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Wish Me Luck

Hey Everyone! :)

Just a quick note- I don't have much time left, need to get going- I have a test (another) this morning, not really looking forward to it, it will be painful but I can handle it, not over quickly, but it should be very telling- I just have to be prepared to potentially hear the word 'cancer' today. Some won't tell you even if they see it, they make you wait and pass that dirty work onto your doctor.

Anyhow, that's what I'm looking at today, I wish I could leave from there today and go jump back into the warm waves like a couple days ago. Time in the sea = fixes all ails :) -does for me at least. When I get home, I'll probably hide under my rock for a while, lick my wounds and the rest will depend on what information I get today.

I need to get going! Take care all. Wish me luck. *waves*