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Why I Am No Longer Level 30: Another Moderation...

Rather then go on a rant, I'll post a picture of my history and let you decide for yourself. I have permission to repost these, I asked in the 'Ask a Mod Forum' here.

If you want to see pictures, go here

Link 1
Link 2

For those who don't want to click,

The person I responded to said, 'There i said it Yes we are superior. i am tired of being afraid of being called a rascist. I just dont care anymore.'

I reponded, 'You are a racist though...'

I get modded, I lost a level, I get destroyed for that?

Now I was told there's two things I can say when I blog about this, I'll say those now.

I disagree with this moderation and I don't deserve it.

That is all.

Thanks for those of you who sent me support PMs and to the mod (who's identity will remain a mystery for his/her own sake) who supports me in this.

Upcoming Games I Want; Badly | My Birthday :D

Just a plug, todays my birthday :P

That's a picture of the actual cake I got from the same bakery, Chocolate Marble Cheesecake, yum :P

That means more money to blow on games! Namely the ones I'm gonna name below that are coming out within a year. They're in no particular order, I just want them bad. Here are the 8 games that are going to decimate my wallet in the coming months.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

I know it's not been confirmed but Blizzard has to say something soon right? I'm expecting an announcement at Blizzcon for this game and I am expecting an early 2010 release which seems to look more and more like a late Christmas everyday. I don't think I need to say much about this game other then the fact that it's a sequel to...Starcraft :shock:

Given Blizzard's penchant for quality, I'm not worried.

Aion: Tower of Eternity

Given how addicted I was to Guild Wars, the prospect of this game is very threatening indeed. It looks fantastic though and I'm quite sure I'll be checking this game out in it's beta phase. It really seems like a game seeking to refine rather then innovate and it has some great ideas which worked well in games before it. I think it looks excellent and given the fact that my friends are picking this up, I'll have no choice to seek it out.

Mafia II

Boy does this game look good, especially after seeing that E3 demo I have nothing but faith in this game. It looks like it has improved on the faults of the first game immensely and the attention to detail is amazing. I anticipate this being one of 2010's most lauded games, it reaks of fun.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

I've never been so excited for a Batman game, even when I was a child. The demo for this game was a lot of fun and it just looks like the first game to capture the Dark Knight perfect. I love how it's looking.


Finally, an action game I can get behind. I've been following this since it's announcement and all I can say it, damn I can't wait. Just watch any video to be amazed.

Final Fantasy XIII

If I could have one JRPG for this generation, here it is. Everytime I see it all I can do is express shock at how awesome it looks. Good lawd.

Splinter Cell: Convictions

If you had asked me a while ago what games I was looking forward to, this would not be on it. After E3 though, I became amazed, so amazed I ran out to pre-order my copy. This game is shaping up to be the best one yet and I am excited for what Ubisoft has in store. It has amicable goals for the series and I can't wait to see how they flesh out.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I lied, this is my most anticipated game by a huge marigin. I can't wait for November and I ordered the hardened edition so I get Call of Duty XBLA with it. I love Infinity Ward, I love COD, and I love Modern Warfare, what more could I ask for?

Thanks for reading, please comment :D

Favorite Games: Honorable Mentions; New Review: Assassin's Creed

So I finally got around to picking up Assassin's Creed and I have to say it's a great game. Altair's story isn't bad, it has great gameplay for the most part, and the game has a sense of innovation which few games try. Not everything works, there's a lot of cleaning up needed, but all in all I enjoyed it. Check out my review and reccomend it if you want to :P.


As I said I would do, these are my honorable mentions for my favorite games. All 10 of these games are games I loved but unfortunately, I was unable to throw these into my top 10 of all time list. These are in no specific order at all, they are merely just random games I like...a lot.

Mario Party 2

Why do I like this game? When I was a kid this was the best thing ever. It was my favorite multiplayer game, it was a game I rented ten times without buying (late fees everytime) and I played this for hours. It was the first game to give me a gaming related injury after all. I got a massive kink in my neck from playing it all day and as a result, I couldn't leave my bed without icing and some medicine :lol:

All in all, I have such fond memories of this game, I can't withhold it from this list. I loved the N64 Mario Party games and though I hated them after that point, they have a special place in my gaming memory.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

I'm not even 17 yet :lol:. I liked this game a lot. It was the first game to bring the lulz and I just thought it was fun. It had a sick local multiplayer game, an awesome single player component, and so many hilarious moments. It was one of my favorite N64 games and it's my favorite RARE game, sucks that they won't make a true sequel to the game. I crave it. Such a underrated game.

It's also funny to remember how Conker started out

Guild Wars

This was the first game I wasted my life with, that was one dismal summer in my basement. It was a great run though and my first experience with an MMO ****of game. I loved this game and it was something totally new to me which made it all the more addictive. The PVP in this game is stellar and I had a great time with the structure. I wasn't fully ready for an MMO environment so I enjoyed the integration of SP and MMO in here. The story lacked oomph but the gameplay had me hooked. Can't wait for GW2.

