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Top 6 Movies of 2009

As promised, here are my Top 6 films of 2009. 2009 on the whole was a pretty good year but to me, it didn't compare as much to the years before it. Here is hoping for a wonderful 2010 though and beyond. Without further delay, here are my Top 6 films of 2009. This is in order.


6. Black Dynamite

Black Dyanmite is a shining example of a spoof film done right. Anyone who's ever seen a Blaxploitation film automatically will understand this film. From Dolemite to Blackbelt Jones, no film is safe and this film is just utterly hilarious. The writing is sharp, the campiness is intact, and the laughs just never end. I can't remember seeing a film this funny actually.

Bullhorn & Black Dynamite = Two of the funniest characters this year.

It's just a total good time and I think of all the movies of this year, I had the most fun watching it with a group of friends. Black Dynamite didn't do well business wise but to anyone who's seen it, the film is a cultural success in that it lampooned a genre which for the most part, is relatively lighthearted to begin with.I encourage anyone who enjoys good comedy to see this film.

5. Inglourious Basterds

I can't say I had high hopes for Basterds. The movie was rife with delays and in it's early stages, the casting and concept of the film seemed awful, cliche, and done. Fortunately though, Tarantino lived up to the decade of hype by giving us what perhaps amounts to his best film since Pulp Fiction some sixteen years ago. Basterds is a sharp film rife with intelligent dialogue, humor, brutality, and entertainment. It is is a pulp World War 2 film which is by no means meant to be serious. It is a great time and there are few films this year that are as entertaining and as unapologetic as Basterds. The performances were all spart on with Christoph Waltz being the clear showstealer as the cold and somewhat likeable Hans Landa. All in all, you'd be hard pressed to find a better action movie from this year and Basterds represents the best of the summer blockbusters (if it can be called that) of 2009.

4. Sin Nombre

Sin Nombre is a hybrid; part gangster narrative, part love story, and part migratory tale. It tells the story of Sayra, a poor Honduran girl who embarks on a journey to illegally emigrate to America with her father and uncle. Some films have tried this before, but few have shown such a horrifying and detailed representation of it. This truly is the trip from hell and it is made no easier with the introduction of Casper, a conflicted member of the brutal and terrifying MS-13 gang. As their journeys intertwine with one another, the film just keeps going and keeps gaining momentum as time goes on. By the end, it is a wholly fulfilling experience and it represents one of the finest debuts of 2009 up with the ranks of films like Moon. Paulina Gaitan, the girl who plays Sayra, delivers one of the best performances of the year and the entire supporting cast is able to play their parts extremely well. Sin Nombre is one of my favorite films of the year for many reasons, but above all, it rises to number four for the very fact that it tells a story which is important to tell. People can be against illegal immigration, but when you see what some of these people have to go through, you can only feel all but sympathetic to their disposition in society.

3. Up In The Air

Jason Reitman has proven himself to be one of the most consistent and most talented directors in the business today. Up In The Air continues his streak of quality as he crafts a story of realization and quasi-romance. Ryan Bingham, played by the always excellent George Clooney, has a life of flying around the country continuously and firing people. His addiction to never settling ultimately shatters when he finds his company is grounding all workers due to the poor economy. He suddenly finds himself confused but all looks up when he meets two women, Alex Goran and Natalie Keener. Pound for pound, this movie is pure quality. With sharp writing, a manifestation of our own poor economy, and great performances from all actors, this film should resonate with anyone who sees it. The beautiful Anna Kendrick actually represents one of the best actors in the film as though almost all her scenes include George Clooney, she is able to act on an equal level with him, impressive for someone who is only 23 some odd years old. Up In The Air is a film for anyone and I encourage you to all see it.

2. Up!

Up is charming, funny, sentimental, and beautiful. With some of the finest animators in the world, Pixar has been a powerhouse churning out critical and box office smashes every year on a consistent basis. Up represents the best of these, the best film Pixar has done and one of the best animation films of the last decade. The film has a beautiful way of appealing to both kids and adults alike with Carl's sentimatal moments concerning his wife and dreams of adventure to Russel's longing to be accepted by somebody. There is a ton of stuff here to appeal to adults and to kids, it's a lot of fun. Up! was one of my favorites of the year because it was hilarious and I loved watching it. I can't see why anyone would want to see it, you'd be a fool to pass it off as just another kid's movie.

1. The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker really came out of left field to me. I did not hype it nor know about it until around December when the Oscar buzz came about. To be fair too, it was also on the bottom of my list of Oscar contenders to see. It should have been on top. The Hurt Locker is a masterfully told tale riddled with suspense. It is perhaps the most haunting war film in recent memory and the hardest hitting despite its absence of gore and extreme action sequences. In fact, one notorious sniper sequence is surpsingly very lite on violence yet it stands as one of the greatest battles within any war film made. The film is riddled with excellent characterization and Jermey Renner delivers a wonderful performance. His character is perhaps one of the most interesting of last year and his actions and the disdain he receives from those around him lifts the movie up in both it's suspense and it's poignancy. The Hurt Locker is the best picture of last year, there is no going around that. It is a must see.

Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2: Head to Head | 100th Blog Post

Sorry for the long gaps in between blog posts but I really can't help it these days. I just do so much more now than I used to, generally enjoying life and all it's fruits and just having fun. I managed to pick up Bad Company 2 though and I've had the time to play about 20-30 hours or so, can't really pin point an exact estimate.

I've also played Modern Warfare 2 for around 50 hours, with that granted, here's a head to head of the two games weighing the benefits of both. I know this is a hot topic since I see it all the time and to be honest, most of the time it's just fanboy rage against the evil Activision empire.

I'll break down the positives of each game, then say which one I like better overall. I could talk about negatives but I imagine you'll find those out when I describe the positive of the other game, you'll see.


Bad Company 2

1. Unmatched Scale

It is no secret that Battlefield is a series known for it's grand scale stemming from it's inception with the first Battlefield game, Battfield 1942. It has remained as a staple for the series and Bad Company 2 is no different. Every map is absolutely huge and with 32 players causing mayhem in a variety of vehicles, you really do feel like a small part of a very big war; a feeling all but lost with the latest entries in the Modern Warfare franchise. The scale is one of the stand out features of Bad Company 2 because really, there is no other console game that offers a similar scale with the exception of a few titles which don't even have close to this game's mainstream appeal. Bad Company 2 is leading the way for huge warfare and it is made all the better with the inclusion of...

2. Massive Destructability and Fallout

There's this little saying in the Bad Company 2 which goes a little something like, 'No two maps look the same at the end of a Bad Company 2 match'. This is true, hella true. I mean anyone who's played the game knows the sheer amount of explosiveness that permeates the screen. Every moment has an earth shattering explosion causing your ears to ring, your character to shake, and dust to explode into your face blinding your vision. This is all happening in real time, and it adds so much depth to the game where explosions actually mean something. Grenades are practically useless compared to the assault of a rocket or a rocket propelled grenade and unlike Modern Warfare 2's piddily explosions, Bad Company 2's maps can be levelled by the end of the map with craters decimating the ground below. The map is changed totally by the end of the game and each game is played differently for this reason.

3. Squad Play

I have long argued that Bad Company 2 has a truly rich multiplayer experience, richer than any other game on the market. This is not just due to my long fanboy love affair with the Battlefield series, but it's because of squad play, a tenant I firmly believe in. Modern Warfare 2, with the exception of some select modes, is a very independant affair in which you rarely ask for backup from your team let alone depend on them for your survival and success. Battlefield Bad Company 2 however frequently forces you to both communicate and work with your team to accomplish a goal. There is no singular force in this game and anyone who attempts to do so will be put down really fast, like real fast. The team work in this game is immense and daunting to someone who is used to Halo or Call of Duty but when executed well, it is an amazing feeling.

4. Better Online Balance

I don't need to tell y'all that Modern Warfare 2 was poorly balanced and was chock full of glitches from launch. Hell it probobly still is even though I haven't played in a good month. Still though, Bad Company 2 should stand as a fine example of a game which still had progression without being unfair. Let's be honest, some of Modern Warfare 2's perks were balls. Balls in the form of balls to the face in terms of how annoying they were. Bad Company 2 retains the same idea of perks but keeps it fair, and for the most part balanced. You never feel gimped compared to someone of a higher level than you but you still know that there are good things around the corner if you keep playing. Modern Wafare 2 however, you're gonna be destroyed until you unlock some good perks and weapons.

5. Better Community

Modern Warfare 2 is full of annoying ignorant folks of all ages who spew racist and insulting crap at any moment. Bad Company 2's does not for the most part. 'Nuff said.

Modern Warfare 2

1. Infantry Only Warfare

I know, I know, there's helicopters and such but not to the extent of what is offered in Bad Company 2. For the most part, Modenr Warfare 2 is pure infantry vs. infantry combat and you know what, sometimes this is what I want. Sometimes I just wanna stab people in the face as opposed to having to pull out an RPG before a tank blasts my ass across the map. If Battlefield on the PC is any indication, people do crave this in the Battlefield games given the amount of Infantry Only servers. It's a real shame Bad Company 2 didn't allow for this option especially in the Squad Modes. I would have relished in the idea of an infantry only setting as opposed to a hardcore setting.

2. Spec Ops!

Spec-Ops is one of the dopest things of any game last year, don't even lie. Snowmobile races, blowing up vehicles on a bridge, juggernauts, don't lie you loved it...And Bad Company 2 totally lacks any sort of co-op. We all know Modern Warfare 2 was a badass value and Spec-Ops and it's infinite addictiveness was a huge factor in this. Spec-Ops with my friends still stands as one of my favorite gaming moments of last year and it suffices to say that Bad Company 2 fails hard on co-op compared to Modern Warfare 2.

3. Far Superior in the Single Player Department

Bad Company 2's single player was good, Modern Warfare 2's was heart pulsing blockbuster movie testosterone laden balls to the wall actions. It was like a Michael Bay movie on speed and while not maybe of the highest quality, it was really fun to play. I don't play games like this for Metal Gear Solid-esque stimulation, I want to see blood spill and explosions rattle my screen. Modern Warfare 2 kept me engaged and gave me incentive to go through again just to do it one more time. Bad Company 2 really didn't.

