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Short Set Back

Hey Everyone!

In a few days I will be getting some parts in to replace some that were damaged in shipping, but after that I will be back to normal. Won't take too long. With this, the weather (rain/storms from Maine to Florida this weekend!), and my level of exhaustion, my online time isn't too reliable right now. I'm kind of frazzled lately -I can't even decide the type of game I'm wanting to play -I'll play a bit of this one, some of this other one, download another couple- I hate when I get like this!! Fortunately, there's always a few 'old reliables' :) (The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, Morrowind goty, Stronghold free build mode for my inner architect, etc.).

So, what about the rest of you- everyone's machines running well, games going well, the rest of life treating you o.k.?

  • What are you all playing in your free time?
  • What's coming out that you're looking forward to?

When I get my parts replaced I'm going to jump into "Yesterday" -Anyone else get that -it just recently released (PC). I'd love to read a review on it.

Well, that's it for me for now- about all the concentration my brain has left for the moment! -and I shared it with you all here - lol.

Be good, be courteous, be victorious. Game On.

P.S. Catch some of the MLG StarCraft2 ProCircuit this weekend on gamespot! IT's been Awesome!