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Top 10 Current Generation Shooters (Thus Far)

Don't berate me if my opinion isn't in line with yours :P

To qualify for this list it has to be made after November 2005. It's also completely my opinion and it only involves gamse I've played from beginning to end or just played extensively.

10. Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead suceeds on so many levels. For one it's one of the best co-op shooters out there and it's an absolute blast to play with a group or even just one friend. Sadly it's lack of content though keep it down on my list but it'll still go down as one of the better first person shooters this generation. Left 4 Dead is an example of what a co-op shooter should try to do.

9. Bioshock

Shooters this unique don't come around very often. Bioshock is a rare breed of shooter. For one it ignores online which has become a standard in shooters. It also features many gameplay elements not standard in shooters. Plasmids also keep the game feeling fresh by giving the player what basically amounts to 'superpowers'. This game also tells one of the best stories from any first person shooter and for that reason it earns a respectable spot on this list.

8. Gears of War 2

Gears of War is every thirteen year old's wet dream. It's a bunch of muscular guys chainsawing alien scum on a distant planet. It's an immensely satisfying game and when compared to the first, it almost renders it obselete. This game is gorgeous, it tells a pretty decent story, and it plays like a stellar action movie. The online component is a lot of fun but sadly it is bogged down with some issues. Horde mode though will always be a blast and the co-op is as good as ever. Gears of War earns number 8 for all these reasons.

7. Crysis

Crysis is not only visually stunning. It's also pretty fun as an open ended sandbox-esque shooter. It has decent AI but it suceeds on keeping the action open ended and varied. Though the alien sector aren't as fun you'll forgive it. The online is decent though it could have used some work but overall Crysis is a great game well worth checking out. It's a true testament to the power of the PC.

6. Half Life 2: Episode 2

Episode 2 took everything from Episode 1 and Half Life 2 and expanded on it. It made the good better and it learned from all past mistakes of the series. It also gave the best story thus far in the series and it's given great setup to Episode 3. I strongly believe it is the best single player only first person shooting experience this generation.

5. Resistance 2

Epic doesn't begin to describe this game. Much improved over the original, Resistance 2 delivers on everything it promised. Co-op is an absolute blast and the online component is some of the best on consoles. It's just an all around steller game that I greatly enjoyed. It's one of the reasons I am bound to purchase a PS3.

4. Battlefield: Bad Company

As a die-hard Battlefield fan I didn't think I'd enjoy Bad Company much; in the end though it surpassed my highest expectations tenfold. The game is excellent and though it lacks many standards like co-op, deathmatch, and team deathmatch, what you do get is so much fun it's unbelievable. The single player is light and fun. It's never too serious and it knows what it's meant to be. Blowing stuff up is just unbelieveable and the online is just excellent. With one of the best communities out there the teamwork aspect is just top notch. I loved it and I can't recommend it enough.

3. Team Fortress 2

No game was more robbed by Gamespot's editorial team then Team Fortress 2. As I've stated before this game is the perfect online team-based game. Working together is necessary and because of the games stellar community it just works. The game has some of the best developer support on the PC and it's an absolute blast to play. Few games are as fun and satisfying as Team Fortress 2 and it's one of the few games this generation I'd call near flawless.

2. Halo 3

If any game deserves a medal it's Halo 3. Halo 3 does so much it's insane and mind boggling. The campaign though slightly weak is excellent and it's a suitable end to the series. It's given a large boost though by it's stellar co-op which is a ton of fun. The online component is an example of perfection. With so many modes to choose from it's almost endlessly replayable and with Bungie's constant support shows that Halo 3 will be around for a long time to come. People shouldn't hate on Halo, I used to hate on it and I paid the price. This game is popular for a reason.

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I spent a lot of time thinking about what the number 1 should be. Choosing between Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 is like choosing your favorite child. Both games have given me so much. In the end though I had to go with Call of Duty 4. The single player is one of the best experiences I've ever had. Though short, the character development, story progression, and general structure is second to none. The story was genuinly shocking and it had me on the edge of my seat. It's not predictable in the least. Though is misses out on co-op, it's online is excellent. You can either choose to play the online as a 'lone soldier' or you can try your hand in team based modes. Because of the game's open ended online options it's just never ending and it's one of those things that is hard to get tired of. Call of Duty 4 is Infinity Ward's magnum opus and I can't wait to see what they have in store for Modern Warfare 2.

