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First day back to school, it was good

Well I just got back from my first day of school, I met all my teachers today and got the talk. I go to a private school which centers around university placement, 100 percent of the students at my school go on to university and higher education so we're all expected to do the same.

Of course we got the typical talks about entering grade 11, how it's the hardest year and the most important blah blah blah.

Lucky for me though I got great courses I chose and excellent teachers to back all that up.

My courses in order and my initial impressions:

French 11: Looks great, a large improvement over last year too because I got a great teacher who hand picked me to be there. She gave me a 98% average last year in a differnt course so this should be good.

Biology 12: Same teacher I had for Biology but I skipped Bio 11 and went straight to 12 thanks to my good marks. I figure this will be fine and the outline is good. We get to dissect a pig and a beef heart.

Chemistry 11: This also looks good, I've had the teacher before and he gave ma a 94% in chemistry. Nothing too challenging here.

Math 11: I've never had this teacher but I've heard bad things. She seems nice and the course seems alright but it's without a doubt the hardest year of math in high school. I'll live through it though. I always do alright in math.

Economics 12AP: Looks to be my most challenging course but that is why I picked it. I knew this before going in.

Media Arts 11: Looks interesting but a lot of people who do it are in grade 10 for some reason. I might switch out for that reason but the stuff they do seems awesome like film making, photoshop, photography, and animation. All stuff I am interested in.

Socials 11: Looks great, I've had this teacher before and got a 96% average. He's a great teacher.

English 11: I know the teacher of this course since I was in her home room last yaer. We read some interesting books and I'm sure I'll enjoy this course

That's about all for now, if you read this please comment!

30 Blog Posts! ; I'll see Mercenaries 2 later this month

Well, this is my 30th blog post. Quite the achievement considering I've only been doing this for about a month now and a bit. I hope to keep it up forever as long as I got something to say.

In other and more important news, I decided against getting Mercenaries 2. It's not that I don't want it but I wanted Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a bit more today. I'll be getting Mercenaries 2 in a week and a half give or take and I can't wait to try it out but until then I got Vegas 2 to keep me going and I plan to spend a lot of time on it.

So far the game is great, the only is awesome and the sprint feature is well received by me. My only complaint is it's not very tactical but who cares it's still a blast to play and the single player is a lot more fun this time around.

Definately glad I got it, anyone who got Mercenaries 2 please tell me how it is.

If you want to play Vegas 2 with me throw me an add on Xbox live. I'd like to play some co-op.

Where is my Mercenaries 2 review! ; I've now completed one of my 'movie goals'

So Mercenaries 2 is coming out tomorrow and there is no word at all from any website or publication about the quality of the game. What the hell is up with that. I really want to hear from somebody if this game is good or not. 59.99 is a lot of money and I'd like to know if this game is worth it. If not I'll get something else. If I don't hear anything by tomorrow though when I go to Best Buy I might just get something else just because of the slowness of these reviews.

I understand it's not easy writing reviews, I do it myself and anyone who follows my contributions knows I put a lot of care into my reviews and make sure I know everything before I go into it. But I find it hard to believe that even a power house like IGN can't get a review up. I hope they have one up later tonight or tomorrow morning because otherwise they're just being lazy.

This game looks like a lot of fun and I've seen a lot of gameplay. It looks like a game I'd like to play but I'm always on the edge. I can never just buy a game, I have to know everything about it and see reviews. Maybe I can break that who knows and express my own opinion before these reviewers can because at this rate that's a possibility :roll:

Oh well, we'll see how this turns out tomorrow and of course if anyone else has this game please message me your thoughts. I've already talked to a guy from here about it and I respect his opinion, I'd like to hear other peoples too!

In other news...

I just finished watching every single Kevin Smith movie, all thirteen or so of them. He's easily one of my favorite directors and I reccomend you all go see his movies. I'll do a quick review of my favorite films of his.

