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Thanks a lot Microsoft...Stupidest issue ever

So I bought a 1400 hundred point card and was excited as ever to get home and buy Mega Man 9 and the Legendary map pack. Guess what though, my Xbox accoutn has compatibility issues...

My account says I live in America, I didn't bother changing this from my outdated email because I figured I'd be able to do it any time like on any other email. I also gave false information on my email which is 7 years old because at the time I never gave out real information, I trusted no one like I was told by everyone.

Now I can't add a 1400 MS point card, I gotta buy cards from America now...Why the hell can't I change my country? The service rep says I just can't. I said, but my 12 month gold card worked fine and she said you might have gotten lucky. I'm left with these problems

1. I'll never get to play Mega Man 9 unless Capcom realeases a disc version
2. I'll never be able to get anything with MS points including Rock Band DLC
3. I'll never be able to buy anything off of Xbox Live
4. I'll have to be careful when I buy new gold live cards
5. I may have to just make a new account and lose all my gamerscore and friends
6. I need to update my shipping info and don't know how
7. Can I use an xbox live gold card on both canadian and american accounts? My account info said I was in America and I bought a 12 month gold live card in Canada and it works fine but I need clarity. That's the most crucial issue. If not I might as well make a new account and start all over.

Help me out guys...

Hardest week of school ever done; Bring on Mega Man 9 and Legendary Map Pack

I just finished a terrible week of school, so busy and utterly awful it's hard to say. I had 5 tests in three days and a couple of quizzes and on top of that I had homework. They were are pretty hard and it's just been a bad week. Grade 11 is awful and I really hate it, luckily though they begin to lay off in October and we get a lot of short weeks this month because of mid term breaks and Canadian Thanksgiving.

Now the weekend is gonna be bright, I hope to beat Tales of Vesperia, buy Mega Man 9, and as well I want to buy the Legendary Map Pack. I just need the 19.99 1400 point card and my weekend is set.

Anyone care to comment on the analog stick and Mega Man 9? I've heard it works well but I just want confirmation. Comments on the Legendary Map Pack also appreciated.

R.I.P Paul Newman

Fans of great cinema have lost a legend, Paul Newman died from a battle with cancer. Months of speculation have been going into the actor's state of health and often people reported he was near death. Newman would deny this, sadly this was not the truth and the actor shockingly passed away Friday September 26th 2008.

Paul Newman was a loving father, academy award winning actor and a philanthropist. He has been renowned for his films such as The Hustler and Cool Hand Luke to great modern films like The Colour of Money and Road to Perdition and even Cars. Paul Newman has graced generations of moviegoers with his great performances and his presence will be sorely missed.

Paul Newman also was a great philantrophist. His salad dressing and speghetti sauce line called Newman's own has made over a hundred million dollars. All of this profit is donated to charity and let me tell you these salad dressings and sauces are damn good. To this date, Paul Newman has donated between 100-150 million dollars of money he could have made to charity. Paul Newman is a truly selfless celebrity.


Mega Man 9 or Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

I want to get one of these things, I plan to pickup the 1400 point card fo 19.99 canadian dollars.

I really want either of these games but in truth I can easily wait a month a part for both so it's not too important to me. Megaman 9 isn't life or death since I'm still beating the old ones and Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack is also no problem

I really want it though because of the new update Halo 3 just got, I want to revisit the game and spend more time with it. I only spent 30 hours tops on the online and maybe 12 houes on the single player. I really want to use the new content with the mythic map pack and legendary.

Megaman 9 though is Megaman 9...

So help me out, which should I get?

EDIT: Also is the mythic map pack free? That'll greatly influence my choice in which to buy.

EDIT #2: Best news ever, the legendary map pack is now 600MS points, a 1400 card is 19.99. I can get Megaman 9 for 800MS points and then get the legendary map pack for 600MS points. Conclusion, I can get both!

New Bungie Game Has Me Excited

Anyone one who owns a 360 or follows any of the gaming news knows that Bungie has been teasing a game and their cancelling of that announcement at this years E3 was one of the biggest disappointments of the summer and the frosting on the fail cake that was this years E3.

Well finally Bungie has given us a trailer, that this game is still alive and it is obviously a Halo game which I assume is exclusive to the 360.

Trailer Here

What do you guys think of it? I hope it's a pre-quel to how all this started, it appears to be the case. It could also be a continuation of the series so who knows.

So it's been a week since I got Tales of Vesperia; Fracture Demo Impressions

I've been playing Tales of Vesperia as much as I can despite being busy with school I managed to sneak in about 13 hours in a week. I can just say this, without a doubt this is one of the strongest RPGs this generation. It's so much fun and the characters are awesome. I've not connected with characters this strongly since GTA IV.