4. Constant Sense of Reward

Some people might look down upon this but I see it as being a positive. To be honest, I love to be rewarded for doing diddly ish but some people think that's just 'nubbish'. Bad Company 2, even though I might be killing it in terms of my score, really doesn't make me feel as if I'm doing really well especially given how damn hard it is to level up. Seeing my experience clearly accumulate however in Modern Warfare 2 along with constant levelling just makes it a lot more addictive in that you just gotta love that sound when you accomplish something no matter how small.

5. There's Just More To Do

Bad Company 2 Modes:


Squad Rush
Squad Deathmatch

Modern Warfare 2 Modes:


Team Deathmatch
Mercenary Team Deathmatch
Ground War
Headquarters Pro
Search and Destroy
Hardcore Team Deathmatch
Search and Destroy Hardcore
3rd Person Cagematch Harcore
3rd Person Team Deathmatch
3rd person Team Tactical
Hardcore Ricochet: HQ Pro

I rest my case

The Bottom Line:

Y'all are gonna hate me for this

The better value overall goes to Modern Warfare 2. With a huge community destined to never die and a ton of content to go through, you're getting way more for your money here

The better single player experience goes to Modern Warfare 2. With a fantastically entertaining single player and a great spec-ops mode to play by yourself if so your choose, this is the better game for the gamer with Xbox Live Silver.

The better online experience goes to Bad Company 2. Less is more with this game. Like I said, no game plays the same and there is just better balance, a better community, and it is very apparent DICE but all their time in this mode. It's very good and far superior to Modern Warfare 2's online.

The best overall game: Modern Warfare 2 but this all depends on what you like. Online is where the heart is in both these games after all.

My suggestion?

If you want pure online chaos with a nice chunk of team work, go for Bad Company 2.

If you want to stab faces and just charge in shooting, go for Modern Warfare 2.

If you want to be a smart gamer, save up, buy both, and decide for yourself...

Look out for my next blog, my top 6 movies of 2009 (About Time).

Just Finished The Great Television Series of All Time: The Wire

The Wire was a five season television show on HBO which basically detailed the Baltimore drug trade from the perspective of the police and their criminal targets. The show brought in various other arcs though like the school system, the port, the politics of the city, and other gangs. Ultimately, it became one of the most ambitious and complex shows on television and this is a show you must watch from the beggining. This is the only way to appreciate it's brilliance, it's sharp writing, and it's unmatched sense of drama which we will never see again.

While most police-oriented shows take a somewhat unrealistic approach, The Wire did something different by offering a gritty and realistic portrayal of life in the streets of Baltimore and amazingly, despite it's realism, it was able to create something far more shocking and dramatic then anything we had yet seen on TV. David Simon truly made something that was a product of the reality, a reality which is shocking and something we rarely see. For this, The Wire stands as a landmark television series which sadly barely got any acclaim in it's original run.

My favorite seasons and why run in this order. Bare in mind I love all of these seasons and all of them should stand as a standard for TV drama:

5. Season 5

Season 5 suffered from some odd new storylines and a mundane aspect with the media but otherwise, it was the same show which I came to love. The writing was on point and the character arcs were fantastic. The development of McNulty, Marlow, Michael, and other characters stand out and as a whole, this series was a great ending to the series. Without awkwardness, they managed to round up the series well and not leave out any loose ends. There are no questions to ask, we know what has happened, this is how TV series should end and I thank God that they ended it like this.

4. Season 1

With Season 1 it was clear they were trying to get their footing and took a lot of time to get the season rolling as they had to properly introduce each character. In the end though, they did just that and it had easily one the most gripping second halves of all of the seasons. This one was plain great and it did an excellent job of setting up the rest of the series. A great start to the greatest series of all time is the best way to explain it. Just so many cIassic moments in this and also it had some of my favorite characters like Omar, D'Angelo, Stringer, and Avon.

3. Season 3

Oh this season is good, really good. With a fitting end to the arc started by Season 1 and just in general great new ideas, this one stands as the middle of the 'peak'. The concept of Hamsterdam was perhaps one of the most interesting ideas explored in the series and with politics being thrown into the mix, the complexity factor was ramped up. It worked though, perfectly, and for that I love this season. It was just fantastic.

2. Season 2

I came in with the impression that I was going to hate this Season, obviously that wasn't the case. A lot of people don't like it due to the shift on focus but this Season is just perfect in every way. For one, it was a well done bridge between the first and third season as it managed to introduce both characters that would effect the course of the series and it also made the third seasons existence plausable. On another hand, it also introduced some of the most interesting characters of the series. The Sobatkas in paricular represent the pinnacle of the story's writing. The drama was amazing and the writing in this season blew my mind. The acting as well was just so on point and honestly, this season had me on the edge often. David Simon intended this season to show the plight of America's working cIass and I must admit, it succeeded. This stands as one of the finest examples of television only paled in comparison by...