Watchmen (2009) Movie Review; Spring Break! *NO SPOILERS*

I'm on Spring Break now :P. That means more blog activity.

Time for a review of The Watchmen. I saw this movie last week and at first I hated it but as time went on I slowly began to see more positives in it. So I saw it again and I have finally formed an opinion on it. It is as follows...


As the poster states, "From the visionary director of '300'". Visionary? If adapting someone else's source material panel to panel was considered to be visionary then call me silly but wouldn't that mean Robert Rodriguez's 'Sin City' is the most 'visionary' film ever made? Enough with that though. How does Watchmen stand as a movie? This movie has been in production for nearly twenty years. In fact, most actors in this film were not even in the film business when this movie first began production. Why so long you might ask? Terry Gilliam was originally going to direct the adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel sometime in the 80's. Deeming it unfilmable he abandoned the project. Watchmen continued to land on the desk's of many more directors all the way from Darren Aronofsky to Michael Bay (:o)

After the success of 300, Zack Snyder was given the chance to direct the film. Jumping on the offer he took it and he attempted to make a movie that even Alan Moore would think, "Is a decent representation of the original graphic novel". Is it though?

The original story for Watchmen is partly intact. The Comedian, whose real name is Edward Blake, is murdered in his apartment building one night. Rorschach, a vigilante who previously served with the Watchmen, arrives on the scene to investigate. What stems from this investigation is just a whole world of conspiracy, political intrigue, and violence that I don't want to spoil. The plot is deep in the graphic novel but in the film it comes off as flawed. It's very difficult to follow if you aren't familiar with the source material and the film doesn't do a good job of explaining the background information. Rather then trying to do it properly it attempts to do much of it with a long title sequence and a vague reference here or there. Some vital parts of the graphic novel are also cut out or shortened making them ineffectual to the overall plot. This is especially evident with Rorschach's psychiatrist. There are some good things though. For one the new ending is very well written, in fact it is better then the originals. Other then that though I don't think the movie succeeds in capturing a plot with the same impact of the graphic novels. It's intriguing but it won't please anyone since graphic novel fans will be disappointed and most likely the Average Joe just won't get it.

The Minute Men, Comedian seen in front on knee

Sorry if I just blasted you with a wall of text concerning the plot but I feel it is the most important part of the film given its source material. Another important part is the acting. If the film isn't well acted or a part is mis-casted it has the capacity to ruin the film. The Watchmen's characters are almost as important to the film as the story and to fans they are second to none. How does it stand up? For one it's hit and miss. Malin Akerman is decadently average as Silk Spectre II. I say this for a variety of reasons. She's excellent in fight scenes and at times her acting is pretty good. Other times though it's just bad and she has poor delivery. She's not 'average' all the way through but rather she is inconsistent. Carla Gugino is not good at all as Silk Spectre but I'll cut her slack since she is hardly featured at all.

The rest of the cast is excellent though and I'd describe them as perfect choices. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is terrifying and hypnotic as The Comedian. Every scene he is in is captivating and I loved the brief moments we got to see him. Billy Crudup is also excellent as Dr. Manhattan and his scenes are some of the most interesting scenes in the film. This is most likely due to the fact that his scenes are perhaps the most faithful to their source. I also enjoyed Patrick Wilson who did a commendable job but not a standout one. The strongest performance was easily Jackie Earle Haley's as Rorschach. He was excellent and I often waited for him to appear on screen.

This film is shot very well too. It mixes a lot of original shots with direct shots from the graphic novel's panels. This works well and it keeps the camera work both faithful and fresh. The sound is hit and miss sadly. Though the sound effects are chilling and fitting for the film, the music 'sucks'. There is some good use of music in particular with 'The Times Are Changing' and 'All Along the Watchtower' but the rest feels inappropriate and just plain silly. Where the hell was all the music from the trailers? Phillip Glass's keyboards fit perfectly for this film so why did they insist on using corny music for many important scenes? I have no idea but as The Comedian said, "God help us all".

