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A recent joiner of the console community's thoughts

As long as I have been gaming which is pretty much my whole life, I have mostly played on my PC. Thought I had my starts in my PS1 and N64, I eventually was turned into the world of PC gaming with titles such as Diablo 2 and Starcraft. Games like Warcraft 3, CSS and MMORPGs sealed the deal and I was from then on a hardcore PC gaming. For the longest time for me I was a PC fanboy. I thought all consoles were crap and I would never even consider looking at a console or any games on it that weren't planning a coming to my beloved PC. This would remain from age 8 to my current age 15, a solid 7 years in the PC gaming world.
I can say this right now though I was dead wrong, it was possibly the biggest mistake I ever made. I picked up a Gamecube and PS2 really cheap at Christmas time and played some great games such as all the Metal Gear Solids, Dark Cloud, Shadow of the Collosus, Twlight Princess, and other great games most notably Biohazard 4. I was now a console gamer and I couldn't get enough. For my upcoming 16th birthday I decided to buy an Xbox 360 which in my opinion is the best system of the three. It has the best games (suited to my tastes), a solid online service, and not to mention the myriad of friends I have who play on it daily.
I'll say this right now, console gaming is a very different place from PC gaming. The emphasis on single player gaming is far more noticable on consoles then the PC and this is a welcome change in my opinion. I loved playing single player games on my PC, don't get me wrong the PC has some great ones but I find that on the consoles from the games I play the single play is far more fleshed out and there are far more games which put a heavy emphasis on the single player and atmosphere, something that in my opinion is hard found on the PC at least from the many games I played. Online is also a tottally different experience especially on the Xbox. While on PC everyone is their own soldier and no one works as a team unless they're in a league match game, the Xbox it's almost a necessity to be a team player and it's impossible not to. You get a headset to talk to people on Xbox live and there are many games where teamplay is just part of the game and no one seems to even have to think about it.
You know what I enjoy most though is the hassle free gaming that happens on consoles. I can sit back, relax, and put in any game I want for my console and just play away. I can come from a hard day of school or a tough day from anything and just play till I can take no more. Nothing never works cause if it doesn't I can blame someone else. The graphics are always the best to their ability as well, no need for stupid updates every year like on the PC which cost as much as an Xbox 360 or more.

Console gaming is the best choice I have made in gaming. I am glad I made the choice. Despite the face I now mostly game on my 360, I will be playing PC games in the near future. Here's looking for Starcraft 2, Wrath of the Lichking, and of course Spore. Gaming has never looked so great for me.