1. Season 4

This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen; movie, television, painting, etcetera. In the end nothing beats this season of Television. With the plight of Baltimore's schools brought into the picture of the Stanfield organization, the police department, and the politics of the city, this season stands as the most complex yet and it still managed to be more well written, acted, and coherent then every single television series active at it's time of conception. There were many moments where I was in tears and I rarely tear up, let alone to a television show. This season had the most drama, the best acting, the most tragic consequences, and it was the most realistic at the same time. This is when I realized that this was the greatest show of all time.

In the end, I could spend all day talking about this show; the characters and all. It's just a fantastic show and you all should watch it. Everything is perfection and I leave you with the theme song (one of the most fitting themes of all time) and a montage of my favorite characters.

Way Down In The Hole

"When you walk through the garden
You gotta watch your back
Well I beg your pardon
Walk the straight and narrow track
If you walk with Jesus
He's gonna save your soul
You gotta keep the devil
Way down in the hole
He's got the fire and the fury
At his command
Well you don't have to worry
If you hold on to Jesus hand
We'll all be safe from Satan
When the thunder rolls
Just gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole
All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword
And they'll shield you with their wings
And keep you close to the lord
Don't pay heed to temptation
For his hands are so cold
You gotta help me keep the devil
Way down in the hole"

Just go watch it

2010: A Year In Preview; Games I Must Play

As promised here are ten games which I must play. Unlike my previous list though, there is no order to this one as I'd basically be ordering them based on hype and not playability which defies logic to me. Here are the ten games without further delay

I am not counting Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Yakuza 3 on this list since I have already played them, a lot just to let ya know

On we go:

1. Final Fantasy XIII (360, PS3)

The complaints about linearity and other items are really not bugging me a lot since I know that the Japanese and North American game markets react totally differently to different things. The fact is though that Final Fantasy XIII looks to be one of the finest JRPGs of this generation and given it's massive amount of development, I can't believe we're almost there. I am expecting a great game and since I'll have all the time in the world to play this game (As I will be accepted into some university by that point), I can't wait to sink my teeth into this beast.

2. Bayonetta (360, PS3)

Kamiya you beast, I knew you'd be the first to make my first most anticipated title of the year. This game comes out in like two days and even though I won't get it right away, my excitement to play this one is huge. The demo blew me away and given Kamiya's penchant of awesome-sauce action, this is gonna make me a happy man. I anticipate this one to blow away audiences and I certainly hope it becomes an unexpected hit because it looks to deserve it.

3. Mass Effect 2 (360, PC)

You're crazy if you don't think this game looks good. I can pretty much guarantee this game will blow every other WRPG outta the water. It looks brilliant and really, it only needs to improve on a few nitpicks in Mass Effect in order for it to be a fantastic game. With what looks like smoother gameplay and sick new innovations, I can safely place my hopes in this game being one of the best games of the year. Bioware blew me away with Dragon Age, I hope they do it again.

4. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)

Peace Walker is Kojima's next masterpiece and you'd be a fool to sleep on this one, I mean for real. It's gonna be sick and it's basically the equivalent to Metal Gear Solid 5. The only reason I didn't pick Rising over this is because I doubt we'll see Rising till 2011 when Kojima can put more time into that project. Peace Walker is looking fine as hell anyways and I doubt anyone with a PSP will miss this one coming out in 2010.

5. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360, PC, PS3)

Bad Company was easily one of the finest shooters of this generation with unmatched destructability and an engaging online component. Bad Company 2 looks to improve, expand, and explode onto the FPS scene yet again with this new title and holy crap, everytime I see this game...

That's all that can be said.

6. God of War 3 (PS3)

Garbage box art always did bug me (Thank God it's not final) but really, it's all about what's on the disc. God of War 3 is looking great and though not my most wanted game of the year, it's one I can see myself enjoying. With two predecessors to back it up, I expect nothing but quality from this title.

7. Starcraft 2 (PC)

Do I need to say anything about this game? I really shouldn't. RTS of the year confirmed (If the damned thing even comes out).

8. Halo: Reach (360)

Bungie has never let me down and with the Halo franchise I have the upmost faith in them. Though ODST was slightly disappointing, this game is looking to be great as it is a true sequel; a full game. I think it can be great and I know Bungie will take it in a superb direction. I got faith in this one.

9. Splinter Cell: Conviction (360, PC)

I can't see how this game goes wrong. It already looks amazing and it's the first truly next generation Splinter Cell title (Does Double Agent really count?). Having not even seen the online component yet, I'm set to buy this one day one most likely. I love the changes they made and I think it'll make the game all the more fun. Where the series felt tedious before, I hope it can improve and I think this is what has been done by the folks at Ubisoft. Can't wait to get my hands on this.

10. Dead Rising 2 (360, PC, PS3)

It's about time we got a sequel. The first game kicked so much ass, so much that I can't wait to get my hands on this one. New ways to kill zombies? Straight up killin' modes? Revamped gameplay? I can't wait. I hope they can make this into the titan Zombie game, like the magnum opus of them all. Left 4 Dead is nice but Dead Rising is where the heart is.


