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Tidal_Abyss Blog

Note To GS

The horror game "Amy" is coming to PC's after release on consoles this fall, as I found out from (provided/thanks to dark_being for that website/information). I almost missed this game because gs only shows it as coming to consoles. I and other horror genre player PC gamers would appreciate you including the PC platform on your information for "Amy". It will be releasing on Steam for PC.


A few great deals on Steam lately. Today I got

Zombie Driver $9.99

Kane & Lynch2 Dog Days 66% off at $19.99

The Dragon Knight Saga (Ego Draconis & Flames of Vengeance) $39.99

Cities In Motion Collection (Includes Add-Ons: Design Now, DesignC!ass!cs, Design Marvels, & Tokyo, but gs only has a listing for Tokyo, so that's all that's been added to my 'owned game list'). $39.99

Pre-Order: F3AR ($44.99)

*Wouldn't it figure, Steam just had a weekend sale on The Dragon Knight Saga, I could've gotten it $20 Cheaper if I only knew to wait about a week!! Oh well -lol.

The Witcher2 Assassins of Kings Strategy Guide

To everyone that keeps waiting for the gamespot guide for The Witcher 2, *pulls hair out one more time* YOU ALREADY OWN ONE! lol,- IF you bought a LEGAL copy of The Witcher, physical OR digital, then you have a complete guide ALREADY! lol, sorry, just can't believe people don't take full note of what they're purchasing these days. *FYI* It's the same for the first Witcher (EE) as well, strategy is included.



*After signing in, I always have my library screen load 1st but, whatever, at the top, click View, then on that menu, click Tools, then near the bottom of that page you'll see The Witcher2: Bonus Content- click to install it. Simple. *After the download is complete, you can find it at C:/steamapps/common/Witcher2/bonus content.


*Also very helpful are the kind people that make up The Witcher/2 Community over at They will helpwith technical issues of physical or digital versions, game help, boss help, strategies, have several language sections just in case you can't speak Polish(Polski) or English very well, and they have spoiler allowed and no spoiler allowed sections.

**Other Items Included in Special Digital Version Purchase**

Making of video content, Soundtrack, Map, Game Guide (The Witcher2 Strategy guide), Game Manual, Pamphlet, Papercrafts.



Pre-Ordering The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Collector's Edition today- wooohoo! lol. Really can't wait to jump into this game.

Playing Lately....

Lately I've been playing games that have sequels either out, or soon to be out. Let's see, I put in some time on Portal (Portal2 has been released already), The Witcher Enhanced Edition (the 2nd is out for PC on May 17), MorrowindGOTY/OblivionGOTY (Skyrim releases 11/11/11), and F.E.A.R.2 : Project Origin/Reborn (F3AR is pushed to June 21). So many sequels the last few years. I need to load my Stronghold Collection disc (drm free!) on this new PC because Stronghold 3 is also going to release this year (August 1 for PC)!! Thank goodness. I love Stronghold.

This morning on my Steam account, I picked up a few games. Hinterland (also includes Orc Lords), Hydrophobia: Prophecy (releases in about a week, I pre-purchased it), and the Penumbra games- Black Plague, Overture, Requiem. Other recent purchases on Steam: AlternativA (really looking forward to loading that one up & playing), Scratches Director's Cut, & Conflict: Denied Ops. To be honest here, I have 104 games on my Steam account, but I haven't had time to play most of them! I just get them when I have the money or there's an irresistible sale on. Of my total (over 400) PC games, I haven't been able to play a large majority of them. Time is always the battle for me. If I weren't an insomniac I wouldn't get half the gaming done that I do. Well, at least I'm never at a loss for something to play in my spare time!

Happy Gaming Everyone!

Dumbest Reason For Being Moderated

O.K., call me crazy, but if you don't want anymore people commenting on a thread, wouldn't your logical next step be to just lock the thread? Well, I sign in to my gs account today and in my inbox was a message I was moderated for adding a comment to a thread of a union I USED TO belong to, had nothing to do with the content, I was on topic and very polite, as I always try to be. They call it 'thread bumping'. I don't usually join a union to post much, I mainly just read/gather information, I'm not overly social, but I will help out if I know something helpful that a person hasn't been able to get help with yet. Such was the case yesterday. If that thread was not to be used anymore, they should've locked it. Threads are to read/answer posts, -not read, answer posts and then get moderated! That has to be the dumbest excuse for a moderation! Am I missing something here? I've resigned from all unions.