Max Payne 2

What an amazing game, even the box art reeks of epicness. The action and story of this game for me defined what a action game should strive to be. It was intelligent, uncluttered, and it didn't distract itself with silly things like co-op and online (I'm lookin' at you Max Payne 3...please be good). Everyone should play this game, mandatory. It's real good.

Team Fortress 2

Hands down the best game to come in the Orange Box. I hadn't experienced online team-based shooter like this since Battlefield. Team Fortress 2 is the paragon of team based gameplay and anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Game is sick, I love it. It also reeks of undeniable charm and humor.

The Movies + Stunts and Effects

Underneath this decent movie simulator is a game which satisfied my perrenial itch to make movies for a good two hundred hours. I loved this game and sharing movies, watching movies, and making movies made me feel good. The game is one of those massive time drains as you can spend hours perfecting and making movies. I have to say, it's the only game Molyneux delivered on, it's also his biggest flop :lol:.

Battlefield: Vietnam

As a huge Battlefield fan, I never understood why this game was treated as the series black sheep. It's excellent both wholly deserving of the name and more praise. Back in 2004 this game ruled my life and it was amazing. 64 player battles, massive maps which defined epic, and amazing set piece battles with your friends made it awesome. It also had the best atmosphere of any Battlefield game and I really enjoyed it. It's a game I would go back to if I could, I can't though because only Swedes and the English play it now.

Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima is one of my favorite developers and Metal Gear Solid is the greatest testament to his talent apart from Metal Gear Solid 1. It's a great end to a great story and I absolutely loved what he did with this game. MGO isn't too bad either. Metal Gear Solid 4 will go down as one of this generations best and it defines what a good game should be. Though many may call it out, it's still one of my favorites.

Grand Theft Auto IV

This game gets so much undeserved hate it's unreal. Of course though, the hype also was unreal. It was as close to AAAA hype as you can get and I admit I put it there and to the surprise of everyone, it achieved it. I loved this game to say the least and it stands as my second favorite saga in the series (a very close second mind you). The game had the best story in the series, the most refined gameplay, and it had a great atmosphere. Though it lacked staple features of the predecessors, it was still a fantastic game worth a lot on it's on merits.

Rock Band 2

Dun laff. This is my most played console game this generation. It was worth every damn penny and the soundtrack is huge and amazing. The DLC is top notch and the ability to take most of Rock Band 1 into the game made this one to keep. Guitar Hero should take notes on making DLC compatible. Rock Band 2 is the peak of the rhythm game genre and I don't think it can be topped. While Guitar Hero focuses on putting out three games a year, Harmonix puts care into their games by supporting it with weekly DLC. It also makes sure to make a full retail product worth all your money. That is why it's gonna go down as one of my favorites.

Please remember, there is no order to this, I am just listing off 10 games.

Top 10 Favorite Games: All Time; R.I.P Michael Jackson

First I just want to start off by saying R.I.P Michael Jackson. He's an amazing artist who opened doors for many after him. He'll be greatly missed and I feel it's very important to note that.


On to my list. This is a list of my favorite games. They are no one else's, reviews are not taken into my view, these are just my favorite games of all time. I've always had trouble making a list and this time was no exception which is why I have a few honorable mentions.

10. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is not only the best Gamecube game, but it's also one of the best horror games ever. I always loved the Resident Evil series and I first experienced it on the Gamecube which really made the whole console worthwhile to me. Resident Evil 4 took everything I loved about the series, added in a very fancy gloss of paint, and no doubt it refined the gameplay into something accessible and engaging. I loved this game and I still do, it's still a game I can go back to and play regardless.

9. Halo 3

Ahhh sue me. Halo is a great series and Halo 3 was the best in the series because it expanded on everything great about the first two while refining and innovating within it. Custom games on the consoles, great developer support, forge, epic campaign, epic online, epic game. Simple right? I love this game and it really is the whole package. It's one of this generations best games and for this reason I salute it. Bungie made a fine effort on this one and it's evident in the fact that it's still the most played game this generation on the consoles even after two years.

8. Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

I could say Metal Gear Solid but I think this is a superior version of the game anyways. Metal Gear Solid defined cinematic story telling and it's a really fun game. The stealth is excellent and despite it's epic shortness, the game was a blast to play through and I really enjoyed it. It's one of the most influential games.ever and it has good reason to be. The other games did improve on the formula but for me, Metal Gear Solid was the best because it was the first time I experienced something so refined and amazing.

7. Warcraft 3 & Frozen Throne

Warcraft 3 is amazing because of so many things. It has one of the best campaigns in a strategy game, it's got great balance, and it has one of the best online communities out there. The custom games in it are practically as fun as the original game and I think I've spent a total of four hundred hours with this game. Blizzard knows how to make something addictive and fun and Warcraft III is a perfect showcase of this. It's a must play game in my opinion.

6. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings

In my opinion, this is the best strategy game of all time. With the expansion included, the campaign is just massive and I love it's attention to actual history. I also really enjoyed the online component which blew me away because it really was my first experience online. I played this game when I was about six years old and it's one of the reasons I became a huge gamer. This game destroys puppies, it's the best, it's the :shock:. They don't make empire builders like this anymore.

