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Pretty Close To Normal....

Hey Everyone,

First let me say, to those who have sent messages to my inbox- please be patient, it's going to take some time to get through it all! Anyhow, been a couple weeks or so- some of you may remember me mentioning my ailing family member and me talking about making time count, well, she passed last week. She had it very rough before the end -it's very hard to watch someone you care about suffer so much and you're powerless to help them. I would just brush her hair for her (she always liked that) and sometimes she'd stare deeply into my eyes (but was unable to speak, though I'd talk to her as I brushed her hair for her, she looked at me like she wished she could say something to me) but at the end, she was oblivious. I was a paul-bearer, was all that was left that she needed.

Enough of that.... I got my PC up and running, just didn't bother to hook it up because I was too exhausted living on the road since January! I have a lot of things I have to catch up on. Like washing/vaccuming my car, gaming news for the past 2 weeks, I see the site changed some, my inboxes lol.... whenever I get the rest of my life caught up where it belongs, I'll probably check out some more of the Skyrim mods, was having fun with that right before my hiatus. What about the rest of you? Anything intersting in life? What games are you all playing, anyone want to tell me what I've missed in the gaming world in the last 2 weeks other than Witcher2 Enhanced?