Chasing Amy:

Absolutely hilarious. This film holds up as a great comedy, romance, and dramatic movie. Kevin Smith proves he has the chops of making quality films which have a great message and profound meaning. The Criterion Collection even recognizes this films quality if you know what that is. This film is recommendable to anyone and it has great acting and it's absolutely a blast to watch. It's easily his best work.


Religious satire has never been so great. This film is awesome and it's obviously one of the most conterveriasial films Kevin Smith has made and I think anyone has made. This film is well done though and goes into an area of comedy in which most areas don't. It has some intelligence and it questions religion but it does so in a tasteful way. Of course this film will offend many though and the beginning has one of the best disclaimers ever. This movie is great and worth a rent.


In my opinion the funniest film ever made and the film that started it all. Go see it. (I told you they'd be short reviews)

That is all, be sure to leave your comments and also to all those who've played Mercenaries 2 tell me how it is.

Also check out my review for
Scarface: The World is Yours which is one of the worst games I've ever played.

How can anyone dare say Hip Hop is dead; Hip Hop haters welcome

I hear a lot of crap these days about how hip hop is dead. I hear things about how clowns like Soulja Boy and no-talents like Lil Wayne are killing this style of music. I hear a lot of stupid slogans coined by rock music fanboys such as, 'You can't spell rap without crap'. Oh please, nothing can kill Hip Hop. Even if Nas declares it so Hip Hop will never die because there is still plenty of talent out there.

Imagine if I said metal was dead because of dragon force or rock music was dead because of Nickelback. Not only would I be called an idiot and ignorant but I'd also be rebutted with a ton of info. Well I plan to do the same.

I plan to discredit anyone who's ever said Hip Hop was dead. You might not like it but don't insult the greatest music in the world. It takes dedication, talent, and will to make great hip hop and it's out there. Don't bother with lazy ol' Soula Boy (Who makes music on the demo version of FL studio!)

Here are some great hip hop artists still making music today.

The Roots
Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Kanye West
Bun B
Ice Cube
Dr. Dre
The Game
Gnarls Barkley
MC Eiht
DJ Quik
Young Jeezy
Three Six Mafia
Ghost Face Killah
Method Man
Wu-Tang Clan
Immortal Technique
Lupe Fiasco

Now I could go on and on, and I will. These are great hip hop albums that came out this year which I bet you never heard about. Hip Hop bashers like to promote crap like Soula Boy Tell 'Em. Well let's put them to shame.

The Game - L.A.X
Dr Dre. Detox (His last album)
The Roots - Rising Down
Nas - Untitled
Ice Cube - Raw Footage
Bun B - II Trill
Outkast - Untitled Album
T.I - Paper Trail
Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple
Jay-Z - The Blueprint pt. 3

etc. etc.

Here is some great Hip Hop made from 2000 on which I recommend to you. I guarantee anyone can like this stuff.

Albums to check out:

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Volume 1
Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Volume 2
Mos Def - The New Danger
Mos Def - Black on Both Sides
Wu Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams
Dr. Dre - 2001
UGK - Underground Kingz
Ghostface Killah - Ironman
Nas - Untitled
Nas - Illmatic
Nas - Stillmatic
The Roots - Phrenology
The Roots - Game Theory
The Roots - Rising Down

Ice Cube - Raw Footage
Jay-Z - The Blueprint
Jay-Z - The Black Album
Kanye West - College Dropout
Kanye West - Graduation
Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liqour
Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
Outkast - Speakerboxxx / The Love Below
Common - Be
The Game - LAX
The Game - Documentary

There is so much more then this, I just listed stuff I could of off the top of my head. The stuff I bolded is stuff that anyone will like and I recommend.

I leave you with these, some of the best songs since 2000 when this whole Hip Hop is dead thing started. It's time to stop this crap.

This probobly won't be a popular blog post due to the topic but hey, why not. The blog is for expressing myself in the end.