The battle system is great, it's easy to pick up but hard to master. The boss battles are challenging enough but never too hard. The giganto monster battles are just insane. I love the way the story is told and it's great. I can't wait to finish it and write my full review so look out for that but so far I plan to rate it a 9.0/10.


Now I also tried a new demo, the Fracture demo. I just finished playing it and you know what, it's not bad. It's not very polished it seems. Some of it looks great some of it looks blah but the gunplay works well. The melee system is a bit funny because it takes like 10 hits to kill someone but the terrain transformation is absolutely awesome.

I also like the different grenades and weapons. With multiplayer this game could be insane because the plot seems like standard sci-fi fair and nothing special. I predict an 8.0/10 for this game.


Also, Far Cry 2 looks amazing. October 21st will be a tough choice for me as I am going to EB games that day. Fable 2 or Far Cry 2. The reviews and previews have been excellent so we gotta see how it goes.

Be sure to comment guys.

Tales of Vesperia = Awesome

So after some hunting I finally found Tales of Vesperia and I had to settle for a store I don't like to buy games from. Despite this I still got Tales of Vesperia and brought it home, popped it in and played for three hours.

My initial impressions of the game are great. The game is a lot of fun and I'm liking the story so far. The characters are interesting and I've laughed a few times. The dialogue is well written and the english voice actors aren't bad for a change. Japanese games are well known to have awful dub overs as many of you know (Ninja Gaiden 2 anyone?)

The combat is simple and easy to get into, I really like how it's not overtly complicated but of course in boss bottles you need to use strategy. It's well done and I enjoy that alot.

Overall these are just initial impressions, I don't like one thing. It's hard to get achievements but I think they come along later in the game after doing more things. That's a menial gripe though and they don't destroy my joy in the game.

I just finished downloading the Warhammer Online Beta, expect impressions shortly.

About time the weekend came; decided on my game for tomorrow

So glad I only got one more day of school left. Mostly it's been an uneventful week, all I did was switch some courses.

I went from Media Arts 11 to Geography 12 which was an awesome choice, great course and an awesome teacher. He doesn't believe in homework which is something I like.

I also have a pending transfer from Bio 12 to Physics 11, I need this for university placement if I want to go into engineering or a science degree to become a doctor.

That's just the boring stuff, now the important stuff which is gaming.

I plan to buy Tales of Vesperia tomorrow and I can't wait. Game looks great and the demo was a lot of fun and I mean...a lot.

I'll buy that Saturday and tell you some initial impressions. If they don't have it at EB I'll get Mercenaries 2 instead I guess.

I really really want to play Mercenaries 2; If you played it post here!

I mean I really do, it looks like an awesome game and a lot of fun and the gameplay has really impressed me. I love explosions and the gameplay looks good enough for my standards. I just want to have fun and that is the bottom line but the 59.99 price tag has me thinking.

I almost bought it but decided to wait for reviews, now they are here and I see that the user score is an 8.0 which is a great score these days for a game.

What do you guys think of this game? If you played it please post here!

Now if I don't choose to get this game I'll get Spore or Tales of Vesperia. I'll admit I am less excited about both of these games then Mercenaries 2 but they both look excellent and I love their respective genres. If you've played these feel free to tell me how they are!

I played the demo for Vesperia and found the combat a bit iffy but got used to it. Is it better in the final product because they said they'd tweak it more at the beginning of the demo. I've heard nothing bad about Vesperia and would really like to get my first RPG for the 360 which is why I bought one partly.

So help me out

Spore, Mercenaries 2, or Tales of Vesperia

Officially done with Gamespot reviews; Finally back from my forced hiatus

I've had it with Gamespot and from now on I'm only listening to player reviews. Too often they either underrate or overrate games and I'm getting sick and tired of it.

The latest review of Mercenaries 2 is the worst case lately, they have it a 5.0...That's far too low especially when the other sites have given it an average of a 78 which is good and the player score based on 1500 people is 8.5. Something is amiss with that.

I played the game myself and it was awesome and a lot of fun and next weekend I plan to get either Mercenaries 2 or Spore. We'll see when the time comes. I'm leaning towards Spore because of a lasting value and it's cheaper. IF you want to suggest which one for me to get just post it as a comment!


In conclusion there are countless other reviews on Gamespot that have been a load of crap from the Oblivion review which seriously overrated the game to the Too Human review. I respect their work and I understand it's one opinion but you'd think they would try to write at least a good review.

I respect Kevin V's work, he's usually on the ball but he has done some wonky ones notably Too Human and rating the sequel to Condemned higher then the original (Something it obviously was not).

To make it short, I'm only listening to player reviews now until they make good and informative reviews, not just game bashing reviews like the one Mercenaries 2 is.