2009: A Year In Review; My Favorite Games

Rather then do an awards like I did last year, I prefer to just list off my 10 favorite games of the year in order of favorites. This is all my opinion, you can slay me for it in my comments.

Oh and I know I have been absent from blogs and reviews and it's been due to a lot of business. I wouldn't expect much from me but once I get into University, expect to see more regular updates!

Onto my list:

10. inFamous (PS3)

inFamous doesn't win awards for it's high end graphics or it's high end presentation; in fact the game isn't visually impressive at all. Where it wins points if in it's satisfying, quick, and electrifying gameplay which is some of the finest of this year. It's really an impressive game and with a story worth caring about and action to keep your connected to the events on screen. inFamous is one of the years finest open world games. It also had a great moral system and a city that was easy and fun to move around in. It was a fast paced game which was a ride I'm glad I took. It stands to me as one of the finest games of the year despite some very minor issues.

9. Street Fighter IV (PS3, 360, PC)

Street Fighter IV was this years finest fighter and arguably this generations greatest. Challenging, retro, and satisfying, the game may have been a bit light in modes but it was a fine fighter which was well balanced. It featured a great fighting system which was familiar to Street Fighting masters. Though very tough to pick up and play for a newcomer, hardcore fans would have it no other way. Street Fighter IV is a perfect example of if something works, don't change it...Too much.

8. Resident Evil 5 (360, PS3, PC)

Though it did not come close to matching the legacy of it's predecessor, Resident Evil 5 was still a fantastic action game from beginning to end. The action was on point and it was an enjoyable ride. Not to be taken seriously, it was just fun and I enjoyed it. Given it's great co-op mode and it's excellent replayability, Resident Evil 5 was a great game. Despite some lowlights like a tacked on versus mode and a poor AI partner in some circumstances, Resident Evil 5 stands as one of the better games of 2009.

7. Dragon Age: Origins (PC, PS3, 360)

Brilliant, that's all I can say. Great story, great combat, amazing game. Despite many technical issues on the PC, I am really loving this game and though not finished yet, I understand that Dragon Age is a game to be held as one of the greatest of 2009. It's game you should all play especially if you love RPGs, it is by far the best one of 2009.

6. Left 4 Dead 2 (360, PC)

Left 4 Dead 2 was very much a sequel, not an expansion. With a brand spanking new gore system, a new scavenge mode, five new campaigns, survival, versus, and four great new survivors, Left 4 Dead 2 was a game which outshone and made obselete of it's predecessor in every way possible. It's a great game and it is by far the best thing Valve has done in a while. I am shamed that I had doubts about this actually, game is fantastic...Y'all should try it.

5. Uncharted 2 (PS3)

Though not an original game by any means, Naughty Dog was able to take the best of many games and mold it into one epic adventure we call Uncharted 2. The PS3's flagship title now, Uncharted 2 stands as one of the years greatest achievements. Though the online play was kind of weak, the co-op objective based modes were fantastic and the single player was epic, truly epic. With huge set pieces and great action, Uncharted 2 is a game I really enjoyed. Games like this makes me wish I had the money to buy a PS3 for reals instead of having to bum one off of a friend :(

4. Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II not only fulfilled what Assassin's Creed should have been but it also took it one step further. This game is amazing. From the platforming which is still fun to the combat which is intuitive and satisfying, Assassin's Creed II was just plain sick. With a story worth noting now and an emphasis on staying in the character of Ezio as opposed to Desmond, Assassin's Creed II was a game that was well worth a second chance. Even if you didn't like the first, I'd highly recommend checking this game out as it remedies the faults of the old while keeping the joys of it intact. This is done in tandem with bringing in many, many new features all of which make the game far superior to any other action adventure title on the market.

3. The Sims 3 (PC)

The Sims 3 held me by a vice-grip for much of my summer keeping me up both late at night and indoors when I was hoping to go the beach. This game is bloody brilliant and with the open world gameplay free of loads and holds up, it was just so much more addictive. I felt isolated in The Sims 2 but the Sims 3 made me feel like I was in another world. This game was also the most open ended entry yet with the ability to craft your own tale made far easier then ever before. This game charmed me and I still love it. It easily sucked up the most time of any game this year and I recommend it to all of you since I know a lot of people on Gamespot slept on this.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (360, PS3, PC, DS)

Modern Warfare 2 is a game that gets far too much hate. It is a visceral exciting adventure which is the equivalent to an action movie on steroids, is there something wrong with that? It's just fun and it has one of the more memorable campaign of this year. It treaded new territory and it had a lot of great ideas which I felt were done well. The spec-ops mode was by far the most enjoyable co-op experience of this year and the online mode is this years finest. It is a game to die for and I understand why many of you hate it. I could care less though, I love it.

1. Batman: Arkham Asylum (360, PS3, PC)

Arkham Asylum was a fantastic game for many reasons.

  1. It was nearly flawless with a perfectly paced campaign and a superb mix of detective work, stealth, and action
  2. It had a great story which wove in many villains in the Batman universe
  3. It had fantastic action, a great fighting system, and just generally had awesome ways to make you feel like Batman
  4. It had amazing fan service to fans of the Comic Book
  5. It was NOT a lame ass comic book / movie video game
  6. It had FREE DLC within a month of it's release
  7. It was just plain fun

Despite a weak ending and final boss, Arkham Asylum stands as one of the finest achievements of the year and given that was pegged as almost doomed to fail, I am glad this game met my anticipated hype. Arkham Asylum is by far, the best game of 2009.