Kanye West - Flashing Lights
The Roots - The Seed (One of their most popular songs
Immortal Technique ft. Mos Def - Tell The Truth (Who said Hip Hop was stupid)
Nas - Hero (Came out this year
Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)
UGK ft. Outkast - Int'l Players Anthem (The best song of all time, R.I.P Pimp C)

If you read this, thank you.

Just a week left; last game for a while: help me choose

I lament at my summer, it's almost gone and I got just a week left till I start school again next wednesday. To make matters worse it'll be grade 11 the hardest year at school and I can't slack off because I want to go to university.

And damnit, Gamespot made me level 21 again because I called a user a 'troll'. Can you believe it, he was trolling, I call him a troll and I get modded. I don't know about you guys but in my opinion this is a facepalm worthy event and I'm not one to fight with mods. It just really makes me mad.

Alright so onto the more fun news, I plan to get a game this weekend and it'll probobly be my last big game purchase until the Fall rush when all the great 'holiday' games come out like Fable 2, Gears of War, and others. I've narrowed it down to three games all of which are for my 360. All have been featured on one of my most anticipated lists as well with the exception of one which was already out before I blogged.

1. Rainbow Six Vegas 2

I really enjoyed the first one and think this will be awesome, the online will last a while and the single player alone has a lot to do in it. Seems like a solid purchase for 59.99.

2. Tales of Vesperia

This game was just featured in my most anticipated list and got great reviews. Guaranteed 60 hours of gameplay and a series I have enjoyed. Great demo and seems like fun. Goes for 59.99 and for 60 hours of gameplay that seems reasonable.

3. Mercenaries 2

Last but not least this game just looks plain fun and I've liked what I have seen. I am awaiting reviews but if it gets good reviews and you guys say to get it I will buy it. It seems like one of those games where you can just play it and let off some steam. I like that, it'll go for 59.99.

So help me out here! :D

EDIT: Read my brand spankin' new review of Team Fortress 2 here!

Four new games I can not wait for

I've done this before, about three times but now all of a sudden I have found four new games that have got me interested. Some of these came from left field for me others I just needed more information to see if it was worth while anticipating.

In the end though, one fact remains. All these great games coming out soon enough will leave a hole in my wallet the size of the milky way.

1. Megaman 9 (360, PS3, Wii)

I think if you saw my banner you saw this coming but either way I love Megaman but I didn't learn until a couple weeks ago it was coming to XBLA and PSN. Gamespot only lists it as a Wii game, update that Gamespot! Either way I'll have to get this game and the best thing is it'll be a value game. It can't be more then 1200 points so this will be a great throwback to the 8-bit Megaman and hey, it won't hurt my wallet either. Capcom seems to have this down and I hope thye bring the challenge with them. They are the best developers out there for the consoles in my opinion and I can't wait for this game. I hope they do more like it.

2. Gears of War 2 (360)

Let me be the first to say that when I first played Gears of War I was not a fan of it. I thought it was boring, shallow, and bland. I gave it another chance, stuck with it and I ended up loving it and played through the game twice. I can't wait for the second game. I hope they take the awesome single player and co-op from the first, revamp it for more fun and really tune the online experience as the online is the weak link in the game. I know this game will kick ass from what I have seen and it is shaping up well.

3. Tales of Vesperia (360)

It's games like this for which I bought my 360. I need RPGs and this holiday I'm getting them. I've already talked about Infinite Undiscovery which looks awesome so I'll take about this game and another RPG for my last game. This looks awesome and the demo was a lot of fun. The combat is great and very faithful to the 'Tales' formula. This game is getting great first reviews and I can't wait to pick up my copy.

