan Wake (lol pun).

5. God of War III (PS3)


Seriously, this game just caps off the fact that 2010 is the total return of hack and slash. I mean just look at it. I will admit Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno have me more excited since they are fresh ideas but God of War is a well planted series...

6. Final Fantasy XIII (X360, PS3)

If God granted me a wish to play one game right now, it'd be Final Fantasy XIII...I mean seriously, you all know I'm a JRPG fan and this is kind of the king of JRPGs and it kind of looking frackin' awesome. I'm just constantly going crazy for this game everytime I catch a glimpse. I can't bloody wait.

7. Splinter Cell: Conviction (360, PC)

Whoo smash that head Sam, I can't wait to break a toilet with this guy's head in February. This game is the return of Sam, he's hoping it's a worthy one after such a long wait for a true next generation Splinter Cell. Looks to be amazing at the moment and each new glimpse is another reason for me to get excited.

Other things to get excited for:

Beta coming sometime in early 2010...

And what else? Oh yeah...Fall 2010, the prime season of gaming. As if this wasn't prime enough.

So what are you gonna ask for Christmas, money damnit. Save up those dollaz. You're gonna need it ;)