The Watchmen

One issue I had with the Watchmen was its inconsistency. The first part of the film is excellent and it's truly faithful to the graphic novel in its structure and execution. In the second part though it really disintegrates into an exploitation of slow motion violence and sex. It also cuts out story that would have benefited the movie. It feels disjointed and it's off putting. It ends well though but the middle leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

For a movie that is in essence a partial pure adaptation of Moore's graphic novel, it misses out on too much for it be a 'good representation'. It fails to capture much of the novels wit and intellect. It prefers to substitute some story elements for slow motion violence and sex and it kind of makes me wonder why? Did Snyder think that we'd not miss Rorschach's psychiatrist? I feel this film is a poorman's version of The Watchmen, it's too dumbed down for it to stand with the graphic novel but on it's own it's a fair movie. Sadly this isn't going to be the groundbreaking film some hoped for but it will go down as a decent film that we'll forget about; just like 300.


The Good: Many excellent performances in particular The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, and Rorschach, The first part of the film is stellar, the new ending is well written and fitting.

The Bad: Took the sty le over substance route, not so 'visionary', Silk Spectre I and II are average, really fails at capturing the middle portion of the novel accurately, no need for the excessive gore, slow motion does get annoying after a while.

The Ugly: Though it misses out on too much for it to hold a candle to the graphic novel, it's a fair representation in the end.

Resident Evil 5: Initial Impressions *No Story Spoilers*

So today I finally picked up my copy of Resident Evil 5. My pre-order came in on the day of, I walked into the store, popped down my 59.99 and I walked out, rushed home, and played it all while missing school. At the moment I'm at Chapter 3-1 and though it looks like it's halfway through the game it's not. The first few chapters are fairly short and they are really meant to get you into the game by throwing as much Manjini towards you as possible. To my amazement as well, almost all the things Capcom has shown us are in the first couple chapters rendering my previous worries obselete. I had previously worried that Capcom had nothing up their sleeves, I was wrong.

The first thing I noticed in the game was how extraordinarily beautiful it is. This is one of the better looking games I've played and it just has great animations, character models, lighting, and texture work. It's also always blazing at a solid and steady framerate. The game also has this great flow which isn't obvious at first. At first it feels like the game is marred with periodic loading times but later on the game is so seamless it feels almost, cinematic? Don't take it the wrong way though this game at the moment has had very little 'story' so to speak. I've seen one flashback and a few cut scenes but all the cutscenes were meant to set up action not much story. I hope I see some more of the game's core story soon :) The cutscenes though are fantastic and their movie-esque feel is just great. They are well done and they help to make the game better overall. The game also sounds awesome. Great voice acting, riveting music, and the sound effects are pretty good though they sound a bit 're-hash'

As for the Gameplay I am digging it. I use controller-type B and it works perfectly. It's basically RE4's control set up but with a bit of a twist and it works the best of the four choices. I was a bit uncomfortable with it at first since I haven't played a game of this type since, well, Resident Evil 4. In about one hour though I was perfectly adept and I had no trouble using it at all. I don't even miss run and gun. I am glad it was not included in the final game. The game is a tad bit easy but it's got some challenging bits. I've been in a few boss and mini-boss fights as well and they were all a blast and their difficulty was perfectly tuned. The gameplay experience has been superb thus far.

And oh yes, the problems with Sheva are kind of exagerated. Sure she is prone to use a bit too much ammo but I haven't had many problems with her wasting it more then once. She does tend to be more trigger happy but she gets enough kills done to make her worthwhile. I also enjoy the partner aspect, it's well done as a whole and the game doesn't feel artificial in terms of it's co-op implementation.

