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Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2: Head to Head | 100th Blog Post

Sorry for the long gaps in between blog posts but I really can't help it these days. I just do so much more now than I used to, generally enjoying life and all it's fruits and just having fun. I managed to pick up Bad Company 2 though and I've had the time to play about 20-30 hours or so, can't really pin point an exact estimate.

I've also played Modern Warfare 2 for around 50 hours, with that granted, here's a head to head of the two games weighing the benefits of both. I know this is a hot topic since I see it all the time and to be honest, most of the time it's just fanboy rage against the evil Activision empire.

I'll break down the positives of each game, then say which one I like better overall. I could talk about negatives but I imagine you'll find those out when I describe the positive of the other game, you'll see.


Bad Company 2

1. Unmatched Scale

It is no secret that Battlefield is a series known for it's grand scale stemming from it's inception with the first Battlefield game, Battfield 1942. It has remained as a staple for the series and Bad Company 2 is no different. Every map is absolutely huge and with 32 players causing mayhem in a variety of vehicles, you really do feel like a small part of a very big war; a feeling all but lost with the latest entries in the Modern Warfare franchise. The scale is one of the stand out features of Bad Company 2 because really, there is no other console game that offers a similar scale with the exception of a few titles which don't even have close to this game's mainstream appeal. Bad Company 2 is leading the way for huge warfare and it is made all the better with the inclusion of...

2. Massive Destructability and Fallout

There's this little saying in the Bad Company 2 which goes a little something like, 'No two maps look the same at the end of a Bad Company 2 match'. This is true, hella true. I mean anyone who's played the game knows the sheer amount of explosiveness that permeates the screen. Every moment has an earth shattering explosion causing your ears to ring, your character to shake, and dust to explode into your face blinding your vision. This is all happening in real time, and it adds so much depth to the game where explosions actually mean something. Grenades are practically useless compared to the assault of a rocket or a rocket propelled grenade and unlike Modern Warfare 2's piddily explosions, Bad Company 2's maps can be levelled by the end of the map with craters decimating the ground below. The map is changed totally by the end of the game and each game is played differently for this reason.

3. Squad Play

I have long argued that Bad Company 2 has a truly rich multiplayer experience, richer than any other game on the market. This is not just due to my long fanboy love affair with the Battlefield series, but it's because of squad play, a tenant I firmly believe in. Modern Warfare 2, with the exception of some select modes, is a very independant affair in which you rarely ask for backup from your team let alone depend on them for your survival and success. Battlefield Bad Company 2 however frequently forces you to both communicate and work with your team to accomplish a goal. There is no singular force in this game and anyone who attempts to do so will be put down really fast, like real fast. The team work in this game is immense and daunting to someone who is used to Halo or Call of Duty but when executed well, it is an amazing feeling.

4. Better Online Balance

I don't need to tell y'all that Modern Warfare 2 was poorly balanced and was chock full of glitches from launch. Hell it probobly still is even though I haven't played in a good month. Still though, Bad Company 2 should stand as a fine example of a game which still had progression without being unfair. Let's be honest, some of Modern Warfare 2's perks were balls. Balls in the form of balls to the face in terms of how annoying they were. Bad Company 2 retains the same idea of perks but keeps it fair, and for the most part balanced. You never feel gimped compared to someone of a higher level than you but you still know that there are good things around the corner if you keep playing. Modern Wafare 2 however, you're gonna be destroyed until you unlock some good perks and weapons.

5. Better Community

Modern Warfare 2 is full of annoying ignorant folks of all ages who spew racist and insulting crap at any moment. Bad Company 2's does not for the most part. 'Nuff said.

Modern Warfare 2

1. Infantry Only Warfare

I know, I know, there's helicopters and such but not to the extent of what is offered in Bad Company 2. For the most part, Modenr Warfare 2 is pure infantry vs. infantry combat and you know what, sometimes this is what I want. Sometimes I just wanna stab people in the face as opposed to having to pull out an RPG before a tank blasts my ass across the map. If Battlefield on the PC is any indication, people do crave this in the Battlefield games given the amount of Infantry Only servers. It's a real shame Bad Company 2 didn't allow for this option especially in the Squad Modes. I would have relished in the idea of an infantry only setting as opposed to a hardcore setting.

2. Spec Ops!

Spec-Ops is one of the dopest things of any game last year, don't even lie. Snowmobile races, blowing up vehicles on a bridge, juggernauts, don't lie you loved it...And Bad Company 2 totally lacks any sort of co-op. We all know Modern Warfare 2 was a badass value and Spec-Ops and it's infinite addictiveness was a huge factor in this. Spec-Ops with my friends still stands as one of my favorite gaming moments of last year and it suffices to say that Bad Company 2 fails hard on co-op compared to Modern Warfare 2.

3. Far Superior in the Single Player Department

Bad Company 2's single player was good, Modern Warfare 2's was heart pulsing blockbuster movie testosterone laden balls to the wall actions. It was like a Michael Bay movie on speed and while not maybe of the highest quality, it was really fun to play. I don't play games like this for Metal Gear Solid-esque stimulation, I want to see blood spill and explosions rattle my screen. Modern Warfare 2 kept me engaged and gave me incentive to go through again just to do it one more time. Bad Company 2 really didn't.

4. Constant Sense of Reward

Some people might look down upon this but I see it as being a positive. To be honest, I love to be rewarded for doing diddly ish but some people think that's just 'nubbish'. Bad Company 2, even though I might be killing it in terms of my score, really doesn't make me feel as if I'm doing really well especially given how damn hard it is to level up. Seeing my experience clearly accumulate however in Modern Warfare 2 along with constant levelling just makes it a lot more addictive in that you just gotta love that sound when you accomplish something no matter how small.

5. There's Just More To Do

Bad Company 2 Modes:


Squad Rush
Squad Deathmatch

Modern Warfare 2 Modes:


Team Deathmatch
Mercenary Team Deathmatch
Ground War
Headquarters Pro
Search and Destroy
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy Hardcore
3rd Person Cagematch Harcore
3rd Person Team Deathmatch
3rd person Team Tactical
Hardcore Ricochet: HQ Pro

I rest my case

The Bottom Line:

Y'all are gonna hate me for this

The better value overall goes to Modern Warfare 2. With a huge community destined to never die and a ton of content to go through, you're getting way more for your money here

The better single player experience goes to Modern Warfare 2. With a fantastically entertaining single player and a great spec-ops mode to play by yourself if so your choose, this is the better game for the gamer with Xbox Live Silver.

The better online experience goes to Bad Company 2. Less is more with this game. Like I said, no game plays the same and there is just better balance, a better community, and it is very apparent DICE but all their time in this mode. It's very good and far superior to Modern Warfare 2's online.

The best overall game: Modern Warfare 2 but this all depends on what you like. Online is where the heart is in both these games after all.

My suggestion?

If you want pure online chaos with a nice chunk of team work, go for Bad Company 2.

If you want to stab faces and just charge in shooting, go for Modern Warfare 2.

If you want to be a smart gamer, save up, buy both, and decide for yourself...

Look out for my next blog, my top 6 movies of 2009 (About Time).