5. The Sims

Overflowing with charm and fun, this was the first game I ever played. I was so addicted to it and I think it still holds some of my favorite moments in gaming. This game is ridiculous and I still play The Sims today most notably with The Sims 3 (Which I love thanks for asking :P). The Sims will go down as one of the best games of all time and it has good reason to be. Who would think such a simple concept would be so fantastic.

4. Battlefield 2

Battlefield is one of my favorite series and Battlefield 2 really brought it to the next level. Sixty four player warfare was never so amazing and I loved the emphasis on squad play. Being a commander was appropriately epic and for a game which might as well have been online only, it was amazing. I've had so many great moments in this game and I have to say it's held up well with the test of time. Battlefield to me is yet to be beaten in delivering the best online experience in a shooter.

3. Call of Duty

The first time playing this game's single player was simply amazing. It was intense, riveting, and mind numbingly awesome. The online to me was even better and it lasted me hundreds of hours. I can't say much about Call of Duty besides that it's my favorite series (As long as IW is behind it). Call of Duty 4 was really close to clinching this instead but I would never have bothered with Call of Duty 4 if not for this gem so I simply had to give it to the original. It's a game everyone should play at least once. Some have tried to imitate it, but this is the original and it sure is the best.

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto is bar none my favorite series, I'm a huge GTA fanboy and Rockstar could put anything out with the name and I'd eat it up.San Andreas though is the peak of the series which drew the perfect balance between story, gameplay, and over the top fun. You could do anything in this game and the sandbox was massive. I played it on PC and with all the mods this became one of the best games ever. Hundreds of hours later and I still find myself going back to it, I love this game and it truly is going to go down as one of the best games ever made.

1. World of Warcraft

At it's peak, World of Warcraft is what I would describe as a 'perfect game'. I've spent over a thousand hours with it and it still never gets old. Though I've long since quit, the times I've had in this game were some of the best I've had in gaming and with my good friends I had so much fun with this game. It consumed me but it was worth it because this game really made those two years some of the most fun of my life. It was worth it and thanks to the great support Blizzard gives it, it lasts seemingle forever. I've never been so immersed in a game in my life and for these reasons World of Warcraft is my favorite game of all time.

Thanks for reading, please comment :)

The Sims 3 is the best game I've played... (Also, need help choosing a new game)

In 2009...

Of all the games I've played this year, Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 being the highlights, The Sims 3 has really been the first to have me compelled, addicted, and drawn in for many many hours. I can't stop playing and I'm only on my second family really, the sense of accomplishment in this game is just unparalleled.

The best part of it is that it doesn't feel short on content. Unlike The Sims 2, it didn't feel like a downgrade for the series. The game feels really strong and it feels a lot more like a life simulator with the seamless loading of the town. I love that. The game also takes everything you could have wanted from The Sims 2 and it's expansions and it brings it into the package but it still is missing a few things I'd have liked (IE. Apartments). The only other negative I have is the lack of a town creator this time around but other then that it's a blast and I highly recommend you picking it up.

I could talk a lot but I'll let my review do that. Expect it to come in a few days. At this point I can only advise you to get it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I would have never thought the Sims 3 to be the best game of 2009 (Thus far!)

I'm also looking into some new games for the 360, I am going to renew my Xbox Live Gold but my birthday is coming up next month! (17)

What should I look into?

I was thinking of one of the following:

Assassin's Creed
Saints Row 2
(Anything you suggest)

I already own all the big 360 games but I am looking for a good RPG or Action Adventure game. Thanks for the suggestions. It's time to kick off summer gaming. :D

Best of E3 2009

It's been a while since I last blogged, I think the last time I did so was in March? In truth I've been hella busy but I'm nearly on summer break right now and I only have exams at the moment (only...). Well, might as well tell you what I think since I finally have something to talk about. I'm gonna count down the best of E3, not the crap, just the cream of the crop.

Let's kick it off. Feel free to share your own top ten, five, three, whatever in my comments.

10. Project Natal

Stare into it's eyes

I'm not a fan of motion controllers, at all. Anyone who knows me on this forum knows that but I have to say both Microsoft and Sony showed cool new devices which really put my faith back in the idea. It's kind of like rumble. Remember when it was called a gimmick? Then it got a makeover, it got revamped, and now it's the standard. That's kind of how I see motion control. Like rumble though, developers will have to take advantage of motion to control to elevate gameplay. If it stands as a gimmick, it'll disappear. I have a lot of faith in this device but it'll take a lot of work and support to get it off the ground. That's why this ambitious project sits at number 10 on my list.

9. Agent

This was actually all that was shown

I'm curious as hell, I love Rockstar but I hate exclusivity when it comes to their games. That's why it's not any higher. Of course though knowing Rockstar this will become a PS3/PC game but I can't wait to see how this turns out. It has a ton of potential but it's a huge downer for me that they're making this instead of GTA V (potentially).

8. Assassin's Creed II

How come he didn't die, oh wait this is II not I

The demo for this game looked great and if the developers can improve on the first, we'll finally have a title in this series worthy of AAA. The game looked steller and it looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to take this sequel for a spin in my 360. It's looking really good.