What I'm Up To Lately

Hello All,

I have a little time, so I thought I'd update my blog. *Oh, and for the people who don't already know, you see the little a's at the top of the gs page here by the bar under the "GameMarket" tab, one is a white square with a dark gray 'a' and the other is dark gray square with a white 'a', well, that's how I view the site, with the dark gray background and white lettering (some don't even know there's an option) and viewing the colors I use are more easily seen/read with a dark background- like that bright green I use at the top, a lot harder to read with a white background. I have sensitive eyes and the darker pages are a lot easier on them, not to mention they look better (to me).

Well, lately I've only done a little bit of gaming overall, I have spurts where I can get a few hours. Those that know me know I am an insomniac and get up early, often between 1-3a.m., that's usually when my gaming starts. I usually go to bed around 11'ish sometimes earlier/later, depending on how I feel. Been pretty busy lately, a couple days ago I was detailing the cars (interiors only for now) I keep them pretty spotless the majority of the time, was only doing the interiors because I still need to mow and that tends to blow debris/dust/etc. all over, even when I move them all the way up to the front acre! I usually just wash/wax them 'after' mowing, but at least the interiors are shining, also have a shop-vac so I can vaccum them at home, I do my tire pressures (have an electric air pump) also at that time inspect them for any balloons on the inner walls where you can't see and the treds, or anything stuck in them that may not have them go flat immediately but cause a slow leak. Stuff like that. *Listen people, it doesn't matter what kind of car you have (or will have for you younger readers!), you should take very good care of it and go over it regularly with a strong attention to detail. The better you take care of them the less money you'll end up having to sink into them later, they will last a lot longer. The first car I owned, I had for 9 years, yep, I was in college, I got it paid off early and really liked not having a car payment! I kept the interior looking new, the paint job looked new (black car, with tan interior), I always had nice tires, a size bigger for a little height to help with speed bumps/depth clearance, seat covers to protect them, no eating allowed in my car! and wipe your feet first!,when I traded it in the guy in the back made a point to come up to the front and find me to tell me how good condition that car was in, even shiny under the hood- I just told him I never miss my maintanance, and I go out of my way to take care of it. He said it really showed, and was surprised that I (a female) would take care of my own car maintanance- hey, I'm a modern woman! (Besides, 'anyone' can follow a maintanance schedule and talk to a mechanic, I always did/do, if something went wrong or I was at my tire place, I always talked to the mechanic, asked them 'what causes this?' & 'is there any way I can prevent this from happening again?' and you'd be surprised, most mechanics are very happy to talk about it and show you things and explain them, and as a result, I've learned quite a lot and am able to save a lot of money. Me and the guys at my tire place especially are on good terms and joke a lot, I've been going for years, and I take my mother's car there for her too since my father died and he used to take care of hers for her. Doesn't matter who you are {plenty of males don't know the first thing about vehicles either}, perhaps you can't fix it, but you can do preventative maintanance and take care of it). *Anyhow, it's important to take care of everything you have, your car, your PC's, -your shoes!, whatever you have, take good care of it, no excuse not to, doesn't matter if it's high-end or not.

Also got some paint the other day, I have been dying to paint my bedroom. It's going to be dark. My family calls me a 'vampire' because I usually run from the light and hide in the dark! Part of that is just my very sensitive eyes (light blue) and the fact I can get a hum-dinger of a head-ache just from sometimes brief light exposure. I wear shades a lot, even driving at night, to help with idiots who don't know that YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TURN YOUR BRIGHTS OFF WHEN YOUR DUMB-*** IS PASSING RIGHT BY ME!! Sorry, sensitive issue! lol. I like doing a lot of home improvement- I'm no carpenter, but I like upgrades on more than just my PC's! Well, I am kind of out of time. I might add more later.


****Recently added some new information in my Unreal Tournament 3- Black Edition Review****

*I just added it wherever applicable, like in the middle of paragraphs, in other words, it's not just a new, end paragraph.


My latest deals....

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY PC- $7.50 (Steam)

Red Orchestra: Osfront 41-45 PC- $9.99 (new, physical disc, BestBuy)

StarCraft 2 Stratgy Guide for PC- $21.24 (new, physical book, BestBuy)

Crysis2 PC- $49.99 (new, physical disc, BestBuy)

Gothic 3 Enhanced Edition PC- $2.50 (Steam)

****While I was at Best Buy, I grabbed a couple UFC dvds (119 & 121), been a while since I added to my collection, I have quite a few, plus a few seasons of TUF and some 'best of' like 'Best of 2007' "Ultimate, Ultimate Knockouts", "Ultimate Submissions" so on and so forth.