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This Isn't Supposed to be facebook....

These changes suck, it almost feels like they're going out of their way to drive me from this site. If this becomes a site that's just 'facebook for games' you can count me out. I'll leave. I've left sites before, it's not that hard after they've pulled the last straw and gs is getting dangerously close to that for me. The last site I used and left before I came here was ign.

I don't really have enough concentration right now to do a 'real' blog -this is just me venting because it was quite a bad shock this evening peeking in on the site, got p*ssed quickly to be honest, I'll go into details of what I see as wrong or suckish about the site later, I'm tired of repeating myself on it tonight, perhaps tomorrow I'll have more patience.

What are YOUR thoughts on the commenting/blog changes? Am I the only one here HATING facebook??! I'm going to take a smoke break, then play some Half Life 2 Episode1 -it won't disappoint or p*ss me off further lol. Take care all.