7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Aim that gun Justin...Is that guy flying over there?

This game looks like a great sequel. The first one had a lot of faults but it was still an alright game. This game looks like a great improvement and I can't wait to see the final product. Me buying a PS3 is still lying on how well this game does so in that sense I hope it fails. Spending 400 dollars would suck (Damn Sony for a price drop-less E3).

6. Halo: Reach

Sure says a lot about the

What's so intriguing about Halo: Reach is how we know basically nothing about it besides Bungie is making it and that it's most likely a shooter. What type of shooter? We don't know. We also know that it's a prequel I guess but Bungie confirmed nothing. What's even more odd is how an online beta is coming in September, that means they could have shown gameplay but they elected not to. I can't wait to sink my teeth into that beta when I pick up Halo: ODST. This game has potential to be a 2010 killer for Microsoft.

5. Final Fantasy XIII

Look at that massive damage

Anyone who remotely follows what I like knows this game has been on my radar for a very, very, very long time. I can't wait for this title to come out in March of 2010 (which is shaping up to be one of the best in a while). The gameplay looked outstanding and it ran silky smooth. It also looked gorgeous to boot. The trailer also satisfied my itch to try this game out. I simply can not wait.

4. Alan Wake

I wonder how many enemies he just kept at bay with that flashlight

I love survival horror and I have to say this game looked like an awesome game. Psychological thriller? Amazing. I can't wait for this game and Remedy have yet to disappoint me. The gameplay looked awesome, spooky, and entertaining. I can't wait to finally see this game 'Wake' to the light of day. Good joke right? No? Alright.

3. Splinter Cell: Conviction

Just let him be Sam...

Going into E3, I expected nothing from this game. I didn't even care about it since I figured Sam Fisher was done and his time was over. I was so wrong. I've never been so hyped for a game and this is on my must buy list for the year. It looks awesome and the gameplay was silky smooth. It looks to be the magnum opus of the series and I want it really badly. Fall 2009 can't come soon enough.

2. Halo: ODST

What does that grunt want, a curbstomp?

I love the Halo series and Halo: ODST looks like a great expansion to a superb game. With a 'special forces' mode and a completely new type of Halo campaign, I can't wait to pick this game up in a few months. All the Halo 3 DLC along with a Halo: Reach beta make this a deal I can't resist. The gameplay looked really neat and the concept of an 'openworld Halo' has appealed to me since I first heard of the concept. Bungie has done it again for me and the reviews haven't even come out yet.

1. Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Aren't these little captions just hilarious?

I love Metal Gear Solid and one of my irks of this generation is how they the final chapter isn't on every platform. It's one of the best of this generation and everyone should play it. I was very glad to see the new game, Metal Gear Solid Rising, go multiplatform. This game is going to make 2010 the best year ever in gaming for me. Hell 2010 at the moment is looking like the next 2008, and that was only two years ago :lol:.

Thanks for reading, please comment. I promise I'll blog more.

Two New Reviews: Resident Evil 5, Let The Right One In

So to start things off I'm finally done my Resident Evil 5 professional run, this would mark the fourth time I beat the game which is about on par with how many times I beat Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 5 to say the least doesn't deserve the hate it gets and I see it as a solid AAA title but in no way does it surpass Resident EVil 4.

With that said, here is my review for Resident Evil 5

It's long I know but I don't feel it's worth reviewing it if I don't talk about every aspect of the game.

Now onto my movie review...


Let The Right One In is not necessarily a romance or a horror movie, it is a movie that manages to fuse both together successfully. It's a daring move as many films have failed in this feat; like for example Twilight. To say the least though Let The Right One In is an intriguing mixture of genres that provides you with a interesting and diverse cast of characters to complement its rich and interesting story. There is a perfect blend of dark horror and light romance between two innocent twelve year olds which makes for a unique experience unlike any other I have ever seen. What many will take from this movie though is an appreciation for Let The Right One In's ability to break the molds of most romance and horror movies which makes it both a unique and fresh experience for the viewer.

The plot of the film is taken from the novel 'Låt den rätte komma in' written by John Ajvide Lindqvist who interestingly enough also wrote the film's screenplay. Though I have not read the book yet, I'd imagine this to be a good thing since the writer of the novel would obviously try his best to keep in moments of the book he felt were necessary hence creating the best and most faithful experience possible. This is mere speculation of course but judging from the strength of the movie's plot I see this as being the case. Let The Right One In's story follows Oskar who is a twelve year old who is both shy and bullied by peers of his at school. The leader of this gang is Conny and he is the source of Oscar's troubles. Oscar dreams of one day being able to exact his revenge on his bullies and this dream is only helped when another twelve year old girl named Eli moves next door with her caretaker Hakan. One thing leads to another and I'll let you take the story from there when you see the movie. Let The Right One In has a fantastic plot though which is unique and often surprising. Though I felt it may have ended a bit predictably, I did not feel ripped off in any way because I was still glowing from what I had seen previously. I feel the story is the film's strongest point and this is only accentuated by it's cast of characters who are both compelling and integral to the plot.