Overall I am really digging this game and I can't wait to get back in tomorrow. I hope to play some co-op with other players here and I basically want to finish this game by the end of the weekend so I can spend my first week of spring break in mercenaries mode :)

Look out for my review sometimes next week

The Resident Evil 5 Blog of Unprecedented Hype

It all started in 2005...

The release of this trailer brought unprecendented hype to the next true Resident Evil game, it also created some system wars conflict when it ended saying 'For Playstation 3'

Some three years later and Capcom begins to bombard us with new information. The game is about Chris Redfield and Sheva Alamar in Kijuju Africa and Wesker is definately in it. With mysteries of Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield many wonder what the story has for us. I can't wait to discover it.

In fact, storywise this is one of the major reasons I want the game. The two real trailers have seen have not only floored me in terms of their quality but they've also sparked questions and hype in me I haven't felt since Metal Gear Solid 4 / Grand Theft Auto IV from last year. Yes I'd go as far as to say this is my most hyped game of the year and I plan to skip school Friday just to play it.

Don't believe me?

TGS Trailer 2008: One of the best trailers I've seen in a while

Or not as good but still amazing...

2009 Trailer: I love it

Oh Capcom, what would you be if you didn't release a demo and infinite amounts of gameplay footage. The gameplay footage has all looked great and action packed. Despite the missing puzzles, corrider shooting and genuine horror I'm sure this game will have some. After all, who isn't afraid of tentacles.

Even then I don't care. I just want to end the Chris Redfield saga and play a genuinly great game. From the demo, this game is just that. Not only is it a blast with friends (as seen in this montage) but it's also satisfying and it just works. Resident Evil has been one of those series I've wanted co-op in and I'm glad we got it.

And oh yeah, you might think I work for Capcom but I assure you I don't. This game looks awesome and I just can't wait for Friday. The graphics on top of it all look outstanding and I can't wait for Gamespot's review (though their score won't matter since I'll most likely already own it). Even then though, IGN already gave it an excellent 9.0

Friday the 13th, the luckiest day of the year.

Some bonus interviews:

Number 1
Number 2

Film Review for W. (2008)

W. is the latest political-film from renowned director Oliver Stone. Stone is no stranger to contraversy. He's directed such films as Platoon, Nixon, JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July. Surpsingly enough though, W. is hardly a contraversial look at the now defunct President George W. Bush. In fact, I'd say it's somewhat of a sympathetic look at a president who's spent his whole life being esentially screwed over. The film paints a fascinating picture of a man who has always been in his fathers shadow. In fact, I'd say it does a great job of humanizing Bush to a certain degree. The movie achieves something really neat where you never really see Bush as a president, just a normal guy with one hell of a job. This is where the film suceeds. Sadly though, the film can be bogged down with some story issues and at times the film can feel a bit stale and rudimentary.

The plot of W. starts with Bush at around 18 when he is in Yale. The film takes off from there as we follow Bush from his early 'oil rig' days to the current war in Iraq. The film is presented in a non linear fashion though; it is not in sequential order. It's relatively easy to follow but there are some presentation issues. For one they skip out on a lot of important details and they keep some non important ones in. For instance because of the films often large jumps it skips key events like Bush's marriage to Laura, Bush's first election campaign, and just a lot of events felt overtly simplified for the sake of time. I know it's not a serious political film but I think they could have trimmed some fat and added some meat.

What makes this movie though is the acting. The acting is mostly well done. Josh Brolin is actually an excellent Bush. He does a really great job at mimicing Bush and he delivers the 'bushims' with perfection. Elizabeth Banks is a surpringly excellent Laura Bush. George Bush Sr. and Barbera Bush are respectively played by James Cromwell and Ellen Burstyn. Both do a really great job. The highlight of the film though is Richard Dreyfuss's performance as Dick Cheney. He was stellar and he was truly convincing. Jeffrey Wright played a capable Colin Powell. Thandie Newton though wasn't very good as Condoleeza Rice though. She came off as very nasal and annoying though this may have been intended.

Oliver Stone truly did a fantastic job here. He really got great performances out of the actors and for the most part he chose a good path for the movie. I'm glad it wasn't just a continuous 'Bush-Hate' fest. The writer of the film though, Stanley Weiser needs a lesson on how to tell a biography. He just kept useless stuff in and important stuff out which bogged down the film's story a few times.