Look out for my most anticipated games of 2010 list coming soon, there's a lot on it ;)

Last Gen Games Which Beat Out Current Gen Games (By Miles)

They said that the next generation would start a revolution, afterall wasn't the Wii originally called the Nintendo Revolution?

I know we're most likely only halfway through the current generation but it's funny how I can still find many many last generation games which destroy current generation games. I can safely say that five years into last generation, I wasn't thinking like that. Here are some games that still beat out most games coming out right now...

1. Max Payne 2

I dare you to find a shoot 'em up these days which has the story, character development, and detail of this game. For a game with such simple mechanics, it just did so much. This game came out in 2003 and it still plays like it came out last year. It has one of the best stories of it's kind and the atmosphere is mind blowing, few games can even tread on it this generation. The characters are likeable and the bleak story is only accentuated by the well done graphic novel sequences which have been only replicated to little success. Remedy went all out with this one and I think Max Payne 3 embodies everything that's wrong with this generation. With the disregard for ****and movement towards what I hear is going to be MP shooting, I am disappointed in you Rockstar! Here's hoping Remedy brings the beauty of Max Payne to the current generation with Alan Wake...

2. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

This game is so good that freeroam games still aspire to live up to it; Saints Row anyone? It's funny though how no game can even come close to this one. I mean, after all, despite the attempts to say they have a huge world with many things to do, Rockstar really is the only company to do it right. No world is as large as San Andreas and this game is one that is still one of the most played games on xfire, single player and online included. Yes, online, on PC. I find it funny how the best mods all came from last generation games, the SAMP mod has given me literally 250 hours of enjoyment and it's a sad thing when games become harder and harder to make mods for. San Andreas is a game that will never die and live long after GTA IV; no doubt.

Oh and hey, Rockstar made this one too!

3. World of Warcraft

What do you call a game that transcends time and manages to captivate an audience of around ten million...for about 5 years? World of Warcraft, love it or hate it, is the most popular video game in the world and there is no doubt that it dominates the MMO genre that, despite working with next generation tech, has still been unable to beat this game. This game is just a perfect blend of everything and though it took from many MMOs to unite them into one game, there is no doubt that MMO developers can onyl take influence and hope to at least take a chunk out of WoW. Domination is out of the question, WoW will always be around for the near future but here's hoping that an MMO can be made that is at least is better then WoW. I hope Aion is and I'm hoping The Old Republic is but we'll see.

4. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Hideo Kojima has yet to top this masterpiece. The most emotional and for me the best MGS game without a doubt. It was amazing and there is no game this generation that is yet to top it in my opinion storywise. Gameplay wise, of course, but the story of this one is up there and even Metal Gear Solid 4 couldn't beat this one. I really don't have much to say about this one, but story peaked last generation. Look no further then this game and Shadow of the Collosus to know that one, it's a fact.

5. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, in my opinion, is the best game in the series next to Code Veronica and the original. It's without a doubt the perfect blend of action, survival horror, and exploration. It was really a game that took the best of the series and elevated it with new gameplay mechanics. There are few games to do that this generation and even then Resident Evil 5, while still enjoyable, managed to take out things that made Resident Evil, 'Resident Evil', and this worked to the games detriment sadly. Resident Evil 4 is the pinnacle of the series at the moment and I don't think we'll see another game of this quality in this genre for a while.

6. Warcraft 3

There is really no RTS that touches this game besides Starcraft. The sheer customization of this game has kept it alive and it's a real damn shame that other RTS games this generation don't offer the limitless options that Warcraft 3's map editor did. I mean look at DOTA, that game within a game has spawned a new genre and it undoubtedly has started a revolution in what custom gaming means. Throw in TD games, RPGs within an RTS, and other limitless custom games and you have an enduring cIassic yet to be matched in the current generation of gaming.

Oh, and the story and core gameplay aren't too shabby either...

7. Battlefield 2

Calling this one of the best online team based games ever would be an underestimation cause in my opinion, it is the best one. 64 players, voice co-operation, squad system, teamwork, and customized combat made this one a must play and it has a community which endures to this day, on the base game. Yeah, no DLC, no mods, no custom maps, just the base game is still one of the most played. That just doesn't happen very often this generation to be honest but Battlefield 2 was really the peak of the great(est) multiplayer warfare game series. Too bad Battlefield 2 has yet to net a true sequel on the PC...

What games do you feel this way about? List 'em off and comment :)

How To Become Broke in 3 Months in 2010: Too Epic

420 dollars not including tax in just 3 months, how? I'll list em off. All 7 reasons...