Oscar hoping to contact Eli

The characters of course though would be nothing without great acting and Let The Right One In delivers on this front too. Kåre Hedebrant who plays Oskar is great and he was perfectly cast in the film as the timid Oskar. The actress who makes the film though is Lina Leandersson who steals the show everytime she is on screen. I had trouble believing that she was only twelve when she filmed this. She was excellent as Eli and I don't think they could have cast a better actress. She was both creepy and innocent and she brought life into a role which could have easily beenmisconceived as only brutal and horrific. The supporting cast also does a great job especially Per Ragnar who plays Eli's caretaker. He is so mysterious and his appearance is one that is inherently creepy. He is fascinating to watch and you want to find out more about him. I really enjoyed it when I saw his character on screen though I felt he was slightly underdeveloped. There is the element of mystery, I can understand that, but I wanted to learn more. I can't fault the film for this but I can feel slightly angry :)

Let The Right One In is director Tomas Alfredson's first movie to break into the North American market. He is a great talent though and I hope to see more from him. His work in this movie is great and it's clear what his vision was. He has a knack for this kind of work and it really is quite amazing how he turned such dark subject matter into a hauntingly romantic experience which never comes off as neither corny or fake. Sometimes though I did wonder what he did with the film's budget. Some of the effects do look a bit corny but I know it was a modest budget so I'll forgive the film for it but it was semi-distracting. He really did do a great job though and I can't do anything but commend him for his efforts.

The mysterious Eli played by Lina Leandersson

Let The Right One In has great presentation as well. The film has very steady and straight forward cinematography which is clearly meant to give the viewer a neutral presentation of the film. This allows for us to gather our own opinions for what is happening on screen in order to better understand the story. To complement this neutral camera work, the film also has a very neutral colour scheme which helps to raise the atmosphere in terms of the horror. It also gives a more human feeling to the movie as Sweeden in the winter is in actuality kind of cold and snowy. One thing I didn't understand though was how at night, the forest could be lighted so well but eh, I didn't mind it. For the most part this film has great lighting and camera work though which is obviously important in a vampire-romance movie trying to incorporate real horror.

In the end, I feel that Let The Right One In is a movie I have to recommend. It's fresh and it's like nothing I've ever seen. It manages to take the two most cliched genres in film and shatter the molds of them which helps to bring the viewer into the innocent romance of Eli and Oskar with ease. It's a wonderfully structured tale which will stun you with it's horror and dazzle you with it's light romance. Keep in mind, this is not a 'run into eachother's arms and make love' romance spiel; it is something else entirely which I hope you will find out yourself. It comes with my hearty recommendation.

9.0 / 10

The Good: Well told plot is only made better by a strong cast of characters, great acting, breaks the cliches of the genres the film fuses together, better then the sum of it's parts, great cinematography, interesting from start to finish

The Bad: Gripes with corny effects, some underdevelopment hampered my enjoyment, slightly predictable ending, all are minor gripes.

The Ugly: An excellent film well worth your time. One of the best of 2008.

Top 10 Games of This Generation (Thus Far)

In an end to my series I present the top 10 games of this generation in my opinion.

Keep in mind this list is in no way associated with my other lists. Rankings on those lists are rated on their quality in terms of that genre. Of course though this is the quality of the game as a whole and rankings on those lists may not stand, for instance even though I rated Tales of Vesperia ahead of Persona, Persona could appear ahead of Tales of Vesperia on this list.

  • This list is entirely my opinion
  • It is not based off of anyones rankings
  • Making this list took a lot of thought, it was like picking my favorite child

10. Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet was not a game I hyped, in fact it never even interested me. I was proved to be wrong though when I finally had the chance to play the game for an extended period of time. Little Big Planet is a truly unique experience that can not really be found in any other game and for that I salute it. It encourages user creation which is something I really commend Media Molecule for doing. It's just a great game to play and for endlessly creative minds it'll prove to be a never ending game. The game is just technically pleasing and it's a easygoing 'light' game to play. It comfortably earns number ten for being both a rewarding and unique experience.

9. Dead Rising

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Dead Rising is the definition of fun. The whole vibe to this game is amazing and it's presented quite well. Capcom really outdid themselves with this game as it's just one of those sandbox games you can keep coming back to. The game has a compelling narrative, it has easy but satisfying gameplay, and it's a game that rewards exploration with more ways to kill zombies. It's never boring, and it's one of the best experiences I've had all generation. I have to give Dead Rising number nine on this list.

8. Persona 4

I've been so engrossed in an RPG. Persona 4 is just a superb RPG that is both unique and addictive. It without a doubt proves that you can have a next generation experience on 'last generation' hardware which is something I think many gamers tend to forget. The music in this game is fantastic, it looks great, but it plays deeper then all the other Personas. I love this series and it's strength is undeniable, I can't wait to see what they can do with it on next generation hardware.

