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Luxery Problem

Allright guys, i have a problem and i wanted you guys to help me out be giving me advice what to do.

Since i'm a poor Europian boy (i still need to wait for the PS3 to arrive) i wanted to know what i should buy when i have my PS3.

I allready prepared myself by buying a Samsung 32" HD Tv for my room and an Home Cinema Set. I have 200 euros extra to spend when i have my PS3.

What should i do, buy an extra controller, HDMI cable, games (if so which ones)......

I like RPG's, Shooters and FPS genre type of games....

And my last problem is... God Of War II(PS2), FF(PS2), FF(PSP), Gran Turismo (PSP) are all coming in the same period of time........ What the ..... Should I do?