I'm truly mixed about W. For one I think it was a great look at Bush. Not only did it cause me to sympathize for a man I previously hated but it also caused me to relate to him. It's amazing how Oliver Stone was able to make the Bush. The film is also very funny and it has well written dialogue coupled with great performances. On another level I don't think I could recommend this to many people at all. If you have no interest in politics you'd be wasting your time. If you do have a keen interest though in politics I think you should check this movie out. It's got some story issues but it's still well worth the time to go see.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10

The Good: Great performances, Sympathy for Bush? Yes Way

The Bad: Poor writing at times, not reccomendable for most people

The Ugly: A great character study of the now-ex President Bush

Two New Reviews! Two of the Highest I've given in a long time

One game, Rock Band 2 is one of the best games I played in 2008. I rewarded it accordingly given it's raising of standards in the music game genre. The game is stellar and any fan of rhythm games should check it out.

I think I may have to justify my Lost and Damned score though. Yes I've only given 5 perfects before for any game I've ever played (hundreds of games played, 5 perfects). Now this is DLC so I rated it on a DLC scale. In the end though, this game has totally changed the way I see DLC and I see it as a trendsetter for DLC. This DLC is amazing and it not only made a mostly perfect game better but it also brought back many old things I enjoyed from San Andreas. The online also kicks ass and the DLC is a perfect value.

So, read 'em up, they are my first two reviews this year. Damn it took long!

Rock Band 2: Review

Lost and Damned: Review

My Breakdown of The Oscars

So here are my predictions

I didn't do too bad

Out of the 21 categories I got 16.5 right :P Not too shabby if I may say so.

Now here is my opinion of the big winners;

Best Foreign Film:


Boy am I glad it was not Waltz With Bashir. I thought it'd win because the film was a pro-Israeli film and it was heavily liked in America. Okuribito is one of those films no one saw. I managed to see it and I absolutely loved it but I never dreamed that it would win. Luckily you'll be able to see it soon since it has found an international distributor!

Go see it, it's an excellent film you'll love. I am glad it won the award.

Best Screen Play (Adapted and Original)

Pretty much as I expected, both films deserved this a lot and I just commend both the writers for doing a fantastic job with these scripts. I couldn't have seen it turn out any other way.

Best Supporting Actress:

My first major disappointment of the night. Now I never saw Vicky Christina Barcelona but I did see Doubt, Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Wrestler. I can say this, Viola Davis should have won and if not here Taraji P Henson. If not them Amy Adams...but come on Penelope Cruz? lolwut.

Best Supporting Actor:

If you go against this you look like an ass, well call me an ass. I think this category sucked in general. Robert Downey Jr. should not have been nominated. Emile Hirsch though, he deserved it. Now as for the other nominees, Michael Shannon was slightly better then Heath Ledger and I honestly believe he should have won but I can't complain as to how it turned out.

Best Actress:

As I expected, go Kate. About time you got some recognition but it was for the wrong movie.

Best Actor:

Alright, let's get this straight. Leonardo DiCaprio should have been nominated but he wasn't. Now that's out of the way. In my opinion Mickey Rourke should have won. Sean Penn already won before and his role was nothing amazing thought he was superb. Mickey Rourke though took his role the extra mile and he moved me. The movie was depressing, sad, and amazing and it was a testament to Mickey's talent as an actor. I loved it and he should have won but you know what I am happy either war. It should have been Mickey's year though.

Best Director:

Well deserved, I love Danny Boyle. I am glad his work has finally been rewarded

Best Picture:

My favorite movie of the year cleaned up at the Oscars...yay

All in all a good year for movies, I hope 2009 is just as good.

Battlefield Heroes Beta Impressions

So to start off with I just want to say I love The Boondocks. This has become my current favorite TV show, I just can't get enough. It's one of the funniest shows I have seen, ever. Watch it if you have never seen it, it's gonna go down as one of those shows that just pushes the limits and is always funny. Honestly I've never seen a show as smart and funny since the original 90's Simpsons.