7. Super Mario Galaxy

The Mario games have never been known for story and Nintendo knows this hence why they didn't make 'Metal Gear Mario'. Instead they gave the gameplay an overhaul and created a one of a kind, almost perfect, experience. Super Mario Galaxy plays fluidly and it's just a blast to go through from beginning to end. The level design is literally mind blowing and I'm glad Nintendo took the series in this direction since I found Super Mario Sunshine underwhelming to say the least. The game also pushes the Wii to it's boundaries and it looks great. Like Persona 4, Super Mario Galaxy shows that not all next generation experiences have to be on the best hardware, they just have to play like one.

6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4 proved that not all shooters have to follow the typical story mold. In fact this game has a great story which is both surprising and a blessing. It's refreshing to see a shooter that's not clearcut and for this I commend Infinity Ward. The legacy of this game though will be it's online which was really a revamped version of the old Call of Duty formula. It's finally shown it's strength though and the sheer variety here has kept gamers coming back for more and more everyday. I can't get enough of this game and it has shown it's strength as one of the best shooters this generation.

5. Rock Band 2

Rock Band changed the way we looked at music games and Rock Band 2 just perfected what Rock Band built itself on. Rock Band really pushed the music genre into something new and I have to commend Harmonix for this. Guitar Hero was finally showing it's age as a game so Rock Band decided to one up the music genre by adding in two more instruments to a guitar game. The rest is history. With daily battle of the bands updates and weekly DLC, Rock Band has shown the power of developer support and it's truly a 'unique to this generation' experience. Rock Band has proven that the rhythm genre of gaming is going nowhere and thank god for that, the game is amazingly addictive and fun.

4. Tales of Vesperia

Yes, it is that good. If you don't know already; I love this game a lot. Tales of Vesperia is the pinnacle of it's genre and it is one of the best Japanese role playing games I've played since well, God knows when. Fluid and addictive combat make the majority of this game a lot of fun. The story though is actually well done and it's both engrossing and addictive. It's never too much and the game strikes a perfect balance between story and gameplay. The cast of characters is top notch and this game has some of the best cell shaded graphics since Wind Waker. It deserves number four not because it managed to remind us that Japanese role playing games are going nowhere and because quite frankly I think it's one of the most well put together games in ages.

3. Halo 3

What kind of monster buys a 360 without playing Halo 3? No one. Halo is a series I used to despise especially as a former hermit who was rather pessimistic of consoles. Once I finally decided to play it though I was welcomed by one of the best shooting experiences...ever. Not only did Halo 3 manage to innovate in the genre but it did so in an entertaining package which has so much to offer. The single player not only ties up the Halo universe well but it's also varied enough to keep things fresh. Four player co-op makes things even more fun especially with the unlockable skulls. Forge is also a blast and has made custom games a huge part of Halo. The online is where it shines though. You can be as competitive or as 'newb' as you want and Bungie really has made a perfect online component. There is so much variety here you can't get bored. Halo also has some of the best split screen which keeps Halo 3 fun both online and on the couch with some friends. Halo 3 is stellar, and that is that.

I gave Halo 3 higher then Call of Duty 4 because I looked at it's contribution to gaming as a whole. It's done a lot of both gaming and it's genre. Call of Duty 4 won the 'Shooter' list though because of how it perfected what a shooter should be but it didn't innovate much nor did it light anything on fire. Halo 3 though has been in the top three for XBL since release and that is commendable among other things like its introductions to the genre.

2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4 is the paragon of cinematic story telling. Not only does it appropriately finish a series which is one of the most revered in gaming but it also manages to evolve the game in such a way that it makes it not only more fun, but it also retains the signature 'Metal Gear Solid feeling'. Kojima has made his masterpiece and it's truly a testament to him and his teams talent. This game is engaging and it's pretty much perfect from beginning to end. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a definite clas sic of this generation and it will be remembered for years to come.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV

It's understandable why Grand Theft Auto IV failed to meet people's hype. They expected a game like San Andreas which was sort of immature with a bunch of useless sandbox features and a decent storyline to keep it all together. It was still a superb game and I loved it but Grand Theft Auto IV pushed the series ahead. The Houser brothers outdid themselves here. They trimmed the fat of the series, they made the gameplay more fluid, and they added in an engaging storyline which was of the highest caliber. Grand Theft Auto IV is amazing and there is just so much in this game I can't get my mind around it. I did not miss 'Rampages' or 'Planes' one bit. Grand Theft Auto IV is a living breathing world which you can explore and it's rare that games manage to immerse players so well. As a technical feat it's amazing but it suceeds in bringing you into the world of Niko through excellent social development and mission structure. I doubt a better game will come out this generation.

That is all, I just watched Let The Right One In so expect a review for that soon along with another movie, Killer of Sheep (Two Reviews in One :o)

Top 10 Action-Adventure Games This Generation (Thus Far)

Action Adventure in my opinion has been kind of neglected this generation. We've seen a ton of great role playing games, shooters, and platformers but as far as action adventure goes there is a select handful of premium titles. These are my top 10 action adventure games of this generation thus far. To qualify for this list...

  • The game must be categorized as an action-adventure title under Gamespot
  • Must be released after November 2005
  • All selections are based on my opinions, not review scores

So, let's kick it off. This is the final countdown before my Top 10 Overall of this Generation (Thus Far) List.