1. Bayonetta (PS3, X360)

What a way to kick off 2010 with one of the best action titles of the year. Kamiya is all I need to hear and I'm first in line. Good lord the gameplay for this game is off the chain and I mean, I've been waiting for a game like this since Ninja Gaiden 2. It didn't take much to convince me I need this game, I hope it doesn't take much at all to get you on this. Don't sleep on it, count on AAA ;)

2. Mass Effect 2 (PC, X360)

Bigger, better, and more badass? Did you honestly think that mantra was only reserved for Gears of War. Shepard's kicking ass and taking names so hard that he's overheating Xbox's with only a demo! That must mean it's epic right. I mean if this game really does improve on Mass Effect to the degree it's saying it will, we just might have a AAA RPG not made by Bethesda this generation!

3. Dante's Inferno (X360, PS3)

2010 return of the action adventure am confirmed? I think so. It really only took this much to convince me to buy this game...

  1. Dead Space developers
  2. Dante's Inferno = Badass Poetry
  3. Naked Cleopatra

I'm serious, I wanna slash through this beast.

4. Alan Wake (X360)

Funny how for a game coming so soon there's not even a gameplay screenshot on GS. Either way though I think we can count on it finally coming and I think it's about time we shone a light on Alan Wake (lol pun).

5. God of War III (PS3)


Seriously, this game just caps off the fact that 2010 is the total return of hack and slash. I mean just look at it. I will admit Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno have me more excited since they are fresh ideas but God of War is a well planted series...

6. Final Fantasy XIII (X360, PS3)

If God granted me a wish to play one game right now, it'd be Final Fantasy XIII...I mean seriously, you all know I'm a JRPG fan and this is kind of the king of JRPGs and it kind of looking frackin' awesome. I'm just constantly going crazy for this game everytime I catch a glimpse. I can't bloody wait.

7. Splinter Cell: Conviction (360, PC)

Whoo smash that head Sam, I can't wait to break a toilet with this guy's head in February. This game is the return of Sam, he's hoping it's a worthy one after such a long wait for a true next generation Splinter Cell. Looks to be amazing at the moment and each new glimpse is another reason for me to get excited.

Other things to get excited for:

Beta coming sometime in early 2010...

And what else? Oh yeah...Fall 2010, the prime season of gaming. As if this wasn't prime enough.

So what are you gonna ask for Christmas, money damnit. Save up those dollaz. You're gonna need it ;)

Beatle's Rock Band: Impressions

First note, I should have a Batman: Arkham Asylum Review up soon. I'll post it when it's ready. It'll most likely come with a review for the movie Three Kings starring Ice Cube, Georgy Clooney, and Mark Whalberg. Can't wait to watch it. I've wanted to for a while now!

Onto my Beatles Rock Band Impressions:

I'll be quite blunt, I'm very biased towards Harmonix. I pretty much stopped playing Guitar Hero once Neversoft took over and I've bought every Rock Band game this generation. The Beatles Rockband was a no-brainer for me even though I wouldn't even consider myself the biggest Beatle's fan but I attribute that to pretty much just being ignorant and not because I had a distaste for their music.

Thank goodness for this game because I must say it's steller from what I've played. I gotta say vocals and drums are the best parts and if that's your thing you'll be in heaven. Guitar is fun but simple and I found no issue in picking up right away on expert. In fact, the songs in this game as a whole are simpler then that of RB2, RB1 and the Guitar Hero games. This is no issue though since there is still a good balance of simple and difficult. It's clear though that this game is meant more for parties rather then painful and excruciating single player sessions.

One thing that struck me right away was at how decadently Beatle's this is. Harmonix went all out in giving the ultimate tribute and I love the psychadellic stage shows, the menu music, the cutscenes, the sets, everything. Its just an amazing tribute and it's proof that Harmonix really cares about music and their games in general. They have an attention to detail that you don't find in other music games and they just put a lot of work into making every detail work.

I also like the campiang structure thus far. The game is broken up into chapters which is very nice but a lot more linear then the World Tour mode you're used to. The campaign is stll great fun though and very replayable with challenges and achievements in the mix. You can also take it online which is sweet and go back at any time to any chapter to replay a song to unlock photos, videos, etc. This is nice for sure.

Quickplay has 44/45 songs unlocked right off the bat which is also great because unlocking the best songs to play in any music game is a real pain. You can also take this online along with the two battle modes from RB2 but still these aren't as popular as just playing together. Speaking of playing together, the band experience is really focused in this game. Let me say this right now, I love harmonies and I hope other games take note of this, namely Guitar Hero but really I know Harmonix will most likely put this in their next game again as they should because Harmonies are sick. There's nothing better if you're a vocallist and they beat the hell out of lame tamborine / cowbell bits.

There's also cool banter in all the Beatles songs which you can optionally say for no punishment or no reward if you do them. That's pretty neat and I enjoy the random banter in their songs like the 'Shoot Me' in Come Together that permeates the first minute of the song.

The load times in this game are also amazing. I got it installed of course but you can have a song cache. With this cache it lets you start the song before it finishes loading allowing for the game to load as you play the first part. Each song takes maybe 4 seconds to load and this is absolutley fantastic and they really succeeding in making the whole experience a lot more fluent.