Now onto what you came here for, the Battlefield Heroes beta impressions. I just got into the beta after signing up and I've played it a good five hours. I'll just relay my initial impressions.

I can not post videos due to a contract I agreed to. Maybe at a later point. It's impossible to record anyway due to Fraps not being recognized. I'll go into as much detail as I can.

So Battlefield Heroes is basically a free to play web based shooter. It features a cell shaded graphics structure which is kind of like Team Fortress 2's but on the highest settings it just doesn't look as good. It's an alright looking game and for a free game it's right in line with what you should expect. The screenshots though are clearly touched up in EA's typical fashion.

The first think you'll do when you enter the game is customize the character. Unlike in other Battlefield games, your character is tied to whatever army it is but you can make multiple soldiers. Each solider you make has only one loadout which is either a soldier, gunner, or assassin. There is one side which is clearly the Allies and there is one clearly meant to be the Nazis (even though they lack the same name). Now when you initally create your character it is very basic. You choose skin color, hair, hair colour, and facial hair. Upon playing the game more though you can unlock credits which you use to buy different clothing, weaponry, and upgrades. It's a fairly standard system which works decently.

My character looks boss :P The customization is very good.

So far from what I've seen in the beta, there are only a few maps at the moment and they suffer from 'all looking the damn same and playing the damn same' syndrome. One of them is like a seaside village (I can't remember the names). It's pretty good and the map has a good structure in that there are many alley ways for your little battles and the map is a good size. There is another one that is pretty much exactly the same albiet, it removes the sea and it adds a cornfield instead for vehicular battles. These are the only two maps I ever get into. I hope I see at least one more in the beta but I won't hold it against the game. It's just they're too similar the moment for me to care about what the map is in the server.

The first thing I noticed about the gameplay is that this game is really dumbed down. I mean it's just Battlefield taken down to it's core with a lot of jumping, no prone, no aim down the sight, and no tactics. You basically run and gun and it's pretty fun. It's nothing all but it does the job. I wouldn't even compare it to any other Battlefield games to be honest. All it has in common with the series at this point is the name and the concept of war. To be honest that is all there is to the game and you just run around aimlessly bunny hopping and capturing the flags for points.

There are vehicles in this game. You got a plane, a tank, and a jeep from what I've encountered thus far. The plane is pretty good controlwise and it's alright to use. The jeep is nice and it can carry you quickly from checkpoint to checkpoint so it does it's purpose as well. The tank isn't bad either but it's overpowered because since each player is confined to one ****on their customizable soldier, it's hard to find someone to take it out at any given time. Usually you have to hope you get another tank to destroy it.

Overall Battlefield: Heroes is shaping up to be a decent freeware game. It's nothing special, it's nothing new, but it is a nice distraction which you can go to for a few minutes just to shoot up some dudes. Other then that try to get into the beta to try it out for yourself. As a diehard Battlefield fan I can't see myself dedicating much more time to this but I'm sure some people will find it just their cup of tea.

My initial impressions are for the most part neutral.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and the Damned Impressions

Since I've gotten my 360 back I've been enjoying it more then ever. I've been playing Rock Band 2, downloading songs for that, and trying out all the demos I missed. I'll do a quick impression of those then go into my others. I've also pre-ordered a copy of Resident Evil 5 and plan to get Street Fighter IV for Spring Break.

So, my impressions:

Resident Evil 5:

This game is pretty boss. The demo has two levels, one level is the one we've all seen which is very similar to the first village battle in Resident Evil 4. You're locked up in a little shack while the locals attack you, simple enough. It's great fun though and very remeniscent of the the fourth game. The second part is you going through a shanty town and battling a chainsaw wielding psycho. It's very reminiscent of the fourth entry into the series as well.

What struck me as a bit off putting was the real time menu system. It does add to the terror of the situation but it's slightly clunky. The problem is it takes too many presses of 'A' to get something done. I shouldn't have to press A twice to equip something, maybe once. If it's something like health I should be able to press 'A' then while controlling my character decide what to do with it (which you can anyways but you still gotta press 'A' twice). It's a bit off but it's really my only complaint about the demo.