10. Crackdown

The running joke around Crackdown is that this game was the 'free game' that came with the Halo 3 Beta. We were all surprised when we found out that Crackdown was actually a decent game. I found it to be much more then decent though. What Crackdown lacked in narrative, it made up for with an extremely open and entertaining sandbox world. Crackdown is a game that really just lets you wreak havoc and it's a ton of fun throughout. This game didn't make massive waves in gaming but it sure kept me entertained. It safely earns number ten on this list.

9. Dead Space

Dead Space proved many things. For one it proved that EA was capable of making their own game that was actually, well, decent. It also proved that there is still room in the market for genuinly scary and atmospheric games. Dead Space wasn't terrifying but it set an atmosphere throughout that was grim and unsettling. The game had a great combat system as well with it's strategic dismemberment idea. This game is a great start to a new series which I hope to see more from in the future though I found it a bit too repetitive to make it higher on this list.

8. The Godfather

The Godfather, did anyone think it'd be good? I hoped it would be but it kind of left my radar. When it finally came out in 2006 though I was to say the least pleasantly surprised. The Godfather was not only relatively faithful to the movie but it also had a great sandbox approach to the movie. With extortion, a vicious combat system, an addictive 'control New York' goal, and just a well varied mission structure, The Godfather proved that not all movie adaptations are bad. I really enjoyed this game and I can't wait for The Godfather II.

7. Ninja Gaiden II & Ninja Gaiden Sigma

The Ninja Gaiden series has long been my favorite action series right ahead of God of War. I just love the fluidity of the combat and the fast moving yet difficult gameplay. Ninja Gaiden Sigma is not a game I would consider 'original' but I consider it equal to Ninja Gaiden II. Hence I placed both together at the same place on this list. Ninja Gaiden is just a blast to play through from beginning to end and with the extreme level of the difficulty the game coaxes you to master it. It may be cheap at times but it sure was a lot of fun and I enjoyed both of these games a lot. I consider both of these games to be two of the best 'slash 'em ups' this generation.

6. Condemned: Criminal Origins

I can't honestly say I expected much from this game. It looked to be a good budget game to pick up (I bought it for only 4.99). I was surprised to say the least when I found out that Condemned: Criminal Origins was indeed a great game. This game is terrifying to say the least and it stands as one of the only games to send chills up my spine this generation. The combat system was also easy and satisfying and I loved the ability to pick up *almost* anything and use it as a weapon. This game was outstanding to play from start to finish and I highly recommend it. For me it'll go down as one of the best 'genuine' horror experiences this generation.

5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Uncharted is one of those PS3 games I can't resist, it infact is one of the reasons I plan to purchase one. Not only is this game gorgeous but it plays remarkably well. The shootouts, exploration, and vehicle sequences are just a blast to play through and I believe Uncharted 2 will finally gain the recognition this series deserves (From Gamespot).

4. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 is still a relatively new game but it's a stellar one none the less. It looks great, plays great, and it presents itself like an action packed movie. Though this is somewhat 'bad' for old Resident Evil fans like myself, it's still fine because this game does action very well. So well I don't even miss the older gameplay in the series. Resident Evil 5 has great story that helps to wrap up Chris Redfield's plot. It also has great set piece battles, excellent boss encounters, and it's just a well structured game. Mercenaries is also amazing and the replayability of this game is second to none. I adore this game.

3. Dead Rising

If I had to write the definition of fun, the two words, 'Dead Rising' would be under there somewhere. Dead Rising is sandbox done right. The area to explore is not 'huge' but it's deep enough to allow for hours of entertainment. The fact that I can also hack away at thousands of shambling zombies with...anything is also very appealing. The story in this game is actually very good and I enjoyed it's satire of American consumerism. It's just a refreshing game that builds a base around pure fun. It's never pretentious, it's just good ol' fun and it's a game I truly loved this generation.

For the next two games, I just couldn't choose between them. I feel both are equal in terms of their impact on gaming this generation and I also feel they are just so blisteringly far ahead of their competition they deserve to be seperate.

1. Grand Theft Auto IV (Tied)

If I had to define the perfect sandbox experience I'd write Grand Theft Auto IV. Grand Theft Auto IV did what any good sequel should do. It trimmed the fat of the series which I felt only made previous installments feel 'childish'. It also added in just enough for it to feel still like Grand Theft Auto. To say the least I was blown away by this game and I feel that it's one of the best games ever made. It tells an excellent story, it's presented perfectly, and it just does everything it tries to do so well. It's flawlessly put together and Rockstar's attention to detail is really evident this time around. I've never been more engrossed in an action adventure game in my life until I played....

1. Metal Gear Solid 4 (Tied)

Amazing series need amazing endings and Metal Gear Solid 4 sure lived up to this. With unsurpassed cinematic excellence, a fantastic story, a steller cast of characters, and top notch gameplay Metal Gear Solid 4 delivered one of the strongest experiences since Grand Theft Auto IV. Though I may have preferred Grand Theft Auto IV a little bit Metal Gear Solid 4 is just such a masterpiece I can't ignore it. Both Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand Theft Auto IV are well deserving of number 1 on my list.

