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Beatle's Rock Band: Impressions

First note, I should have a Batman: Arkham Asylum Review up soon. I'll post it when it's ready. It'll most likely come with a review for the movie Three Kings starring Ice Cube, Georgy Clooney, and Mark Whalberg. Can't wait to watch it. I've wanted to for a while now!

Onto my Beatles Rock Band Impressions:

I'll be quite blunt, I'm very biased towards Harmonix. I pretty much stopped playing Guitar Hero once Neversoft took over and I've bought every Rock Band game this generation. The Beatles Rockband was a no-brainer for me even though I wouldn't even consider myself the biggest Beatle's fan but I attribute that to pretty much just being ignorant and not because I had a distaste for their music.

Thank goodness for this game because I must say it's steller from what I've played. I gotta say vocals and drums are the best parts and if that's your thing you'll be in heaven. Guitar is fun but simple and I found no issue in picking up right away on expert. In fact, the songs in this game as a whole are simpler then that of RB2, RB1 and the Guitar Hero games. This is no issue though since there is still a good balance of simple and difficult. It's clear though that this game is meant more for parties rather then painful and excruciating single player sessions.

One thing that struck me right away was at how decadently Beatle's this is. Harmonix went all out in giving the ultimate tribute and I love the psychadellic stage shows, the menu music, the cutscenes, the sets, everything. Its just an amazing tribute and it's proof that Harmonix really cares about music and their games in general. They have an attention to detail that you don't find in other music games and they just put a lot of work into making every detail work.

I also like the campiang structure thus far. The game is broken up into chapters which is very nice but a lot more linear then the World Tour mode you're used to. The campaign is stll great fun though and very replayable with challenges and achievements in the mix. You can also take it online which is sweet and go back at any time to any chapter to replay a song to unlock photos, videos, etc. This is nice for sure.

Quickplay has 44/45 songs unlocked right off the bat which is also great because unlocking the best songs to play in any music game is a real pain. You can also take this online along with the two battle modes from RB2 but still these aren't as popular as just playing together. Speaking of playing together, the band experience is really focused in this game. Let me say this right now, I love harmonies and I hope other games take note of this, namely Guitar Hero but really I know Harmonix will most likely put this in their next game again as they should because Harmonies are sick. There's nothing better if you're a vocallist and they beat the hell out of lame tamborine / cowbell bits.

There's also cool banter in all the Beatles songs which you can optionally say for no punishment or no reward if you do them. That's pretty neat and I enjoy the random banter in their songs like the 'Shoot Me' in Come Together that permeates the first minute of the song.

The load times in this game are also amazing. I got it installed of course but you can have a song cache. With this cache it lets you start the song before it finishes loading allowing for the game to load as you play the first part. Each song takes maybe 4 seconds to load and this is absolutley fantastic and they really succeeding in making the whole experience a lot more fluent.

I hope you pick this game up if you're interested in music games it's the ultimate tribute game and though it may only have 45 tracks, let me say that almost all of them are good. After all, even though other games may have 83 or so songs, maybe 10-20 are good if that. This game is about 35 awesome songs with 10 or so 'so-so' songs. That's great and makes it more then worth the deal. I can't comment on the instruments since I use my RB2 instruments.

Consider this game, it's fantastic thus far.