I hope you pick this game up if you're interested in music games it's the ultimate tribute game and though it may only have 45 tracks, let me say that almost all of them are good. After all, even though other games may have 83 or so songs, maybe 10-20 are good if that. This game is about 35 awesome songs with 10 or so 'so-so' songs. That's great and makes it more then worth the deal. I can't comment on the instruments since I use my RB2 instruments.

Consider this game, it's fantastic thus far.

District 9 Review | Level 30!

Before I get to my review of District 9, just had to say I'm level 30 again! Praise the lord. Took a while though...

Onto my review


My first reaction after watching District 9 was awe, I couldn't speak and my knees trembled at what I had just seen. I was literally speechless and my friend had to knock at my shoulder to get me out of my seat. The 15 year old kid outside the theater summed it up for me best, 'That movie was, I dunno man, gripping? I can't believe what I just saw'. I'll go with that. District 9 was gripping and it's a film that grabs you from the first moment we meet Wikus Van De Merwe to the last shot of the film. District 9 is easily the best film of the year thus far and it's an example of substance over flair. It's a true testament to director Neill Blomkamp's talent that he was able to make this movie off of a 30,000,000 budget because despite the modesty of the budget, the action, suspense, and thrills within this movie are superior to that of any other action movie this year despite their astronomical budgets (ahem Transformers 2). District 9 is a well acted, thrilling intelligent work with a great message and it's a film that is told so originally that it comes off as a completely fresh experience which is welcome in this day and age of the template summer blockbuster.

District 9 takes place in the year 2010 so esentially it is a science fiction film set in a modern setting which is all too realistic to the world we see everyday. The gist of the plot is that in 1990, an Alien mothership stopped over the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. Anticipating an attack, the humans chose to fly into the mothership and within it 1.8 million aliens were found starving and wasting away on this ship. They were immediately brought down and placed into a slum known as 'District 9' which is loosely based on District 6 in South Africa. In 2010, after years of crime and violence in the area, the corporation MNU sends out a team to evict and move all the aliens offensively known as 'Prawns'. The goal is to move them into a setting which is equal to a refugee camp but now they will be far out of human eyes. The MNU corporation chooses to send in Wikus Van De Merwe, an awkward but distinguished officer in the company and the plot takes off from there. He begins serving the eviction notices and the plot takes off. I don't want to spoil anything that I don't have to but I did enjoy this plot a lot. It's filled with suspense, thrills, action, and social commentary on the apartheid in South Africa and racial segregation in general. It's a well told tale and it has a good length to it allowing for a satisfactory climax, conclusion and a generally well paced story.

The acting is also superb. The film is generally made up of unknown actors but I must say all of them impress. Sharlto Copley does an excellent job as Wickus Van De Merwe and he ran with the character's development extremely well. Wickus shows a wide range of emotion in this film and Sharlto handled it extremely well. The supporting cast is just as great and they make the film all the better. I must also say that the CGI in this film is excellent. The aliens look great and I have to say they did a lot of cool things with the CGI. Excellent animations and great dialogue for them made their characters almost believeable and the emotion displayed within them was hard hitting. It was difficult to watch them be abused, assaulted, and hurt and I was surprised at how I felt for them. It was a unique experience and this is part of what makes District 9 so great.

The film is presented in what appears at first to be a mock documentary picture. We see Wickus and other members of MNU being interviewed on the 'Prawn' situation and we observe the serving of eviction notices with Wickus as well in a documentary styIe presentation. The last half of the film though is mostly told in traditional film styIe and most of the films action is shot with shaky cameras. It comes off as very rugged and it works well for this type of film. Think Children of Men if you want to picture how the action is shot. The action in this film though is exhilirating and because of the connection you feel with the characters, it comes off as even stronger and there's definitely some cheering that goes on when your favorite character does something markedly badass. I really enjoyed this films action and it's a blessing that the film is rife with just enough to keep you entertained but not too much for it to simply be a mundane action flick.

In the end, what succeeds with District 9 is that it brings into the lives of the characters on the screen. It genuinly makes you connect with the characters and this is something many action films miss out on. Bare in mind though that this is far more then an action film. It is an intelligent film on a subject that is far too real in our society namely ghettoization, racial segregration, and oppression. The film manages to present these topics with a dash of action and this is welcome. We love entertainment and many of us will find these meaning regardless. To say the least though, I love this film and there is nothing better then a well made summer blockbuster worthy of our money and time. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the summers best movie.


The Pros: Great acting, superb CGI, brings you into the world of the characters, excellent action sequences shot in a very shaky handicam styIe which happens to work well for this film, great message and theme, decadently thrilling and suspenseful, shot in a unique styIe allowing for a one of a kind experience at this point of time

The Cons: The beginning is a bit shaky but it's clear Blomkamp got his footing near the end of the film

Overall: Destined to be one of the best of 09

3 Years At Gamespot!

Time flies by I guess, seems like only last month when I first signed up for this site and now I got massive amounts of blog posts, 50+ reviews, almost 19,000 posts, and an emblem as a top 100 reviewer (I just got it!)

Before we get to the party, check out the Ballad of Gay Tony trailer. I can't wait to go back to GTA IV to play this epicness :o

Onto the party:

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Word up players, let's party