Come back later when I post my final list, top 10 games of this generation (thus far)!

Top 10 Role-Playing Games of This Generation (Thus Far)

To continue my countdown 'series' I'll now posting what are in my opinion the top 10 role-playing games of this generation. Understand this is totally my opinion and no one elses. To qualify for the list the game must be made after November 2005 and it must be officially classified by Gamespot as a 'role-playing game'.

It does not have to be on a next generation console, it merely has to surpass the November 2005 cut off point.

10. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Being almost finished with the game, my opinion on it is pretty much complete. Star Ocean 4 is a very good game. It not only lives up to the Star Ocean name but it has transcended well to a next generation console. Without a doubt it's another game that'll be swept under the radar but I believe any fan of a well crafted Japanese Role-Playing game should check out Star Ocean 4. The combat is not only quick and addictive but it's also satisfying; something many games miss out on. The game is full of things to do and it's well worth number 10 on my list.

9. Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata is one of those unique games that comes around not too often. This game is gorgeous, it has undeniable charm, and it plays exceedingly well. It carries a great cast of characters and the story is one of the more creative ones I've seen this generation. Eternal Sonata is as nieche as it gets but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a game well worth the time and money.

8. Lost Odyssey

Lost Odyssey was the first Xbox 360 game I ever played. I played in fact before I even owned one for myself. It easily pushed me towards my purchase though of a next generation console because up until that point I had been a die-hard hermit. I was so sucked into the story it was amazing and I love how Sakaguchi stuck to traditional JRPG mechanics. Though it may not be the best of this generation there is no doubt that Lost Odyssey is both an excellent and engaging role playing game.

7. Fable 2

I love games that give players the chance to make choices. Even though Fable 2 is really 'choice-lite' in terms of the moral rebounds you receive it's still well implemented. Fable 2 was a huge improvement over Fable and even though the co-op was downright shameful, the core gameplay was stellar. The combat was smooth and addictive which made battles an absolute blast. The story was fairly good and there was a good amount of character development. I really enjoyed this game and you know you have a great role playing game when you can spend hours immersed in a world without even doing any of the main story.

6. The Witcher

I love mature role playing games, I don't mean mature just by rating (Ahem Fable). I mean mature in it's content, story, and characters. Like Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, The Witcher arrived this generation to fill this previously empty realm. The Witcher is without a doubt one of the better role playing games I've played. It has an excellent story, it looks fantastic, and there is tons of content to go through. I enjoyed this game and it is a damn shame many won't play it. I hope the console version of the game can change this.

5. Fallout 3

Where Fable 2 failed in offering deep and difficult choices, Fallout 3 succeeded. Fallout 3 is an all around steller game and there is so much to explore. I never knew a nuclear wasteland could be so...deep? The characters in this game are awesome and the dialogue is slick. Fallout 3 really immerses you well and it's a great continuation of an old ****c. The combat is well done albiet slightly clumsy in first person but it is competent enough to get the job done. Fallout 3 was one of the better RPGs of 2008 and it is without a doubt one of Bethesda's finest.

4. Valkyria Chronicles

Like Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles is the game pushing me to buy a Playstation 3. This game is first of all gorgeous and it is one of the best looking games this generation in terms of art. I really enjoyed this game and it is quite different from other RPGs. It uses strategy in it's combat with great effect and the game has a great flow to it. Though the story isn't all it could have been Valkyria Chronicles stands as an excellent game and I advise you to pick up this game. Support these developers, they did a fantastic job.

3. Mass Effect

Again, I played Mass Effect long before I ever owned a 360. I even rebought the game just to experience it again. Mass Effect is another Bioware 'hit' to say the least. The storyline is one of the best I've seen and this game is well presented. The dialogue as usual with Bioware is some of the best and the character development within this game is superb. The game also to top it all off looks fantastic. The combat is also well done and it is a great mix of many elements. I really really love this game and Bioware did such a commendable job with it. It's absolutely superb and well deserving of number 3 on my list.

2. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

A PS2 game beating out all these next-gen titles? No wei...Yes way. Persona 4 is an excellent game and it's well deserving of the Persona name. The story, one of the most important parts of an RPG, is excellent and the game has one of the best casts of characters I've seen since well, my number one RPG game. Persona 4 is also deeper as a game when compared to Persona 3 and this made the experience that much better for me. I really enjoyed this game and I feel it's very deserving of number 2 on my list.

1. Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia is everything I could ever want in a role playing game. First of all, this games story is immense, interesting, and the perfect length. It's about fourty hours and it gets going really fast so you're never bored of it. The characters are also steller. Each character has something to like from Raven to Estelle. They are all well developed and they keep the story afloat. The game also has excellent combat, and I mean some of the best. It's familar to Tales fans but it's a hell of a lot of fun. It's quick and flashy but it's also difficult to master though it is easy to pick up. The game also looks amazing, it's one of the best looking games this generation in my opinion. Tales of Vesperia also has an excellent soundtrack with a title track by Bonnie Pink which is strangely infectious... I really could not get enough of this game and for all these reasons I rank it as the best role playing game of this generation.