4. Fable 2 (360)

If you couldn't tell from the 3/4 games I listed here, boy am I glad I bought a 360. Tons of great RPGs and some great shooting games to boot it is my dream system. I also want a PS3 but can't get one till it's much cheaper so we'll wait on that. I didn't care about Fable 2 until E3 when I heard a lot about it and it sweeped Gamespot's awards for best game. IGN also hypes it as one of the best games of the year from it's preview. I love the stuff you can do in it, there is a story but you can also start a family, become good or evil and just wreak havoc. For me this looks like that Oblivion could have been. The first was awesome and I believe this one will be too.

Just bought the Orange Box; best deal ever?

I finally bought the Orange Box after playing Team Fortress 2 three times on a three day guest pass. It's one of my favorite multiplayer games despite I never owned it and now that I own it I'm glad. For another twenty dollars I figured I should get Portal and the Half Life 2 collection.

Best purchase ever? Possibly

Half Life 2 is great. My initial impression is this is my kind of game. No cut scenes but rather the story unfolds on the run. I love that, it reminds me of Bioshock. I can't believe I put it off so long.

Portal, another great game. Funny lines of dialogue, unique, and great puzzles.

Team Fortress 2 kicks ass, I love it.

So far this is gret and well worth the purchase price.

I have a 3 day guest pass for TF2, if you want it ask me and I can give it to you. If more then one asks I'll do a random draw.

The Force Unleashed, very impressive

I've never been a huge fan of Star Wars, I never did more then the average movie and gamer. I saw all the movies, I played most of the games but other then that I had no care for it and when I heard about The Force Unleashed I shrugged.

The demo came out on Thursday I think, I wasn't here either way. I played it today and I just have to say wow. It's a lot of fun and a real blast. The force powers are a definite highlight for me, grabbing a trooper and throwing him over the place is great. The light saber leaves more to be desired but hey it's not bad.

It seems like one of those games that is both linear and sandbox. You're on a clear cut path in a level but the way you dispose of enemies is all up to you. You can be creative or just light sabre your way through. I'm quite impressed by this.

The game isn't amazing though, it's not a new feat in Gaming, it's a solid 7.5-8.0 in my opinion. That's just an initial impression though who knows what I will think with the full product. I won't be paying 60 dollars, I'll most likely get it when it's 20-30 dollars which I expect to happen by Winter.

What are your guys' impressions.

So how 'bout that Biden

I am a Canadian and 16 years old. That means I can not vote in the American election and even if I could I wouldn't be old enough anyways. None the less I and many other Canadians are eagerly watching the presedential race this year as we always do.

It doesn't take a genius to understand the magnitude of this election, esentially the president of the United States becomes one of the biggest leaders in the world and is hugely important to Canada. Almost as much as our own prime minister.

I am a fan of Obama, I support many of his policies. Despite the fact that his stance on NAFTA could hurt our country, I highly doubt he'll go through with it as thats hardly a pressing issue in terms of the other issues within the economy. Enough of that though, I'm here to talk about Joe Biden and what I think about that.

My first though is, who the hell is Joe Biden? I've never heard of this guy. Then I saw a clip of him and was like, ohhh that angry guy from the debates last year. I knew nothing about this guy and I'm sure most of you didn't either.

I learned a lot about him in the last day (Thanks CNN) and I now know a lot about this and I think he's a great choice. He has been on senate 36 years, is the chairman of internation affairs in the senate and seems like the perfect canidate for VP to bring Obama to the White house.

This guy seems like he has the foreign affairs expertise to get America out of Iraq and avoid situations like this in the future. With Obama, he and him in my opinion can change America and the world. After all, the American government is one of the most important and active in world affairs.

So what do you think about this Biden guy or do you support McCain?

I'll be away till Saturday

I'm going to visit my grandparents, until then I posted a review for Dead Rising and Condemned, both awesome games which I really loved.

I'll still be on the forums and maybe blogging but I won't be on the computer much. I'm gonna be also playing some of the old gamecube games I never beat and maybe review one or two

Paper Mario and Windwaker are two games I hope to beat and I'll go at Twilight Princess.

See you all on Saturday