The co-op was a lot of fun and I enjoyed all the 'built for co-op' situations. The first thing I wanted after beating Resident Evil 4 was co-op and Capcom truly delivered. The A.I Sheva is also well done and she never did anything wrong, nor did she get in my way. I hope it's like this in the full version. The game was also just a lot of fun and the action was great. I enjoyed it as an action-horror game.

All in all I was impressed enough to pre-order the game. The controls aren't bad but I wish I could move my aiming sight faster. It's not a huge issue though as it still worked fine. I look forward to March 13th.

Halo Wars:

To be honest I thought Halo Wars would be a 7.0-7.5 game. I love Ensemble but Halo as an RTS on a console just never appealed to me. I was dead wrong. This game is not only a lot of fun but it works perfectly as an RTS. The cinematic cutscenes first of all blew me away, they were really well done and I enjoyed the movie like quality they had. The tutorial was also very well done, not too long and it taught me all I needed to know.

Entering the campiagn it seems like the game is 'light on action' but no. It heats up and the game just controls so well that it seems natural. I'm surprised at how well it controlled to be honest. It felt totally natural and I can see these controls being the standard for console RTS (Forgive me if they've been done before, it is my first console RTS)

The game is just really great, it sounds good, looks good, plays well, and has a lot of great action. My only worry is that it'll be too repetitive but I doubt that'll be the case. The skirmishes I had were awesome and I eagerly await this game. I hype it high AA-AAA.

Now, onto Lost and the Damned:

A lot of people overhyped Grand Theft Auto IV and when the game finally came out, rather then receiving the second coming of gaming Jesus, they got a stellar game which for some reason didn't live up to their expectations. In the end I found Grand Theft Auto IV to be the best game of last year and I gave it a fairly rare 10/10. It was also my personal Game of the Year beating out Fallout 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. Lost and the Damned is the first expansion as you all know in a series for the 360.

It features Jonny Klebitz who is a pretty pissed off guy. Billy just took over the gang from him after getting out of rehab and he has basically reignited a gang war between the Lost and the Angels of Death. This is all I've gotten to and so far the game is a blast. It wastes absolutely no time in taking you to the action. Jonny is all set up in Liberty City so it's nice to be able to start the high action missions right away with all the weapons. The new weapons are also awesome. I've used all of them but the automatic shotgun. The combat shotgun has no distance but up close it is devestating. It is great for drivebys. The automatic pistol is tons of fun but I still prefer the 9mm to be honest. The grenade launcher is just awesome. I adore it.

The new motorcycles are all great and I like the new physics. One odd bug is you often jump up really high in the air but it's fine since you don't fall off cycles anymore. It's great they changed this. The racing is also fun though very challenging.

My favorite thing so far is the story to be honest, I just love how they connected it with GTA IV and they really made some things clearer and put more detail in it. The characters are interesting though I think Billy is an obnoxious ass (intended I believe). Jonny is badass and I like him a lot to be honest, I don't get the hate for the Kleb.

Overall this is 1600 points well spent, I like this a lot and any fan of GTA IV should get it. If you didn't like the monotony of GTA IV try it out anyway, this DLC is all about action. So far it has a positive rating from me.

Got my 360 Back!

After being at MS for One month for repairs I finally got my 360 back today just in time ofr my long weekend starting tomorrow! I couldn't be happier as I just had an intensive Rock Band 2 session and popped in GTA IV for old times sake. My new 360 is actually a lot quieter then my old one and everything works. It's clean and my only complaint is it has a very very faint humming noise all the time and when I turn it off there is a funny sound that hasn't done anything. It plays my discs well too.

So happy right now, I plan to get something this weekend for it just to celebrate. 2800 point card for Lost and Damned and Rock Band 2 songs...for the win?

I gotta pop in Mass Effect as well!

Expect a review for Rock Band 2 by Monday and one for Mass Effect when I actually start and finish the game.