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Disappointing MS E3

Well, this was my first E3, never had time before. Not being accustomed to how things worked, I saw MS and assumed (wrongly) that it would be PC and xb360, afterall, that's MS. Well, what a waste of time that was. Very boring, since it didn't pertain to my interests, and that kinect- seemed just like a wii/version xbx360, it's all so cartoony, seems too juvenile to appeal to the adult gaming audience, at least at this stage, and they kept saying how it's even more social now, well, not everyone games in a social way! For some people, myself included, gaming is alone time, to get away from people and relax, not go online to find more of them!! If that's your pleasure, enjoy- but it's not everyone's. Just my opinion. I'll happily stick to my PC :)

Far Cry 2

I just bought Far Cry 2 yesterday (new- I always buy new), for $9.96. It's one good advantage to buying games after they've been out a while. I was on the fence about it for so long, but at that price, I figured it was worth a risk. Besides, it's a ubisoft product and they don't deserve full price with them using that lame DRM (constant internet required), I will never buy a product of theirs that uses that DRM, but this game (far cry 2) was released before all that nonsense. If they want me to buy any of their current titles, they'll have to either drop that form of DRM or go without my money. It's simple, and not open for debate.

F.E.A.R./Both Expansions = $9.99 on Steam

Another awesome deal from Steam. The original FEAR (very hard to come by these days) and both the expansions Perseus Mandate and Extraction Point are offered this weekend on Steam for $9.99. Not $9.99 each- that's $9.99 for all 3.


Portal is free on the PC and Mac until May 24th, 2010 so get your copy now off of Steam! Enjoy the PC great, now available on Macs too. Some people complain Portal is too short (but otherwise great), well, you can't complain or be ripped off when you're getting it for free! Take advantage while you can.

Back to playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

First off, for anyone not familiar with The Witcher (EE), it's a PC exclusive. It's an older game though so the requirements aren't too high and a lot of people should still be able to play it on their PC's (Pentium4 2.4GHz or equivalent, RAM: 1024MB, Video Memory 128MB, Hard Drive space 8500MB, OS I know it runs on XP/Vista, might run on others as well). I've started playing it again (it never gets old) just to freshen my brain up and be ready for the second one later this year (Assassins of Kings). It has been rumored (but looking less likely now) that the second might go multiplatform. Personally, I hope that never happens to this series. No offense to consolers out there, but a PC exclusive that ends up going multiplatform always brings things down for the PC players. A.K.A. "Dumbing Down for consoles". I understand the financial side of it for a company wanting to sell their product to more consumers, but I am speaking strictly from a player's standpoint. Consoles have plenty of their own exclusives, it would be nice if this one could stay exclusive for the PC gamers. Anyhow, back to the game, many people heard how the first game (The Witcher) was buggy, but The Witcher: Enhanced Edition fixed the problems of the original release (and it's a free download to upgrade to Enhanced Edition if you still have the original game), and it also did some improvements, like cutting load times down, brush up on NPC's/dialogue & improved facial expressions, weather, the inventory, more NPC variety and so on, can go to their site for all the details, needless to say, it's a polished version (no pun intended= it's a Polish game ;) ). Also, if you purchased the original you can also freely download from their site the director's cut (full nudity, original version that was shipped in europe, not that big of a deal & the boring 'sex' scenes are just cards- I love the game but truthfully, the director's cut's nudity could only impress an overly stimulated teenage boy lol seriously) but if you buy The Witcher: Enhanced Edition off the shelves now, all these free downloadable upgrades are already worked into the game, you won't have to take it home and do all the downloads in other words. The game also comes with a paperback book 'excerpted from "The Last Wish" by Andrzej Zapkowski' (author of The Witcher books), a map, an editor & 2 new adventures, The Price of Neutrality ("story of Geralt coming back to Kaer Morhen and finding a mysterious camp near the stronghold" featuring 3 new quests), & Side Effects ("first ever release of this new adventure which focuses on Geralt's close friend Dandelion and his troubles in Vizima City" featuring 5 new quests), 2 music cd's, one with the game's actual music and the other is an awesome mix of music 'inspired by The Witcher", and another 3 I think cd's with bonus and behind the scenes content. You could download this game for $19.99 online minus the map, book, behind the scenes stuff (I've heard you can get the music off the main site free if you have the original game), but if you want it all, all you'd have to pay in the store (and it's widely available still- at least in my area), is $29.99 and I've seen it cheaper than that at Walmart (in store). They have a good group of people in their community to help with any technical issues/storyline questions/help (spoiler & non spoiler sections). CD Projekt Red takes care of their customers better than most and that's a refreshing change (looking at you EA, Ubisoft, etc.). Bottomline, GREAT game, great community, great company, GREAT PRICE! What are you waiting for?! To any that read this that's playing the game and have questions, feel free to ask, I just didn't want to mention too much about the story in case some of the readers are playing through and not wanting the plot spoiled. (I'm halfway through chapter 4). *Anyone needing advice on how to defeat the endboss of chapter 3, just ask.

Still not showing all achievements....

This new fuse beta isn't really doing what it's advertising. It's been about a week and still it's not showing all achievements. I have most of FEAR2's achievements and it's not even listing the game. Considering uninstalling it. If it's not working, then it's just wasting space.